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Are you an avid hunter? Maybe you’re just starting out, or thinking about what equipment you’ll need. A rifle scope is the one rifle accessory that all hunters should own.

There are thousands of rifle scopes for you to choose from, so it’s not surprising if you’re overwhelmed. Have no fear — we’ve got guides and reviews to educate you. If you want to take advantage of the accuracy that you’ll get with a scope, then start with our guide.

Rifle scopes magnify your target like a telescope and make them appear closer than they are so that you can line up your shot with more accuracy. The difference between a scope and an open sight (no scope) is like the difference between trying to shoot a target with a traditional recurve bow and using a crossbow.

What’s more — there’s no substitute for a scope’s support for long ranges and low lighting conditions.

Consider Best Rifle Scope Review your authority resource for all things related to rifle scopes. You’ll also find reviews on crossbows, airgun scopes, long-range, and spotting scopes.

Our editorial staff is here to provide you with reviews on all the latest products. From red dot scope reviews to long-range scope comparisons, we’ll cover them all.

Maybe you’re looking for reviews before you purchase that new rifle scope. Or you want to find out what’s the best scope for an airgun. We know — find out here.

On the other hand, you may be researching a specific brand of scope. Check our drop-down menu labeled reviews.

We have all the information you need on the most popular rifle scopes, crossbows, and binoculars too. Plus, our team has a vast knowledge regarding hunting rifles and survival equipment.

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Terry McGowan

Chief Editor

My job here at Best Rifle Scope Review is a wrangler more than anything. My staff and I bounce around ideas. Then I take those ideas, do some research, and make sure we bring you up to date product information on all the latest equipment.

I organize the content for our blog, so I also work closely with our hunting expert to develop guides with tips and tricks of the trade. What’s more, I keep an eye on the industry, so I know what advancements are happening. Contact me [email protected]

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Brad Stevenson

Junior Editor

 I make sure that all the technical information is correct. I’m a stickler for accuracy, and I enjoy editing our articles with tips for beginners on how to use a rifle scope, and more.

My hobby is bowhunting. So I make sure to bring in articles, reviews, and information on crossbows and compound bows. After all, accuracy matters whether you’re shooting a rifle or pulling back on a bow.

You’ll find lots of technical information boiled down into manageable lessons to help you improve your game. Yes, like most things, using a scope takes practice. Contact me [email protected]

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Frank Whitfield

Hunting Expert

I’ve been a hunter since I was 10 years old. Which means I’ve been hunting for over 30 years. I still remember my first rabbit, squirrel, buck, and boar. It wasn’t until I went boar hunting that I understood the value of a scope.

The thing is — a scope makes all of your hunting more productive because it raises your accuracy to another level.

I’ve learned a lot about scopes over the years. So, here at Scope Reviews, my work involves putting together guides that will help you learn everything you need to know about a rifle scope before you move on to buying one. Contact me at [email protected]