Best Rifle Scope On a Budget: The Top 10 Best

A rifle is an essential part of your gun cabinet stash, but you also need the best rifle scope if you want the perfect weapon. With all the scopes on the market, you don’t want to waste your money on anything but the best. So, which do you choose?

Choosing the best rifle scope is the main key. It is a significant item attached to a rifle so it would be easier and more convenient for individuals to shoot their target. Here is our list of the top 10 best rifle scopes on a budget.

10 Best Rifle Scope on a Budget

Planning to purchase a rifle scope anytime soon? Find the best rifle scope that is just less than four hundred dollars. There are a lot of them in online shops, and they are in demand in these recent times. They could also be given as gifts to loved ones, or be made as part of one’s collection of hunting items. Here are the best rifle scopes with individuals who have less than four hundred dollars as their budget.

Leupold Ultimate Slam 3-9x40mm Rifle Scope

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This scope has flexibility because of its generous eyebox features.

Hunters could easily achieve a full, clear picture of their target even on far distances.

The image is also kept clear or pristine with its multicoat 4 technology.

With this technology, light becomes visible, and reflection of the sky becomes minimal.

Its zoom ratio is 3:1, and the maximum error of the Ultimate Slam could only be up to one inches.

Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Mil Dot Reticle Rifle Scope, 4.5- 14x44mm

This best rifle scope on a budget has a side focus parallax adjustment feature, so it could function in the most accurate way possible in long-range shooting.

The Mil Dot reticle integrated on it allows individuals to aim at their target from afar. It is a one-piece tube design that is also built strongly and securely.

The fast-focus eyepiece is a favourite feature of many new and experienced hunters and shooters. Its optics are also multi-coated and are made of ED Prime glass, so individuals could see vivid images.

Burris Scout 2-7 x 32 Ballistic Plex Scope

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The optic of this scope could be adjusted from low to medium magnification. It has a precision-ground and multi-coated glass.

The rifle scope is designed to be waterproof and fog-proof, so it is manufactured to be durable. It is considered as very nice scout scope by a lot of its users as it is a very good eye relief.

Its Ballistic Plex technology is designed to create efficient and elegant trajectory for hunters. It is great for eliminating glare and low-light performance.

Sightmark Triple Duty M4 1-6X24 CDX

This wonderful rifle scope is tough both on the inside and on the outside.

It is known to have been based on the famous World War II German sniper rifle, so its magnification feature is highly reliable for target shooting and hunting.

Tracking and shooting down animals become effortless as the Sightmark Triple Duty rifle scope could transmit the brightest and sharpest image.

This best scope on a budget has other remarkable features to add precision and accuracy. Examples of these features are elevation turrets, and locking windage.

Sightmark Ezekiel 1-10x24mm Iluminated Reticle

This is ideal for both long- and short-range shooting. Its magnification feature is supported with 10x optical system, and it also has elevation turrets or adjustment features.

The best rifle scope on a budget device is designed to be fog-proof, waterproof, and shockproof.

This product is definitely created for ultimate visibility of one’s target, superior durability for longer use, and one hundred percent accuracy for every hunter to take pride of.

Bushnell Trophy XLT Multi-X Reticle Rifle scope Bone Collector Edition

It is a solid, clear scope that one could utilize even from 25 yards afar.

It has 91% light transmission, and it has multi-coated optics. It is a fast-focus eyepiece, so it is very convenient to use in hunting and shooting competitions.

Redfield 115204 Revenge Rifle Scope with 4 Plex Reticle, 2-7x34mm

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The Redfield Revenge model has an illuminator lens system and a pop-up windage and elevation adjustments that could be reset anytime a hunter wants to achieve precision and accuracy in shooting.

It is ideal for long-range shootings as it has a long eye-relief. It is also best known for its rapid target acquisition feature, which makes it very ideal for competitive shooters and hunters.

It has a black matte finish so it could easily complement with any rifle and still demonstrate elegance as well as power.

Nikon P-223 3X32 Matte BDC Carbine

This can provide up to 98% light transmission, so it could create maximum brightness from dawn until sunset.

The turrets of this Nikon model are solidly built, and the BDC markings are overall impressive.

It is awesome scope with an excellent prize, as it provides no distortion near its edges.

Most hunters love how it provides a clear or visible view of the field while eyeing for their target.

Nikon Prostaff 5 BDC Rifle Scope, Black, 3.5 – 14×40

This best rifle scope on a budget has its patented BDC Reticle, so it could create one hundred percent visible ballistic circles.

This also makes it possible for shooters and hunters to experience superior or perfect long-range shooting.

It has a quick eye focus feature as well, so anyone could easily put the reticle into its target or focus.

Its zoom ratio is four times, and its optics is designed to adjust even in extremely low light environments.

Leupold 110793 VX-2 Rifle Scope

This has almost all the great features of a much-needed rifle scope. It demonstrates clarity, brightness, integrity, accuracy, and efficiency. It has a diamond coat feature on its exterior lenses, and it is designed to be waterproof and lead free.

In low-light conditions, it is expected to be reliable. In long-range shooting, it is expected to be accurate. In rugged environments, it is expected to be polished and durable.

Adding to the popularity of this Leupold model is the lifetime guarantee that the company offers to its buyers, so it definitely worth everyone’s money.

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Three Types of Scopes

In the hunters’ arena, there are three different types of scopes that one can choose from. Each of these scopes has their advantages and disadvantages. Each of them is designed for specific purposes.

Variable Scope

This usually used in far distances. The scope has a magnification feature that can be adjusted by its user. This is also the most common type of rifle scope.

Night Vision Scope

This scope is best utilized at night or on darker areas. It can also be utilized as a variable scope.

Fixed Scope

The features of this scope are quite simple. Its magnification cannot be adjusted, so individuals need to make sure the right specs of fixed scope that they feel comfortable to have.

Famous Rifle Scope Brands

Rifle scopes are made of different brands. Some are expensive, while others are cost-effective. In most cases though, brands matter a lot. Famous brands usually speak of quality, reliability, and durability. Here are the different brands of rifle scopes that have established their names in the shooting and hunting industry worldwide.


Bushnell has been a leader in creating highly-engineered optics for over 60 years. In the world of hunting, it creates the best rifle scopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, laser rangefinders, trail cameras, and GPS. Its rifle scope models include the Elite Tactical, Elite 3500, Elite 4500, Elite 6500, AR Optics, and Elite Long Range Hunter. For Bushnell, image quality is very important in a scope, and accuracy is one hundred percent integrated in its rifle scope lineup.


Sightmark is a company that brings competition shooting into the highest standard. Its collection of rifle scopes and other tools are of high calibre since they are designed according to the standards of law enforcement and military technology. Their collection of rifle scopes includes the Triple Duty, Ezekiel, and Pinnacle categories. The main goal of the company is let every individual make their mark in the shooting industry.


Redfield has a very strong motto, “No Excuses.” Thus, the company does not allow any excuses or mistakes on any of its tools. Its rifle scopes are strongly expressed through categories such as Revolution, Revenge, Battlezone, and Counterstrike. Redfield has built its reputation in manufacturing the most modern rifle scopes for more than a hundred years.


The rifle scopes of Leupold are of American pedigree, but they are definitely world-class. The brand has been developed for more than a hundred years as well, and it continues to impress a lot of hunters and shooters with its wide range of rifle scopes such as the VX-3L, VX-3, VX-6, VX-2.


Nikon hunting options are of great value. Its rifle scopes express versatility and superlative performance. Precision is integrated or engineered in every aspect of its rifle scope models, such as the Monarch, PROSTAFF, Rimfire, and AR types.


Burris offers great values on scopes, binoculars, gears, and other accessories. It mainly promotes the competitive side of every hunter and shooter by creating scopes designed for range and accuracy. It also offers custom scope work, so it definitely listens to the real needs of the hunters.


This brand serves over 40 countries worldwide. It has a wide array of affordable rifle scopes in the market, and it caters to a lot of individuals who are into sports optics. It currently operates in California, United States, and it is considered as one of the top-ranked brands in the world.

How to Choose Rifle Scopes

What are the most important things to consider when choosing a rifle scope aside from its brand? How can we make the most of them? How to eye for a good investment when presented with a wide array of rifle scopes that are available in the market?

Rifle scopes are important items. They are taken seriously by many experienced hunters, as their features create an impact on their shooting skills. They are not mere accessories. Without rifle scopes, hunting could be one of the most challenging tasks that anyone could have in life. It could also be the most dangerous, as individuals won’t have the opportunity to shoot from afar.

Here are the most important factors to consider when purchasing a rifle scope:

Light Transmission

There are rifle scopes that could provide as much as 98% light transmission. This feature makes it possible for hunters to see through optics and lenses and achieve their targets easily or comfortably. Even in low-light areas, a rifle scope with the best light transmission could perform smoothly and help individuals shoot down their targets accurately and effortlessly.

Eye Relief

This is about the distance that one’s eye could have from the rifle scope lens. Placing any object, especially a heavy duty rifle scope, on the eyes could strain or hurt them. The eye relief feature serves as a protection for hunters and shooters. When purchasing for a rifle scope, check for its eye relief feature, and it should have a minimum of four inch measurement. Lesser than that should not be acceptable.

Lens Size

Rifle scopes have different sizes of lens. Opt for smaller sizes, or ones with a standard size of 40 to 44 millimeters. Having larger lens for a rifle scope could make it heavier and unbalanced. With a smaller lense, hunters could easily carry the rifle scope properly.

Field of View

Hunting does not just involve focusing on the target. The field of view is also important. This aspect is usually integrated in the magnification feature of rifle scopes. When the magnification is adjusted, the field of view is also constantly adjusted.

Scope Numbers

Most rifle scope descriptions or models have numbers in them. One example is Burris Scout 2-7 x 32 Ballistic Plex Scope. The significant numbers in this description is the 2-7 x 32. In this number, 2 denotes the number of times closer a particular image will appear when using Burris Scout. With this set of numbers, it also means that the rifle scope is a variable type. Magnification is possible, and one can magnify an image in any way they want.

Best Decision for Getting a Rifle Scope

How to best decide on shopping for a rifle? Aside from understanding the most factors that a rifle scope should have, it is also important for you to determine your needs and wants. There are important questions that you should be able to answer clearly and efficiently so you could come up with the best decision in purchasing a rifle scope.

Here are the questions to take note of and answer in the most honest way you can.

  • Do you usually hunt in the morning or in the late afternoon?
  • What do you usually target or aim for when hunting – smaller animals or larger ones?
  • Do you intend to hunt in a busy forest or in an open field?
  • Do you intend to join competitive shooting?
  • Are you planning to develop a hobby of hunting or shooting for quails or doves?
  • Do you see yourself in a camouflage hunting gear?
  • Are you planning to practice shooting faster?

The answers to these questions will give you a clear idea of what type of rifle scope you really need and want. You may have the simplest one, or you may have all of the advanced technological features so you could feel like a pro. When going to a shop or logging in online, you could also raise these questions to the seller. This way, you could get the best options for a rifle scope, and decide further by yourself which one you should own or which one you could give to your loved one.

Moreover, the world of hunting and shooting designs a lot of individuals to be competitive, alert, and efficient. These characteristics could be shaped by the type of rifle that fits an individual’s skill and features.


Never hesitate in investing for a rifle scope. It is designed to last a long time, and it creates a tradition to individuals, families, and companions to enjoy nature and get excitement with hunting down animals. It also helps them learn how to survive the traditional way and appreciate further the modern things that technology has created for the current times.