Nikon Rifle Scopes: Precision Optics for Hunting and the Outdoors

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Nikon P-223 3x32 Matte BDC CarbineNowadays, a lot of firearm customers use some kind of riflescope or optical sighting device on their rifles, pistols (that is, handguns), and shotguns. The reasons for this are simplicity and convenience. It’s certainly better than having no scope at all.

Aiming through a red dot sight or a scope gets rid of a third of the complexity of lining up an open iron sight. Simply put, it makes things more convenient for the user, since you don’t use a baby sledge hammer for finishing nails or a seven-ounce claw hammer to pound in sixteen penny nails. Scopes eliminate the frustration of having to adjust your sights on a target (especially a moving one) every time. It’s like comparing a normal bow and arrow with a crossbow.

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The latter can be used by anyone, the former requires loads of training in order to master. The problem with open sights is that you should light up the rear sight with the front sight in order to to get a decent shot, which takes too much time in situations where accuracy and speed count.

A scope, like the ones that Nikon makes, only requires you to line up your reticle or crosshairs on the target. Depending on the MOA or Minute of Angle, you can shoot a target a fourth of an inch off or three inches off, which is amazing accuracy when shooting at long distances like a sniper. It’s also easier to learn how to shoot guns with a scope than iron sights because these scopes are good at magnifying the target.

A Handy Review of Different Hunting Scopes

Hunting optics and riflescopes by the Nikon brand exudes quite a lot of value and quality, especially in the realm of firearms. This is to be expected of a company that’s also well-known for its camera lenses and optics as well as its binoculars.

  1. Nikon MONARCH 3 BDC Riflescope, Black, 4-16x50

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    Nikon MONARCH Riflescopes: The Monarch riflescope was designed by Nikon using an optical system developed to offer shooters a superlative performance and increased versatility with any rifle type, not just say an AR or whatnot. This is regardless of any imaginable hunting circumstance (in the snow, in the dark, deep within a jungle, on a hunting range, in wide open plains, and so forth) and in any caliber of gun. The main selling point of Nikon MONARCH is that it can be used in most any gun and can survive rough handling in the most trying of situations.


  1. Nikon ProStaff 3-9 x 40 Black Matte Riflescope (BDC)

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    Nikon PROSTAFF Riflescopes: As for PROSTAFF Riflescopes, these scopes have undergone a battery of tests and field trials by PROSTAFF members of Nikon, thus making them tested and proven. What this means is that you can depend on this particular brand of scope in bringing home more value for your investment as well as savings. Whether you hunt with a rimfire, shotgun, or rifle, you can rest assured that there are no corners cut in the performance of PROSTAFF, especially when it comes to its precision, ruggedness, and optics. While MONARCH is excellent, PROSTAFF is loaded with high-spec features. 


  1. Nikon P-223 3-9x40 Mate BDC 600

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    Nikon AR Riflescopes: Nikon has loads of riflescopes specifically made for AR platform rifles. They can accommodate that particular firearm quite expertly, which means that this is a specialty scope that’s a perfect fit for AR rifles. They’re even better as scopes for AR firearms than using a more generalized scope because they can do things with an AR that no other scope can. This is because each scope is optimized for exact precision regardless of load or caliber thanks to its Spot-On Ballistic Match Technology. Every magazine-fed, intermediate cartridge, lightweight, and air-cooled rifle with a rotating lock bolt and will benefit from this scope type.


  1. Nikon ProStaff Rimfire 3-9 x 40 Black Matte Riflescope (BDC 150)

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    Nikon Rimfire Riflescopes: The rimfire gun is a gun that makes use of rimfire, which is either a method of ignition for metallic firearm cartridges or the name for the rimfire cartridges themselves.

    As expected of Nikon, it has riflescopes that improve the performance of a .22 long rifle cartridge. Instead of being able to adjust to a variety of calibers or rifle types, it’s specifically made to give as much accuracy, MOA, and magnification, and so forth for your rimfire rifle, thus ensuring your aim and your blasts hit through your game or target every time.


  1. Nikon INLINE XR BDC 300 Riflescope, Matte Black, 3-9x40

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    Nikon Muzzleloader Riflescopes: Yes, muzzleloaders still exist nowadays, although not necessarily the flintlock variety of firearm you’d find during the 18th Century or in museums. There are also riflescopes for muzzleloaders available at Nikon. As for these scopes, they help shooters who utilize muzzleloaders get the fullest potential of their gun type. In particular, a typical Nikon muzzleloader scope has a patented BDC 300 reticle or crosshair that allows the gun owner to confidently shoot out his load for about 300 yards as close to pinpoint accuracy as possible. Muzzleloaders take longer to load and have infamously bad aim compared to modern guns, so a scope should assist you in making it more accurate.

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    Nikon Handgun Scopes: As for Nikon’s handgun scopes, they’re designed with the utmost of care as well. Even though handguns are more associated with open-sight firing since it’s more shorter-ranged in accuracy than rifles, a scope can give it a more rifle-like long-range shooting, particularly with scopes that have recoil-proof construction and loads of eye relief. Nikon’s legendary optics are at full display with its handgun scopes that fit all the needs of even the most demanding and particular of handgun customers, competitors, and “varminters” or hunters of varmints (since using a shotgun to kill a varmint is a waste of ammo and overkill, like using a bazooka on a rhino).


  1. Nikon 16448 Active Target Special BDC Riflescope, Matte Black, 3-9x 40mm

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    Nikon Varmint and Nikon Predator Riflescopes: For all you hunters out there, you can make use of a wide array of Nikon riflescopes made specifically to suit their needs in keeping their aim true at moving targets, particularly long range ones that are outside the firing range of a typical handgun even when it’s equipped with a scope. There are loads of small game predators and varmints you can legally shoot and hunt down that aren’t endangered species. They’re quick on their feet, they know how to maximize their environment so that they can hide away from you, and they’re expert foragers and nuisances in suburban settings.


  1. Nikon SLUGHUNTER BDC 200 Riflescope, Black, 3-9x40

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    Nikon SlugHunter / Nikon Shotgun Hunter Scopes: If you’re a shotgun or slug hunter, then you need an appropriate scope for your hunting needs, specifically when it comes to shooting down huge game like deer, moose, elk, or bears as well as ducks and other flying targets that move more erratic than a clay pigeon. The SlugHunter BDC 200 Riflescope in particular is quite dependable when it comes to heavy artillery or hunting with buck shot or really high-caliber guns. This is because the scope showcases accurate shots for up to 200 yards thanks to advanced ballistics reticle technology.


  1. Nikon Bolt XR Crossbow Scope Black Matte (BDC 60)

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    Nikon Crossbow Scopes: Aside from gun scopes, Nikon also has crossbow scopes that offer trademark clarity and brightness found in all Nikon products (from camera zoom lenses to binoculars). Unlike with guns, a crossbow requires a bit more in terms of BDC reticle so that your arrow flies true to where it’s supposed to fly while at the same time getting accurate measurements on altitude and gravity since they’re bigger factors for crossbow shots than they are with gunpowder-assisted flying bullets. A bow hunter will get long-range capabilities in his hands thanks to this BDC scope for crossbow usage.


  1. Nikon P-Series Mount

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    Nikon Scope Mounts: Finally, there’s the scope mounts. Nikon riflescope mounts were developed for the company’s growing series of popular AR scopes. They’re mounts that fit the flattop AR gun’s Picatinny rails in particular. These scope mounts are precision engineered to correct the sighting height for your rifle, plus they also enable access to the charging handle so that you’ll get the most precise shot every time without human error or shaky hands from recoil ruining your chances of hitting that clay pigeon, bull’s eye, or duck while on a duck hunt.

A Guide to Nikon Rifle Scopes

The Nikon Business has a considerable collection of different scopes that it sells, and there are actually 5 primary groups. These are the SlugHunterProStaff and Buckmaster to name a couple of. All of the Nikon rifle scopes are covered with an ultra coat, which means that it does not produce a reflection. These antireflection qualities mean that there is really no demand for additional devices to do this job.

nikon buckmaster

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The Nikon rifle scopes that feature a Titanium lineup have the ability to provide a very clear image and they have the power to endure some extremely rough conditions, as a result it is fantastic for hunting large game species. This scope includes a forty-four millimeter lens that can be readjusted, and this is very important for days that are a bit foggy and with inexpensive light conditions. This kind of scope also has a function that prevents any qualification of glare, and it has a matte finish. There is one thing for certain, and that is with this Nikon rifle scopes you will certainly make sure to go far.

The Buckmaster style of scopes also has a lot of attributes that are able to deal with fog and they are also water-proof. The Monarch design of scope has the ability to deliver an African style of scope and these are equipped with single tube and German reticule, which makes them perfect for a searching expedition.

Nikon Omega

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The Omega scope is the most recent edition to the collection of Nikon rifle scopes that are offered. These scopes are a tamer variation of the unique and are really very excellent and offer spotless vision. These scopes also include all the qualities and attributes that its predecessor had. This style of scope attributes two hundred and fifty reticule, and this implies that the muzzleloader of the shot can be altered.Due to the vast collection of different Nikon rifle scopes that are available it is true to say that it is possible to obtain a Nikon rifle scope that fits every size of finances and taste. Nikon purpose to supply the scopes that people call for as a result they are constantly planning to raise the variety.

The Best Nikon Rifle Scopes for Your Rifles

When it comes to purchasing a new scope it is very important to be clear that there is really no better make available than Nikon. The latest scopes from Nikon will mean that you are able to use it at nights as it has ninety-five percent light transmission. The Monarch scope that is part of the Nikon range is able to offer variable powers and it features a matte finish.

Nikon monarch

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All of the Nikon rifle scopes use the technology that is known as ultra clear coat, and this means that you are able to enjoy anti-reflection when using the scope. These scopes are all guaranteed to be one hundred per cent waterproof, fog proof and also shock proof. When you use Nikon rifle scopes, you can be confident that you are using the best within scope technology.

One of the best Nikon rifle scopes that are available within the market place is the Monarch scope. These scopes are actually well known for their killer design, and it is also popular for its optical performance. All of the Monarch scopes feature an eyepiece that allows the shooter to focus quickly, and it also has a function for elevation adjustment.

It is very important to not overlook the Titanium scopes, as these are also very good. These Nikon rifle scopes are designed to offer a good level of brightness while also allowing you to have an excellently clear view. It is true to say that it does not matter what type of shooting or hunting you are doing, these scopes are amongst the best that you could possibly use. This type of scope is produced using strong titanium material and it also has a forty-four inch lens that is adjustable. This type of scope is good for hunting and shooting during conditions of low light and also bad weather.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars from over 190 customers. Click the image for Nikon Rifle Scopes prices and reviews!

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars from over 190 customers. Click the image for Nikon Rifle Scopes prices and reviews!

There is a range of advantages that you can enjoy when using a good scope, as they can help you to focus on the target that you are trying to shoot. A good quality scope that features the correct level of magnification is great regardless of the type of shooting that you are doing. By using Nikon rifle scopes, it is possible to increase the precision of the shots and fix any problems that you have in your aiming. Nikon rifle scopes mean that the hunter is able to get closer to the target that they are aiming for without moving from the area that they are in.

If you are not a regular shooter or hunter then these scopes are just as good as they will help you to be on target more often. These scopes will enable you to have a wide range of vision due to the fantastic magnification that these scopes have. The Buckmaster style of scope is a fantastic choice for people that want to have an accurate shot over a large area. This type of scope features a nitrogen tube therefore it will last for a long time, and it is sealed with an O shaped ring which allows it to have a large, magnified performance.

Things to know about Nikon Rifle Scopes

The Nikon Company has a wide range of different scopes that are available, and this includes a seriesof African riflescopes. There are really three main types of riflescopes that are available within the series known as Monarch African, and these all feature a one-inch tube. All of the Nikon rifle scopes feature optics that are fully multicoated, and these are able to create a clear and sharp view. They also feature a power series that is designed to handle shots that are fast.

If you are planning to use a high recoil style of rifle then it is possible to get a Nikon rifle scopes that offers four inches. The lower ranges of power enable the shooter to be on target as well as being rapid. These scopes are light and easy to handle and it is possible to get a twenty-millimeter scope or a twenty-four millimeter scope. Both of these Nikon rifle scopes work with a German number four reticule. This means that they are able to provide a good level of durability, which means that you are able to carry the rifle without any real problems. All of the different scopes that are within the African range use the number four reticules, and this allows for fast on target shots and it is also good for late night hunting.

The laser scopes that are part of the Nikon range are commonly referred to as compensation for bullet drop. These scopes are produced using technology that can truly be termed as ground breaking, and they are what every real sportsmen want. These Nikon rifle scopes are produced using trademarked engineering, and this together with the latest technology means that these scopes are amongst the very best that are available. These laser scopes mean that the shooter is able to locate the perfect range and be on target without having to really move their head much at all. These scopes are designed to be able to give clear vision up to seven hundred and sixty six yards, and there only has to be one-yard deviation on the scope.

Some of the laser scopes also have a device that can be used for measuring distance, and this allows the user to manage their distance. This type of scope can be very beneficial and it can help the shooter to pinpoint the target whilst also being able to move quickly and getting a targeted shot with very little advanced planning. With these Nikon rifle scopes the shooter lines up with the target and then all they need to do is press the button.

Another advantage of the laser form of Nikon rifle scopes is that it features advanced maneuverability. As you may expect a product that is of such a high quality is made using the latest in superior technology, and this means that the scope is less bulky that its predecessor was. This type of scope is made from lightweight components, and the scope is one foot in length; however, do not let the size put you off as it has been designed to be used within very harsh climates.


Scopes are dependable at making your aim hit close to home since you’re seemingly shooting at a bigger target. However, there are quite a number of scopes out there. Not only is it much easier to shoot with a scope than with sights; the magnification capabilities of many of these scopes increase your chances of hitting your mark every time, since targets appear closer and if you have a laser sight installed, you most probably won’t miss.

You’ll also get more precise shots of every target because Nikon has some brand-unique quirks like the brightest of lenses, the ability to maximize lighting in low-light areas, and its patented BDC or or Bolt Drop Compensating reticle.

Nikon is one of the most dependable brands out there when it comes to riflescopes. In fact, it’s a perfectly sound argument to claim that it’s the number one scope provider around. If it not for its reputation as a camera maker, Nikon would probably be most known for its riflescope products the same way that once upon a time, Xerox was synonymous to photocopiers, Hoover was synonymous to vacuum cleaners, and Band-Aid is and continues to be synonymous to plaster strips (so much so that the brand name Band-Aid became a generic term for all plaster strips since the height of its popularity).

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