Nikon ProStaff 4-12×40 Review: A Great Value for Money Purchase

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Nikon ProStaff 4-12 x 40 Black Matte Riflescope (BDC)

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The overall performance of a rifle relies on the combined efficiency of its parts. One of the most essential is the rifle scope. The Nikon ProStaff 4-14 x 40 in Black Matte is a highly-praised scope among its users.

Find out the advantages and benefits of this product from the description below and see for yourself whether it is the right scope for you.

The condition of your rifle is the most important thing to check every time you go for a casual hunt or join a sharpshooting game. If you do it often, maintenance should be done frequently as well.

When it comes to the rifle scope, you need to use one that fits your type of target. A right choice will greatly improve your shooting skills and gives you a more productive experience.

When hunting, you can encounter a lot of interruptions. You need to be ready to endure through it if you want to hit that target. At some point, your eyes will start to strain and involuntarily lose focus. The lens might get foggy as well. An unexpected rain or looming clouds will also make a hunting condition bad if you are not prepared. All these can affect your entire concentration and make you miss the object you have been waiting to move. To keep your mind on the target despite through this not only requires a strong mental fortitude, but also a high-performance rifle scope that can match your enthusiasm.

Product Highlights to Take Note

The Nikon ProStaff 4-14 x 40 (BDC) Riflescope is intended for shooting targets at great distances. It is loaded with features that help you focus clearly on the object for long periods without dropping accuracy.

  • Prevents Fog Formation and Water Leaks

Because of the scope’s O-ring, nitrogen-filled housing, leaks into the device is impossible. It is also unlikely for it to fog up and obstruct your view while you stake out for your target. This allows you to use the rifle even during bad weather conditions – a good characteristic of a high-performance product.

  • 7 inches Eye Relief

Looking through a scope can strain the eyes the longer it takes. The scope provides comfort with its 3.7-inch eye relief feature. This will allow you to do hunting games for long periods without causing any irreparable damage to your eyesight.

  • Spring-loaded Adjustment Knob on a Zero-reset Turret

One of its best features is its turrets with a Zero-reset set-up. It is much easier and faster to make adjustments on the scope because you don’t have to manually reset the turrets. You can also make the turns simply by using the spring-loaded knob. For fast-paced hunting games with moving targets, this convenient feature is a must-have.

  • 4x-12x Magnification Settings

Make sure that you keep your eye on the target regardless of the distance with the scope’s varied zoom levels that can go up to 12x. It has a 40mm diameter objective lens to support such high magnification levels. If you have encountered its previous version with 3-9x magnification power, you will definitely see the advantageous difference. A high-powered scope like the Nikon ProStaff 4-12 x 40 (BDC) RifleScope in Black Matte can easily cover all typical shooting ranges. It can pose a little problem for short ranges though due to its long distance zooming settings.

  • Maximized Light Transmission up to 98%

The scope has a fully-coated optical system hidden in its black matte exterior. The system supports up to 98% of light to pass through the eyepiece, allowing you to achieve high visibility despite dark or cloudy surroundings. Most hunting games are best enjoyed during dawn or dusk due to the abundance of defenseless targets. Always keep a good look on your prey and remain unfazed even if you position yourself at dark low visibility areas.

  • See-through Ballistic Circles in its BDC Reticle

The bullet drop compensation for this particular Nikon Riflescope is less demanding due to its BDC reticle with ballistic circle’s that is see through. Paired with its 1 inch diameter tube and 100-yard parallax setting, it is a very suitable model for long term routine use.

PRO’s Summary

The Nikon ProStaff 4-12x Black Matte (BDC) Riflescope is a long-range shooting scope with lots of practical features to aid you in your shooting escapades. It allows you to see even in dark settings with its light transmission feature and provides very clear focus on targets with its 12x maximum magnification. You can use it during rainy days without worrying about it getting damaged or losing focus because of fogging. You can also opt for its sun shade accessory if you plan to hunt in the mornings with the sun glaring at you. It can also be used for varied shooting ranges effectively. With a lifetime warranty, your purchase is a guaranteed smart choice.

CON’s Summary

On the other side, the scope is most suitable for long range shooting targets and the settings are modeled after this. This is why it doesn’t do well for short range ones. Although it can still perform on different types of ranges, it can only give satisfactory results from middle to long range. Since it has a light transmission setting allowing 98% of illumination into the scope, it can be detrimental if used under bright hunting settings like in the middle of a sunny day. It does have a sun shade accessory to compensate, so you will be alright if you are willing to pay the added cost.

It is easy to find a suitable scope for your rifle since the market offers a lot of choices. From Bushnell to UTG and even Nikon or Vortex, there is always a specific scope to match your rifling needs. It is important to make a choice based on your personal preference and capability. If you want variety in your experience, you can always purchase several scopes with different performance usage. Just keep in mind that necessity should be the greatest factor that motivates your purchase. Overall our Nikon ProStaff 4-12×40 Review is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Click to save up to 40% on the Nikon ProStaff 4-12×40 in 2017!