Bushnell Rifle Scopes – The single most powerful force at the moment of truth

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Bushnell Rifle ScopesRiflescopes don’t only suit hawk-eyed hunters, but also older eyes that have a difficult, sometimes impossible time trying to switch focus from front to rear sights with an open metallic sight rather than a scope that aids their weaknesses.

If you have a chance to make a once-in-a-lifetime shot with your gun against big game, then you should take it with all your bases covered. Enter Bushnell riflescopes, which are engineered to near perfection with one particular pursuit: To make sure that you won’t fall short your own goals as a hunter and if you do, it won’t be the fault of the scopes in question. If anything, Bushnell scopes are made to ensure your victory over nature or the firing range every single time.

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It is the Bushnell mission-vision to establish themselves as the industry’s most advanced, most accurate riflescope lineup around. Accuracy can be achieved through a variety of ways, and Bushnell brand scopes have all the features that could help you become as accurate a shot as possible, which includes delivering unsurpassed image quality, optimal light transmission, ruggedness, and the brightest illumination possible led by its Elite® technology of lens brightening in low-light conditions.

What’s more, you’d also be hard-pressed to find a scope with a 100% “bulletproof” money-back guarantee, which means if you aren’t satisfied in any way, shape, or form, you can have a return of your investment with no questions asked.

Product Specs and Benefits

As it leads more boldly with every trigger squeeze, here’s what you should expect when it comes to Bushnell riflescopes.

  1. Click here for Bushnell Elite Long Range Hunter prices and reviews!

    Click here for Bushnell Elite Long Range Hunter prices and reviews!

    Bushnell Elite Long Range Hunter: If you want a riflescope that serves as Bushnell’s ultimate long-distance hunting optic because it has high-quality features like reticles that work perfectly for long range hunts and sniping situations, then you could do a lot worse than the Bushnell Elite Long Range Hunter, to say the least. It’s a testament that Elite Tactical Products are the epitome of excellence. It serves as proof that the scope developers of Bushnell are always after cutting-edge innovation, advanced crosshair options, and professional-grade optics that always assure you of the clearest picture every time. It is All-American ingenuity exemplified. For example, the LRHS 4.5-18x 44mm is an optic scope for long distances with crosshairs made for long range hunters. Simply put, its G2M (E45184M) or G2H (E45184H) reticle actually helps increase your accuracy and allow ranging at any magnification you require. It comes complete with a two-inch sunshade, side parallax adjustment, ultra wide band lens coatings, fully multicoated optics, RainGuard® HD lens coatings, target-style elevation turret, a capped windage turret that’s resettable, a 30 millimeter tube for increased adjustment travel, and the RevLimiter™ zero-stop on elevation turret that enables you to instantly return to zero after every reset.

  1. Bushnell Elite 3500: As for the Elite 3500, it’s a good introductory scope to the Elite line because it comes complete with the staples of the Bushnell Elite riflescopes, from its RainGuard® HD technology of weatherproofing to its Bullet Proof guarantee. It’s an Elite product that combines advanced reticle options, rugged designs, and professional grade optics together to form a cutting-edge innovation of a scope that’s perfect for hunting, tactical applications, or even competitive shooting. Bushnell does its best in its Elite line if only for all their scopes to live up to such a name; to prove that they are the elites that deliver when the only acceptable results is success. Meanwhile, the Elite 3500 3–9x 40mm is indeed quite dependable when it comes to its 3x magnification range, magnum recoil-proof construction, and proven weatherproof coatings that make it the jungle hunter’s choice in camouflage missions and long tracking hunts for big game. It comes complete with ¼ MOA (Minute of Angle) that has audible and resettable windage as well as elevation adjustment, RainGuard® HD, the aforementioned Bulletproof Guarantee, fast-focus eyepiece, argon purged scope (which makes it 100% waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof), one-piece aluminum tube, magnum recoil-proof construction, fully multi-coated optics and Multi-X (353940) or DOA 600 CF (353940B) reticles.
  1. Bushnell Elite 4500: If you’re in need of a scope that meets the demands of extreme hunting situations, then you should definitely go with the argon-purged, ¼ MOA Elite 4500 with RainGuard® HD and Ultra Wide Band Coating. The thing that sets it apart from the Elite 3500 is mainly its magnification and range specs, which means it’s a slightly better version of 3500 while still maintaining the same specs in terms of having a one-piece tub and magnum recoil-proof construction. Its MOA in particular has resettable windage, is audible, and has adjustability by your fingertips, thus improving your chances for accurate combination shots.
  1. Bushnell Elite 6500 4.5-30 x 50 Matte Fine Multi-X Reticle with Rainguard Riflescope

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    Bushnell Elite 6500: As for the Elite 6500, the thing that sets it apart from the Elite 4500 and the 3500 is its addition of side parallax adjustment, which is also present in Legend Ultra HD. Parallax, incidentally, refers to the phenomenon with scopes that happens as the apparent movement of objects within the field of view in relation to the reticle. In high magnifications, parallax makes the reticle move off the target, thus messing with your accuracy unless you have parallax adjustment, which is present with the Elite 6500 because it has higher magnification specs than either the 4500 or 3500.


  1. Bushnell Elite Tactical G2 FFP Reticle ERS Riflescope, 6-24x50mm

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    Bushnell Elite Tactical: The features for the Elite Tactical might not make it the most versatile big game hunting scope around (the Elite 3500 3–9x 40mm has cornered the market on that), but it does offer a combination of professional grade optics, advanced reticle options, and rugged design that helps you keep true to the American Way of Life, where you can uphold your freedoms and rights every time. It was also developed alongside law enforcement, military, and the competitive shooting community to create the perfect tactical gun filled with great specs from accurate MOA to the standard Bulletproof Guarantee.


  1. Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 10x 42mm Roof Prism Binocular

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    Bushnell Legend Ultra HD: What sets the Ultra HD apart from its fellow Bushnell siblings is its legendary five reticle options (many of the other scopes, particularly the Elite Tactical line, only have one reticle setting). It’s also every bit as tough with its ultra-strong one-piece tube, 100% waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof construction, its weatherproofing RainGuard® HD, and its highly convenient fast-focus eyepiece. Some models even feature side focus parallax adjustment on fully multi-coated optics, which means the effects of parallax scrolling won’t mess with your aim because the Legend Ultra HD is prepared to reduce it.


  1. Bushnell Banner Dusk & Dawn Multi-X Reticle Riflescope with 6-Inch Eye Relief, 3-9X 40mm

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    Bushnell Banner Multi-X: Bushnell is also quite adept when it comes to great all-around scopes. It comes complete with the usual high standards of the Bushnell brand, which includes ¼ MOA fingertip that has elevation adjustment and resettable windage. Instead of argon, the scope is nitrogen-filled, which delivers fogproof performance and 100% waterproof construction to keep your lenses clear and your sights steady every time. Naturally, it comes complete with Bushnell standard specs of multicoated optics, a one-piece tube, and a fast-focus eyepiece. In short, the Banner 3-9x 40mm Multi-X is a dependable all-around big game scope not unlike the Elite 3500 line.


  1. Bushnell AR Optics FFP Illuminated BTR-1 BDC Reticle AR-223 Riflescope with Target Turrets

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    Bushnell AR Optics: This simply refers to the riflescope optics Bushnell has for AR rifles (which are magazine-fed, intermediate cartridge, lightweight, and air-cooled rifles that have rotating lock bolts). While the Elite line, Banner Multi-X, and Legend Ultra HD brands have no particular guns they specialize in, AR optics are specifically made for the AR firearm, particularly from the 22 rimfire to long-range 223/5.56 firearms. They’re renowned for their ability to make pinpoint-precise adjustments, the presence of caliber-specific crosshairs, and the delivery of peerless accuracy for every AR gun out there. This magnificent line even comes with six configurations to equip any platform of AR imaginable out there.


While Bushnell lacks a crossbow scope to complement its wealth of riflescopes from its Elite line and many other brands, what it does bring to the table is nothing short of spectacular. It can even give a certain company known more for its cameras, camera lenses, and camera scopes than its just-as-excellent riflescopes line a run for its money.

What many reviewers will notice from Bushnell’s collection of scopes is the consistency of them all in terms of specs and quality. Usually, the leap from Elite 3500 to 4500 to 6500 is more about magnification and certain additional adjustments like the ones for the parallax effect in higher magnifications than making a whole new different product.

This is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, this makes Bushnell’s Elite line consistently high quality, with every riflescope enjoying RainGuard® HD, multicoated optics, or audible and resettable windage on its MOA. On the other hand, it might look poor against other companies that go the extra mile in piling up the features after every upgrade and model so that they don’t only have the number or reticle options or magnification specs as their only differences.

With that said, Bushnell has perfected its prototype Elite brand and delivers more of the same but better across its other models, for good or for ill. It does have loads of variance with its AR line, which is forged with ultra-tight tolerances and has a new reticle variant known as the Drop Zone-223 Ballstic Reticle, which has aiming points out to 500 yards.

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