Aimpoint Scopes – Full size and micro reflex sights for every mission

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If you want long-range riflescope performers that are cutting edge in the technology department plus have one-piece tube reinforcements, then Aimpoint Scopes are the scopes for you. Many of the scopes made by Aimpoint live up to the company name by being long-range scopes with high amounts of MOA, windage adjustment, and accuracy because they’re jam-packed with all sorts of unique optical and performance features.

More to the point, they all hit the sweet spots of what makes a great riflescope, from hashmark or MRAD-ranging reticles to accurate MOAs or Minute of Angles that’s only a fourth of an inch from your crosshair’s center target. It’s one of the most elite and dependable riflescopes you’ll ever buy that is made to help you master one of the most challenging things about gun ownership.

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Long-range shooting requires concentration, skill, and ability that need to be tempered and trained correctly. Thankfully, the riflescopes of Aimpoint are just the tools of the trade that will assist you match after match at the shooting gallery or mission after mission if you’re from the military and you’re out to fight a war. Even police officers require scope training from only the best and most cost-effective scopes around.

Every year, scopes and cartridges get more and more powerful, and you shouldn’t be one of those uninformed people who use the wrong combination of scope and cartridge to shoot deer under a hundred yards. You should inform yourself of the different types of Aimpoint scopes available and match the right scope with your gun.

Aimpoint Product Specs and Benefits

Here’s what the top Aimpoint riflescopes bring to the table.

  1. Aimpoint T-2 Micro 200170 2MOA

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    Aimpoint Micro T-2: This quality piece of night vision equipment from the Aimpoint Company aims to redefine everything you think you know about red dot riflescope sights. This state-of-the-art scope has lens coating that dramatically improves the clarity and shape of the 2 MOA (meaning it’s 2 inches off the dead center target of your reticle) red dot.

What’s more, physical protection has been added on the scope itself to allow it to take on the most rugged of conditions (like hunting for deer in low-light, rainy conditions or in the middle of a burgeoning blizzard).

It’s replete with advanced technology like the reflex collimator sight of its red dot sight and ACET (Advanced Circuit Efficiency Technology). What’s more, it has an absence of parallax and unlimited eye relief.

  1. AimPoint Carbine Optic 2MOA Red Dot Sight, 200174

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    Aimpoint Carbine Optic: As for the Aimpoint Carbine Optic, it’s a scope designed specifically for usage on modern sporting rifles. It incorporates dependable and tested design features that exude the premium-grade quality of an Aimpoint carbine scope, plus you can acquire this beaut at an entry level price point to boot.

It’s the cost-effectiveness of the Carbine Optic that allows it to compete against the leading brands out there, like a certain camera manufacturer turned riflescope maker. You’ll also acquire a full line of accessory options as well as ACO customization to fir your specific needs.

It also runs in Aimpoint ACET technology and has a 2 MOA red dot size, unlimited eye relief, and absence of parallax as well as anti-reflex coating on all surfaces save for the multi-layer coating on the objective lens.

  1. Aimpoint Micro H-1 2 MOA Red Dot Sight with Standard Mount

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    Aimpoint Micro H-1 (2MOA): Launched in 2013, the Micro H-1’s main claim to fame is its ability to be paired with the Blaser original saddle mount to complete your riflescope package.

Aside from being mountable, the scope itself is blessed with a long battery life (50,000 hours or 5 years of continuous use), manual rotary switch, dot intensity adjustment, daylight settings to save on battery life, high-strength aluminum housing, anodized and semi-matte surface finish, high water resistance and temperature resistance, and relatively lightweight construction at 84 grams and 88 millimeters in length with mount.

Also, as per usual with the Aimpoint line, it comes complete with ACET, reflex collimator sight for red dot sight, an eye-safe LED, unlimited eye relief, and a MOA of 2.

  1. Aimpoint 9000SC NV 2MOA Red Dot Sight with rings 200136

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    Aimpoint 9000SC-NV: The 9000SC-NV is a quality Aimpoint riflescope designed as a medium-length range targeting sight. It’s perfect for magnum handguns, semi-automatic firearms, and shorter action rifles.

Launched recently in 2013, the scope is compatible with night vision devices and, as such, is available for sales in countries where night vision hunting isn’t illegal. As per usual, it enjoys propriety ACET or Advanced Circuit Efficiency Technology as all Aimpoint scopes do and has a MOA of 2 with no centering required and with unlimited eye relief to boot.

What’s more, it’s fully waterproof to the point of being submersible, runs off of a 3V Lithium battery, type 2L76 or DL1/3N. Its battery efficient to boot and can run for 50,000 hours or 5 years of continuous use.

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    Aimpoint PRO: In regards to the Aimpoint PRO or Patrol Rifle Optic, it’s been developed and launched back in 2011 with input from professional marksmen. In particular, it’s been designed to maximize sight performance during the most challenging of shootouts, standoffs, or arrests as required by modern law enforcement.

It’s the perfect scope for the typical police officer, in other words, as evidenced by its hard-anodized 30-millimeter tube that comes enclosed with a high efficiency circuit (again, through Aimpoint’s propriety tech, the ACET) that allows officers to turn on the scope and leave it on for three years straight on a single battery.

Aside from energy efficiency, the front has a unique band-pass coating that’s perfect for night vision tools and the QRP2 mount with removable spacer. 

  1. Aimpoint H34S Hunter Short Sight with Ring, 34mm

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    Aimpoint H34S: The H345 has been designed to offer gunmen, marksmen, and hunters with a scope that can survive most any condition. It can arguably function long after the gun has jammed or otherwise became nonfunctional.

It’s one of the toughest, most rugged riflescopes and gun scopes around. It also helps that it’s ergonomic yet sleekly made, making it the perfect choice for handguns and other compact or lightweight firearms. It’s highly recommended for use with short-action or standard rifles as well as magnum handguns and shotguns.

It’s mountable on any 34-millimeter rings. Launched in 2010, it’s essentially part of Aimpoint’s new Hunter series. It’s modern and stylish yet quite tough enough to withstand all weather and light conditions. You can lock on to your targets fast without magnification thanks to its massive objective lens as well.

  1. Aimpoint M4s 2 Minute of Angle QRP2 CompM4 Sight with Mount

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    Aimpoint CompM4s: In regards to the CompM4s, the 2008-launched scope is one of the finest sights in the Aimpoint library because of its superior battery usage (you can turn it on and keep it on, and it will last for up to 8 years of usage, even on a single AA battery that usually gets used up in mere months with your TV remote).

Aside from energy efficiency, the CompM4s is also cost-effective in its value because it comes in two versions, the one with low battery compartment and the one with high battery compartment (the CompM4).

It’s the U.S. Army’s latest version of the M68CCO (Close Combat Optic) riflescope that continues a legacy of scopes that started way back in 1997.

  1. Aimpoint 12156 CEU Concealed Engagement Unit

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    Aimpoint CEU: Released in 2009, the Aimpoint CEU (Concealed Engagement Unit) is the perfect camouflage scope for covert missions that require stealth and attacking enemies or game at a covered or concealed position.

Hunters favor this scope because it allows them to observe and assess their prey’s movements, behavioral patterns, and potential reaction to being shot at in case one misses them.

Threats or targets can be better engaged in a secretive manner with the CEU because of its ability to allow you to aim around corners, an Aimpoint exclusive benefit you’d be hard-pressed to find in other scopes.


The Aimpoint Company is one of the more active companies out there in the realm of riflescope and gun sight development. With that in mind, it presents the customer with two scenarios. On the negative side, Aimpoint isn’t as popular as some of the other scope manufacturers out there, so if you want to trust in a scope provider that has years and years of experience in the business, there are more experienced companies than Aimpoint.

On the other hand, on a more positive note, it’s not as if Aimpoint’s collection of gun sights and scopes are in any way low grade. Rather, you’re given the benefit of acquiring only state-of-the-art tech with Aimpoint scopes. Because they’re a “recent” company (relatively speaking, of course; they’ve been around for decades), they started out with already advanced scope technology.

What that means is that they can concentrate more on innovation because they’re a company that was already used to the modern version of the scope, thus they can build on that version and make their own version that’s even more advanced than the competition, as evidenced by their recent scope releases with propriety tech and high battery life.

The main reason people buy scopes is that they want accurate shots from a distance. Depending on a powerful scope without knowing if it’s the best option can lead to missed and wounded game, though. This is why it’s also advantageous for Aimpoint to sell its wares mostly from its site, where the specs are readily available for perusal so that hunters can buy the right grade of scope every time. The only real cons for Aimpoint are that most of its offerings lack good MOA or magnification.

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