What Is the Best Scope for Boar Hunting This Year?

best scope for boar hunting

If you’ve never been boar hunting before, you might be surprised how difficult it can be. Like any animal in the wild, they’ll see you before you see them, in which case, you need to spot them from a distance if you want a chance at success. But what is the best scope for boar hunting to give you the best shot at your target?

We know that cost is an issue for most people, so we scoured the market in search of the best scope for boar hunting that wouldn’t break the bank. Which one will you choose?

The Best Scope for Your Money When It Comes to Boar Hunting 

Nikon Buckmasters 4×15 Mil-Dot Riflescope

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For those who are used to shopping or reviewing for scopes for a living, it should come as no surprise that Nikon found a way to get to this list. Nikon products are renowned for their light-transmission excellence and versatility in hunting, military, and law enforcement applications due to their cost-effectiveness.

This is a best scope for hunting boar candidate because of its fixed 4x magnification and 15-millimeter objective plus mil-dot range-finding reticle. It’s particularly advantageous to variable magnification because you don’t have to turn the dial for the right magnification every time. 

The Burris Full Field II 2-7x35mm Riflescope

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This is a highly recommended riflescope because of its cost-effectiveness. For its price, you’ll get a German #4 type reticle that allows for shooting at any light, whether it’s low light, bright light, and so forth. Your light transmission is completely controlled.

This is also the best scope for boar in its own way because it shoots well with the likes of the Ruger Hawkeye in .338 Federal. It’s a perfect fit with many a gun, particularly when you consider its scouting range to mid-range shooting capabilities. You can really get a drop on the boar even up until point-blank range at 2x to 7x with a 35-millimeter objective. 

Bushnell Elite 3200 2-7x32mm Riflescope

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If you want to hunt boars effectively, then you should know full-well that they’re easiest targeted from afar, when you get the drop on them or if they’re charging at you and you’re within scouting range to shoot with 1x to 4x magnification.

You don’t usually snipe at them unless you’re introducing bait into the scenario that keeps them still while you eliminate them with a caliber of gun that’s enough to take down a rhinoceros.

With the Bushnell Elite 3200 2-7x32mm Riflescope, you’re give an accurate scope that might not have as good an eye relief as a Leupold line, but is still excellent in all other aspects regardless.

Leupold VX-7 1.5-6x24mm Riflescope: 

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Boars, unlike lions (specifically the national treasure and protected lion of Zimbabwe, Cecil the Lion, which was killed by American dentist and game hunter Walter Palmer) are an invasive species in many countries, so hunting actually helps in controlling their population somewhat.

You can help thin out the boar pest population in your area with this best boar hunting scope candidate and the appropriate firearm.

It’s a perfect fit with many a scout rifle and assault rifle for sure, with its scout-rifle-range of 1.5x to 6x magnification and decent 24-millimeter objective. If aperture or open iron sights aren’t enough for your boar hunting needs, bag them with the Leupold VX-7 1.5-6x24mm Riflescope.

Leupold VX-3 2.5-8x32mm Riflescope: 

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If you’re a young, spry hunter of the age of 20 to 25 years of age, then hunting boars with iron sights is enough. However, the inevitability of age affects all men, so if your visual acuity has been reduced, then you’ll need something than the usual open sights or peepshow sights; you should instead have the best boar hunting rifle scope. 

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The Leupold VX-3 2.5-8x32mm Riflescope, as opposed to the Leupold VX-7 1.5-6x24mm Riflescope, has superior upper magnification range at the expense of a compromised CQB (Closed-Quarter Battle) range and a bigger 24-millimeter objective lens size. It also has an extended twilight lens system and Multicoat 4 lens coating to maximize light transmission. 

Leupold European 30 1.25-4x20mm Riflescope: 

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With this scope, you might not be too familiar with it compared to the VX line.

Regardless, the Leupold European-30 1.25-4x20mm, 2-7x33mm Riflescope retains all the excellence of its VX brethren and remains in and of itself an excellent boar hunting choice specs-wise with its scout riflescope type of features such as a 1.25x to 4x magnification power range and 20-millimeter objective that gets the job done because of its topnotch glass and light-maximizing lenses that ensure excellent light transmission even in the dim jungle or forest where boars usually hide.

Weaver Classic V7 2-7x32mm Riflescope: 

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Although Leupold doubtlessly dominates the boar hunting market it hasn’t by any means cornered it. There are still some excellent Leupold alternatives to choose from in case you can’t afford any of the Leupold recommendations on this list.

The Weaver Classic V7 2-7x32mm Riflescope is an excellent choice because of its hard coating on the exterior lenses and edge-to-edge clarity that allows you to shoot that boar true before it could even gain enough momentum to charge at you in full force thanks to the scope’s Dual-X Reticle with ¼-inch adjustments at 100 yards and nitrogen purging that ensures moisture-free and fog proof operation.

EOTech Holographic Hybrid Sight II EXPS3-2 with G33.STS: 

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As for EOTech’s Holographic Hybrid Sight II EXPS3-2 with G33.STS, it’s probably the most high-tech sight in this list since it makes use of holographic technology to project the reticle from inside the scope and give you a clear, unimpeded look at your wild boar target without having to deal with glass-etched crosshairs.

It also features fixed 3x magnification within scout rifle range and a large viewing window for eyes-open shooting at a magnifier-increased target, thus it becomes easy to aim at the boar’s vital spots this way. It’s also ideal for whitetail deer and predator hunting on top of dealing with boar.

In Summary: The Best Scope for Boar Hunting

These scopes present some excellent values in today’s market of boar hunting, particularly the Leupold line that practically filled half the list with its different scout riflescope offerings.

There are times when iron sights aren’t enough to deal with your hog-hunting requirements. The best scope for boar hunting need not be the most powerful scope around in terms of magnification, since boars aren’t the type of animal you engage from afar and snipe. Also, remember that a scout rifle (and scope) is a hunter’s best friend as far as quick reaction accurate shooting is concerned.