Vortex Viper Review: Discovering The Force Of Optics, Accessories And Services

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vortex viper

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Do you need accessories for your hunting trip? Vortex Optics is the perfect option for you. They offer the best accessories for your rifle such as riflescopes, binoculars, tripods and even different gears.

They cover just about everything you need to give you the best hunting performance. Moreover, they give the best service in town including their VIP Warranty that promises unlimited lifetime warranty for their products.

Vortex Viper is best known for their optic products. One of their best selling products is the Viper. Reading through a Vortex Viper review will allow you to learn more about what it has to offer.

Vortex Viper Optics

Through the years, optics has been known to help in enhance vision, just as well as improving the effectiveness of shooting equipment. Optics have been a great help to hunters for a great aim of target. For rifle users, different types of binoculars have been available in the market to suit your aiming needs. Gaining enough knowledge could help you in choosing the perfect optics for your rifles. Determine the quality of the optical glass. High quality optics uses dense optical glasses that is designed, shaped and polished flawlessly that can make a big difference in the brightness, sharpness and color of a view.

Extra-Low Dispersion Optical glasses can give the best image resolution but product may vary according to manufacturers. Waterproof and fogproof binoculars can help in preventing internal fogging during high humidity and changes in altitude. Argon gas guarantees superior waterproof and fogproof performance. Vortex viper offers a great deal of high quality optical glasses with superior waterproof and fogproof achievement.

Anti-reflective lens coatings can help in reducing internal reflections, scattering of light and glares. Different type and number of coatings that are applied to the binocular lenses or spotting scope can make a big difference in how clear the view will be. Lens without coatings loses 50% of the light that passes through the glass. More coatings may result to increased resolution, contrast and light transmission. Fully multi-coated optics offers the highest image quality.

Determining the proper eye relief is important for a safe and comfortable viewing. Eye relief is the distance between your ocular lens, the image and the entire field of view that can be viewed. For riflescopes, the safe eye relief distance is three inches or more. Proper eye relief is more important to those who use eyeglasses and sunglasses while looking through the optics. Adjustable eyecups are designed for binoculars and spotting scopes that would allow the best viewing while wearing eyeglasses. Eyecups can be twisted up and down or folded back for easy adjustment to accommodate your eyeglasses or sunglasses.

The minimum distance that you can focus an optic on your subject is known as close focus. This is very important especially to those who want very close distance focusing such as watching insects and birds. A lot of binoculars can focus down to ten feet or even less. The area between the right and the left edges of the image is the field of view which can be measured either in linear feet or angular degrees. Riflescopes usually measures at 100 yards, binoculars measures 1,000 yards and spotting scopes measures 1,000 yards. Wider field of view can be a big advantage for those who follow fast-moving targets. Optics that has higher magnification lenses has narrower field of view.

Exit pupil is the beam of light that departs each eyepiece and enters the eyes. Larger exit pupil can deliver brighter images even under low light conditions. When using Vortex viperbinoculars, you can find the exit pupil by holding the optics ina short distance from your face and can be seen as clear circles in the center of the eyepiece. In a bright light, the pupil can dilate 2-3 mm. At dawn or dusk, the pupil dilate to about 4-5 mm. While in dark light, the pupil dilate at 7-8 mm. You can calculate the exit pupil just by dividing the objective lens by the magnification.The ability of an optic to distinguish details in an image is referred to as resolution. Vortex can provide a resolution chart that can help in determining how well a binocular, spotting scope or riflescope can resolve fine details.

Collimation should be considered as well in picking optics. This means the alignment of all elements in the optical axis. Misalignments of elements may reduce the optics’ performance and may cause strain in the eye and even fatigue.

Vortex Viper Review Rifle Scopes

Riflescopes may vary just as how firearms do. Depending on the firearm and the application that you are intended to use dictates the best fit of riflescope that you should choose. Understanding the basic knowledge about it can help a lot in choosing your game starting with the controls. Vortex Viper riflescopes has definitely a lot of adjustable features that when broken down to basics just commonly shares with others and is relatively simple.

  • Tube Diameter. Riflescope’s main tube may come in various diameters consisting of 1 inch, 30 mm, 34 mm. and 35 mm. Larger tubes can give wider travel ranges for windage and adjustments in elevation as well as greater strengths. If you know the tube diameter of your riflescope, you may be able to select the right rings in mounting the scope. But, greater tube diameter does not always provide brighter image.
  • Ocular Focus. This can be used in tuning the reticle image for its maximum sharpness. This kind of adjustment may slightly differ in every user and needs to be set just once. To adjust, back out the focus until the reticle is clearly fuzzy. Remember, you don’t need to use this focus to adjust the target image.
  • Magnification Adjustment. Use this when you need to change the “power” level of your riflescope. Lower magnification gives off brighter image and wider fields of view which can be used in close-range moving targets while higher magnification provides narrow fields of view and dim image but offers better ability in shooting long-range smaller targets.
  • Elevation and Windage Turrets. Turrets can be used in adjusting the bullet’s point of impact down range. Exposed target-style turrets can be used in shooting long-range with routine “dial” elevation corrections.Capped style turrets are used by short-ranged hunters who prefer security and low profile.
  • Image Sharpness. This feature may allow you to tune the target image into its maximum sharpness. This may be found in the objective lens or near the turrets. If the focus is correctly set, shooting errors because of parallax will be disregarded. Parallax is the result when the target image doesn’t fall on similar optical plane as the reticle inside the scope. This can be avoided if the target image is focused correctly.
  • Reticle Illumination Adjustment. This is used to “light up” all or just a portion of the reticle that is inside the riflescope which allows the reticle to be seen more easily against the dark background. The adjustment on intensity level is usually placed on the left side of the scope and the illumination is typically powered by a small battery commonly used on watches.


Vortex Viper binoculars are known for its three main designs: Roof Prism, Porro Prism and Reverse Prism. These come with various weights and sizes. The weight of a binocular depends largely on the size of its objective lens. Larger lens tend to have heavier binoculars.

Compact binoculars are usually the lightest having objective lenses of 28 mm or less weighing less than a pound. Mid-size binoculars have objective lenses of 30-35 mm and weighs heavier than a compact binocular. Full-size binoculars, however, can be the heaviest having objective lenses over 35 mm weighing around two pounds.

  • Roof Prism

Just like its name, this binocular has a roof-like appearance with objective lens and eyepiece placed in a straight line for durable chassis. With prism glass designed with phase correction coatings that keep the light in their correct color phases; this binocular has enhanced resolution, color fidelity and contrast.

  • Porro Prism

Easily recognized by its traditional shape of offset barrels, this binocular is named after Ignacio Porro, an Iltalian optical designer. Porro prism has objective lenses designed for wide and reach depth of field creating three dimensional images with a reasonable cost.

  • Reverse Porro Prism

Thisis the compact version of the Porro Prism with eyepieces that are spaced wider apart than the objective lenses.

Vortex Optics

When choosing optics, there may be a lot to consider. Vortex can provide in-depth information of their variousmodels to help you choose which the right one for you is. You can evaluate your own needs and choose the perfect Vortex optic for you. Vortex provides the best quality and the most innovative product in the market at a fair price.

For optical quality, Vortex uses dense optical glass that is designed, shaped and polished flawlessly to sophistically give off even brighter, sharper and more colorful images. For greater reliability, they provide superior construction that may cost a bit more but may result to profound performance in the field. Moreover, Vortex gives much attention to details promising high standards. Engineers have spent ample of time in designing every detail perfectly, testing every element and inspecting even the slightest feature.

Viper Riflescopes

Carefully designed and engineered for those who want strength, durability and lenses that are fully multi-coated giving off incredible light transmission.

Viper Crossbow Scope

Filled with features found on long-range riflescopes which includes tactical elevation turret that is perfect for control. This offers speed for long-range shooters.

Viper Binoculars

Offering full, mid-sized and compact sized prism binoculars with advanced optical system using high definition lenses for stunning quality of images, Viper gives the best binoculars you need.

Viper Spotting Scopes

Specially made for long-range observation, this viper provides the best service for incredible wide viewing. Designed with extra-low dispersion glass for excellent resolution and maximum brightness, this is the best technique to locate your prey without walking a mile.

Below are the various models of Viper products that may suit your needs:

  • Viper PST. PST or Precision Shooting Tactical is a high quality tactical scope designed with durable 30mm tubes, Razor HD, illuminated reticle and high quality extra-low dispersion glass with a customizable zero stop at half a price. Available in 8 distinct configurations with numerous reticle choices that is perfect for shooting long-range targets.
  • Viper HST. HST or Hunting Shooting Tactical offers high quality, super low dispersion glass and tactical turrets boasting of its second focal reticle giving you an at-home feel.
  • Viper HSLR. If you are into hunting, shooting long range, then this is perfect for you. Built with ultra strong tubes of 30 mm, this Viper can offer optimal adjustment with increased elevation travel and a flexible 4x zoom for fast target acquisition engineered for shooting long range.
  • Viper HS. Equipped with durable 30 mm scope, 4x optical zoom for easy target attainment having three configurations to work perfectly in your hunting style.
  • Viper HD. Best known binocular for its high quality optical system with lenses fully multi-coated to promote superior clarity.

Vortex VIP Warranty

What’s awesome with Vortex is their VIP Warranty and Services. VIP means Very Important Promise for their customers. Vortex will repair or replace your product in the event of damage or defect with no charge. They will replace it with a perfectly working product or of equal or better physical condition. It doesn’t matter whose fault it was or where it was purchased, you can count on the VIP Warranty with Unlimited Lifetime Warranty, full transferability, no need for card to fill out and no need for receipt. However, VIP Warranty will not cover loss, theft and purposeful or cosmetic damage that do not deter the performance of the product.

About Vortex

Owned by Dan and Margie Hamilton, this small outdoor retail store started offering services in 1986. After some time, Vortex Optics was formally introduced in 2002 that grew from the couple’s work with now more than 140 team members. All their products have been designed, engineered and scrutinized in modern facilities to ensure best quality of products all over the US, United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Europe and Australia.

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