Best .270 Rifle Scope You Need to Buy

If you own a .270 Winchester, you need a rifle scope with the perfect fit. And if you don’t have a .270 rifle scope to go along with the Winchester in your gun cabinet, you just don’t have the ideal set up.

With that in mind, the hunters have a diverse need of scope and all the hunters try their best to find the best scope for .270. For instance – the hunters on the plains of Texas look for .270 scope that has a high optical zoom whereas the brush hunter in Florida wants a lighter scope for hunting within a canopy.

As a result, all of these diverse needs and demands make .270 Winchester a perfect choice because it can perform all these tasks. So, let’s move forward and have an in-depth look at the article to know more about the best .270 rifle scope.

The Best Scopes for .270 Winchester

Here are the best scopes for .270 Winchester:

1. Nikon Buckmaster 3-9×40 Riflescope (Matte, BDC)

The first on the list is the Nikon Buckmaster. It is an optic built .270 riflescopes that possess long-term optical experiences. The company of this scope is a famous one that produces almost everything including cameras to binoculars and most importantly, rifle scopes.

This rifle scope comes with an excellent price point with a high-quality piece of glass. This is why people consider the Nikon Buckmaster the best scope for a .270 rifle. In addition to being the best .270 scope, the Nikon Buckmaster is equipped with a wide range of magnifications with the 3-9x power being the most famous. Usually, the magnification is suited for most of the hunters as it offers flexibility for both short and medium range hunters.

With that said, this model would be the ideal choice for brush hunters because they seek the highest amount of light. It is built with a system that includes multi-coated lenses. These lenses are the coated with the Buckmaster’s proprietary Brightvue anti-reflective process.

As a result, it allows the riflescope to accumulate almost 100% of the obtainable light and this is why this rifle scope is suited to early mornings, or late evenings. Coming back to the issue of being best, this .270 rifle scope is 100% waterproof and it is filled with nitrogen for preventing fog saving within the lens. There is a bullet drop compensator, which will make long-range shots fun. Besides, it works out perfectly to 600 yards as well. To put it simply, the Nikon Buckmaster is the best, precise, accurate, and durable .270 scopes.

2. Leupold 113769 VX-R Patrol FireDot Illuminated Rifle Scope with Motion Sensor Technology, Black Matte Finish

The Leupold VX-R is regarded as one of the best scopes for .270 Winchester rifles. Considered as a super optic, this rifle scope is a product of Leupold that has been manufacturing world-class riflescopes for a long time. The company has a good contact with the police and military forces for its great quality products. Now, this model of Leupold is precisely designed for the hunters and shooters alike. If any hunter pairs this .270 rifle scope with the rifle, it becomes the most excellent hunting-with-dogs weapon.

In addition, the magnification of the scope is low with 1-4x and it is adequate enough to be used quickly to set sight on a running target. Moreover, the reticule is bright and it is illuminated perfectly. Therefore, it helps in recognizing easily. With that said, this rifle scope will offer you crystal clear picture through fully multi-coated optics. Furthermore, the Leupold VX-R is waterproof, fog proof, and shockproof.

As stated earlier that it is suited to hunting and shooting, but still it would be a quality military standard rifle scope. The reason is that this model is equipped with the motion sensing technology or feature and in any case, if the scope doesn’t identify motion for a period of time, it will shut off automatically. As a result, the batteries will be saved from dying. All in all, all these reasons make the Leupold VX-R the best .270 scope on the market.

3. BARSKA 6.5-20×50 AO Varmint Target Dot Riflescope

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The Barska Target Dot is a strong and powerful rifle scope that is well-suited to long range hunting. It comes with a powerful magnification that ranges from 6.5x to 20x. You can use the lowest magnification setting for medium range shooting and on the other hand, if you are up for long range shooting, just increase the setting over ten. Regardless of the elevation, the rifle scope will remain at zero because it is equipped with caliber proof elevation adjustments.

Furthermore, this rifle scope is waterproof and fog proof. It is made of high-quality aircraft grade aluminum, which makes it a distinguish.270 scope. In addition, the body of the scope is one-inch in diameter and it is completely shockproof as well. While shooting long range, the large 50 mm objective lens will provide outstanding light transmission.

Keep in mind that if the scope is big, it will be heavy to carry. Now, the Barska Target Dot weighs in 22.3 ounces and the length of the scope is more than one feet. From the initial assessment, people would think that it is a bit heavy, but if we consider the long range magnification, this is the best scope for a .270 rifle.

In short, the Barska Target Dot is specially built for long range projectile delivery and for the budget minded people; best scope for a .270 rifle.

4. Bushnell Laser Rangefinder Mil-Dot Reticle Riflescope, 4-12x 42mm

The Bushnell Laser Rangefinder is an interesting and useful rifle scope. It comes with 4-12x power optic and the objective lens is a 42 mm. In addition, the scope is entirely multi-coated and it is capable of providing a crystal-clear sight picture to the shooters or hunters. Likewise, other top-rated .270 rifle scope, it is 100% water and fog proof.

With that said, the most important aspect of this rifle scope is its laser rangefinder that is able to decide the range from 30 yards to 800 yards. Besides, this laser rangefinder is powered by a single three-volt battery that can last up to 5,000 fires. This is why the Bushnell Laser Rangefinder is a perfect option for long range hunting. It will offer precise estimation for specific holdover and simply, this is an all-rounder scope for .270 rifles.

5. Bushnell Elite Multi-X Reticle Riflescope 4-16×50

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This is another great Bushnell rifle scope. It is known as the Bushnell Elite Riflescope that works well in darker situations. In fact, in an overcast weather, this rifle scope will offer superior low-light performance. What’s more, it is equipped with fully multi-coated optics that will give 95% crystal clear light transmission.

The lenses of this riflescope are provided with patented Rainguard HD. As a result, you will get precise and perfect long range shooting in different weathers. In addition, there is a one- piece matte finish tube that brings suitability and durability to the users. Finally, this rifle scope is 100% waterproof and shockproof as well and all these features make this a fantastic option for the hunters.

What is a Winchester .270?

The .270 caliber is regarded as the ‘fast and flat shooter’ for its flat line. It is well-suited for hunting in the open fields and you will have a precise shooting at ranges up to 600 yards. In addition, the .270 Winchester will bring several advantages as it has the capacity to handle a fair amount of recoil as well as it will provide eye relief to your eyes as well.

Besides, a 3-9x magnification of this caliber will be effective for long range shooting and it doesn’t require much power for light gathering. Therefore, a 50mm objective lens might not be essential and it has a high-level of MOA internal adjustment that will make your shooting experience positive.

Types of Rifle Scopes

Generally, a rifle scope is a piece of equipment, which magnifies the remote targets and close objects. A rifle scope is often recommended for a safe and accurate long range shooting in the field. Nowadays, there are different types of rifle scopes that can be found on the market. Below, you will get an idea of the types of rifle scopes:

  • Compact Rifle Scope: The compact rifle scope is suitable for lesser weight rifle because it is lightweight in nature with a size of less than 9 inches. Despite the small size, it will offer a greater level of efficiency and it is perfect for handguns and mini-rifles.
  • Sniper Rifle Scope: For long-distance shooting, the sniper rifle scope is suitable. Usually, it is a specialized telescope that contains specific components for targeting reticule over the amplified image.
  • Laser Rangefinder Rifle Scope: The laser rangefinder riflescope is a famous and innovative scope that has the ability to measure the distance between you and your target.
  • Pistol Scope: The pistol scope is perfect for precise shooting, especially for handgun users. It has a low magnification power scope that is used for close range targets.

Keep in mind that the type of rifle scope depends on what type of shooting you are doing or the type of gun you are using. There are some hunters who prefer different types of colors and reticule types. In fact, you can buy a night vision rifle scope that will help you shoot at night because it has infrared illuminator.

When you have brought a best .270 scope, you have to attach it with your rifle. Before you mount the scope, the rifle should be held in the best shooting position. It will allow you to take a perfect aim at your target.

Advantages of Using a Rifle Scope

  • When hunting, every hunter wants to shoot quickly. In that case, the rifle scope can help you in the field because it will bring remote targets and surrounding objects closer. Ultimately, you can shoot quickly and accurately.
  • Usually, the rifle scope is the point of impact of a bullet as it helps the remote targets and surrounding objects closer. Therefore, it brings safety and accuracy to the shooting.
  • People who use guns might need it to defend their family and when used, the rifle scope will help you to aim at the alleged person without even harming your family member. So, with a .270 riflescope, you will just position the target and shoot at your aim.
  • In recent times, the rifle scope manufacturers make scopes that are cost-effective and reliable. They make scopes that are better with lens coatings. When you are determining what rifle scope to use, it will depend on the type of range you are aiming at. For your convenience, there are rifle scopes that will allow you to select the best possible one for your shooting.

Bottom Line

To finish off, I would say the .270 Winchester has gained fame for its accuracy and usefulness. It is a reliable caliber that can give your perfect shooting. On top of it, it is of a high-quality optic as well.

In addition, the above rifle scopes are the best .270 scopes. There are lots of reasons for this claim as all the rifle scopes would bring the much needed accuracy and sense calmness to your shooting. Each of them has unique characteristics that set them apart from the rest. So, whichever rifle scope you select, you will get optimum level performance. In short, these rifle scopes will make you a top-class shooter!