The crowds have gone back to their shops and the vendors are hoping for orders. This year’s Shot Show in Orlando, FLA, has ended. The NSSF has left the building. But take stock (pun intended) on the latest and greatest shotguns for us upland hunters. When these guns will actually be on your dealer’s shelf is anyone’s guess. I’m still looking for a Ruger Gold Label. How about one of thoseRemington 105 CTi? Maybe I’m not looking hard enough. So without further adieu, here’s a look at some likely guns for grouse, quail, and pheasant.

Smith & Wesson is back in the shotgun game. You might recall they pitched a line of semis about 20 to 25 years ago. Well they are jumping back into the market with a new semi and side-by-side. Ruger and Marlin think the side-by-side is an idea that has come full circle again and they all are probably right. The S&W Elite Gold comes in 20-gauge in three popular stock configurations: straight, pistol grip, and Prince of Wales.


Keeping with the “gold” theme started by Ruger a few years back, Savage, like S&W, seem to think that the word ‘gold’ in the model name and double barreled guns go shell in chamber. Savage’s “Gold Wing” over-under shotguns come in all the prerequisite gauges—12, 20, 28 and .410—and are built on frames that are gauge specific, so the 20-gauge model hopefully won’t feel like and over weight 12-gauge.


The ersatz LC Smiths from Marlin are now being chambered in 28- and 410-gauge.

Ok, who has some experience with Benellis? The new Benelli Cordoba comes in 20-gauge. Tell us what you think about your Benelli and let’s see which of the Big B’s (Browning, Beretta and Benelli) are really worth the price of admission. Does a cryogenically treated barrel really put more pellets on target? The ComforTech stock takes some getting used to. It’s not easy on the eyes.

And Beretta fans now have an enhanced AL391 Urika. The new Urika 2 has an improved gas system that allows for more shooting between cleanings.