UTG 30mm Swat 3-12×44 Review – Compact (AO Mil Dot and 36 Colors EZ-Tap)

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UTG 30mm SWAT 3-12X44 Compact IE Scope with AO Mil-dot, 36 Colors EZ-TAP

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For long-range shooting, a reliable riflescope could make or break the success of shooting your trophy. Whether you are shooting for airsoft or hunting, having reliable gears to improve the outcomes of your shooting will definitely make your rifle shooting experience a blast.

This particular riflescope is commonly used for Marauder .25, AR platforms such as AR 15 and AR 10) AK variants (Saiga 7.62 AK, AK-74 and AK-47). Users rave about the high-quality precision of Zero Locking as well as the Zero Resetting focus turrets of this riflescope. This is why it is one of the most preferred riflescopes for tactical hunting or hunting big games and predators.

UTG 30mm Swat (3-12×44) Review

  1. IE Reticle. This is also known as Illumination Enhancing Reticle which utilizes a 36-color spectrum that is amazingly great to use in a lot of variations of lighting conditions and environmental factors.
  2. Zero Locking and Zero Resetting Target Turrets. These two mechanisms are two of the major factors that influence the shooting of the target. The user can immediately modify the target adjustments in accordance to the accuracy of the target. A SWAT or a Side Wheel Adjustable Turret provides parallax versatility from at least 10 yards and further.
  3. Multi-Emerald Coated Lenses. UTG 30mm Swat (3-12×44) Compact (AO Mil Dot and 36 Colors EZ-Tap)’s lenses has an angled sunshade. This helps in lowering glare by a lot and it also comes with a good quality flip-open lens cover.
  4. Continuous Illumination. The mechanisms are put together to withstand interruptions in illuminations even under heavy recoils. In addition, EZ TAP IE Illumination System is crafted to work in instinctive fashion.
  5. Side Wheel Adjustable Turrent. Also referred to as SWAT AO, aids shooters to pull off excellent shooting range from at least 10 yards. The position of the SWAT provides a convenient and easy to access position to immediately modify the settings without much movement. If that is not already a great option, users can easily get an optional big wheel to easily turn the settings to their preferences.


Pros of UTG 30mm Swat (3-12×44)

As of the moment, UTG 30mm Swat (3-12×44) Compact (AO Mil Dot and 36 Colors EZ-Tap) is recommended by a mass of riflescope users due to the number of conveniences it provides to the user.

  1. True Strength (TS) Platform. This is one of the most innovative features of the modern riflescopes. Due to the utility provided by SSS (Smart Spherical Structure), the users are guaranteed to experience excellent riflescopes. This means that not only is UTG 30mm Swat (3-12×44) Compact (AO Mil Dot and 36 Colors EZ-Tap) durable, it is also dependable in aiding a rifle shooter to perform precise shooting techniques.
  1. Durability. In addition, TS is responsible in keeping UTG 30mm Swat (3-12×44) Compact (AO Mil Dot and 36 Colors EZ-Tap) shock-proof, fog and water proof as well for continuous enjoyment of shooting activities even if the temperature changes in the middle of the day.
  2. Consistent Zeroing In mechanisms. Also with the aid of TS platforms incorporated in the this riflescope, as well as the easy to use lock and reset turrets play a vital role in enabling shooters to consistently shoot with precision and excellence.
  3. Range Estimating Mil-dot Reticle. This was first used in 2003 when its uses were first introduced as a great tool for shooters of different interests. Nowadays, it is another widely accepted standard to improve shooting experiences. The great news is UTG revolutionized and refined it and now it is present in every UTG optic. If you compare this with what is already being sold in the market today, commonly there are 4 dots allowing users to have 9 variations of aims affected by windage and elevation. Whereas with UTG’s 36 Mil-Dot Tactical Range Estimating Reticle or TRE, shooters can have 9 dots providing 19 aiming spots, of if the inner tips of the Duplex Cross Hairs are included, 21 spots.
  4. Product of Rigorous Testing from Real Hunters and Airsoft Shooters. The great thing about UTG’s products is that the developments are based on the information garnered from a list of hobbyists who are also determined to be real long-range rifle enthusiasts. This enabled the company to come up with different ways of providing shooters with exactly what they need at a particular situation. All of these, with improving shooting precisions regardless of the situation temperature and climate.
  5. Powerful magnification. The versatility offered by UTG 30mm Swat (3-12×44) Compact (AO Mil Dot and 36 Colors EZ-Tap) through the high quality magnification between 3x to 12x.
  6. Cheap and easy to use. Out of all the benefits provided through the use of UTG 30mm Swat (3-12×44) Compact (AO Mil Dot and 36 Colors EZ-Tap), it is still regarded to be one of the lowest costing but effective riflescopes that are available for excellent and precise long range rifle shooting.


It may be a slightly bigger than the usual small shooting bag, but carrying an easy to use Quick Release Mounts will help in just removing the riflescope when not in use.


UTG 30mm Swat (3-12×44) Compact (AO Mil Dot and 36 Colors EZ-Tap) is one of the best options that is available in the market today. Whether a person is into hunting or airsoft, equipping with a reliable and durable riflescope will go a long way. Not only will they allow the shooters have a great time because they are able to adjust their tools efficiently, but also continually improve because they can focus on their skills more instead of keep on trying to fix their rifles.

UTG 30mm Swat (3-12×44) Compact (AO Mil Dot and 36 Colors EZ-Tap) is highly recommended and no doubt a great riflescope to use if you are looking for the best riflescope and get a great value for your money.

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