An Overview Of Choosing The Best Gun Oil And Grease

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gun oilTo any gun owner, it is his responsibility to keep his gun working safe and sound. He should regularly clean is gun properly. Regular maintenance and cleaning of the gun is necessary to ensure it works accurately when you use it.

Oil or lubricant application is essential

If debris has gotten into the barrel and to the other parts of the gun, it can lead to misfires, jams or even stop working accurately and completely. Cleaning your gun of all debris and residue is not completely enough.

If you were to clean your gun, oil or lubricant application is also essential to ensure it keeps working smoothly as possible. When cleaning, applying gun oil or any lubricant on the parts of the gun can help them function well. It is needed to apply oil frequently but sparingly to those critical movable parts where actual friction exists; so it will keep them from rust and corrosion, and will not be worn out due to the friction. Also, if you were to store your gun for the time being, after cleaning it with a lubricant, put it in a safe and dry place.

When it comes for the best gun lube, selecting one brand of oil over the other can be a very tough decision to make. There are a variety of latest good gun lubes of which have been on the market for years. These will surely all work with modern weapons that use a smokeless powder.

Here are the different brands of oil that can be purchased in the market. Search for the best gun oil you can afford and use it when you are cleaning your gun. By reading this article, it may help you to make your decision.

Below is the best gun oil and gun oil reviews

Lube Hoppe’s No. 9 Lubricating Oil, 14.9 ml Precision Bottle

  • Hoppe's No. 9 Lubricating Oil, 14.9 ml Precision Bottle

    Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars from 648 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

    When you need to oil all the nooks and crannies of your gun, Hoppe’s No. 9 Lubricating Oil is what you can trust. Because of its relatively high viscosity, this lube is extremely effective. It is an ideal lube for weapons that are going to be used in adverse weather conditions of extreme heat or cold.

  • While most oils evaporate soon after application and attract dust and residue on the areas where the oil was applied, Hoppe’s No. 9 is quite different. When exposed to other elements, like air, this oil will not gum or evaporate. This is the special feature of this gun oil. By applying a small amount of oil to your gun, it can work amazingly well. Definitely, this small bottle of oil can last for years.


M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX

  • M-Pro 7 Gun Oil - LPX Made In US By M-Pro 7

    Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars from 215 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

    M-Pro 7 Gun Oil is heavy duty gun oil that can provide a 360 degree protection to your gun.

    • It can be apply all over the surface in the form of a film that will act as a protective barrier against dirt, dust, moisture, salt water, rust, corrosion, and excessive heat. Because of its high viscosity, this oil does not run off or evaporate right after the application.
  • Just a few drops of this silicon-free gun oil are needed to make your gun to work smoothly as possible.
    • Rumor has it that M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX has maximum staying power. It does not need reapplication even after firing 200-300 rounds. This gun oil exhibits slightly green in color, which lends a smooth finish to the gun’s surface.


Ballistol Multipurpose Oil, Aerosol Spray, 6 oz

  • Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil, Aerosol spray, 6 oz

    Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars from 666 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

    Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil Aerosol Spray is the perfect gun oil to all dedicated firearm shooting enthusiasts. This 6-ounce multipurpose aerosol gun oil is said to be environmental friendly and biodegradable.

  • Rest assured, just by spraying it on your favorite gun, it will be free from rust and corrosion. Being alkaline in nature, this oil neutralizes human sweat and skin oils that cause dirt and dust buildup. Ballistol Multipurpose Oil also plays an important role to protect your gun even when it gets in contact with water. This gun oil lube is not a nuisance as it does not get sticky right after the application.
  • Once applied, smooth movement of the trigger and other movable gun parts is guaranteed. You can use it to clean and lubricate your gun anytime you want. If your gun has any powder, copper or dust residue in it, spray it with Ballistol Multipurpose Oil and allow it to do the work. After a couple of minutes, simply wipe off the residue.


Break-Free CLP-4 Cleaner Lubricant Preservative Squeeze Bottle (4 -Fluid Ounce)

  • Break-Free CLP-4 Cleaner Lubricant Preservative Squeeze Bottle (4 -Fluid Ounce)

    Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars from 514 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

    By spreading along metal surfaces and penetrating into every pit and crevice of your gun, it undercuts contamination and lifts residue away where it can be removed. Break-free CLP-4 Cleaner’s unique long-lasting lubricating film spectacularly reduces adhesion of dirt, sand, grit and other abrasives which can cause gun malfunction and failure.

  • Its unique boundary film also act as a corrosion inhibitor that prevents the rust formation and it protects the metal surfaces from moisture and other contaminants. It guarantees high viscosity rate making it versatile in adverse weather conditions and extreme environments such as heat and cold weather conditions dust, dirt, humidity and even salt air exposure.
  • Break-Free CLP-4 Cleaner is truly a unique formulation of synthetic oils and other ingredients which perform in three important tasks: to effectively clean; to lubricate; and to protect metal. It has also been proven to perform in temperatures ranging from -54.89 to +246.11 degree Celsius and after saltwater immersion. It is now recognized around the world as the standard by which maximum metal performance and protection is guaranteed.


Remington Rem Oil Wipes, Pop Up (7 x 8-Inch)

  • Rem Oil

    Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars from 194 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

    Remington Rem Oil is considered as one of the most versatile gun oil. It penetrates even into the smallest metal crevices, leaving a tough and long-lasting film that reduces metal-to-metal wear due to friction. Having an advanced formula, it cleans dirt and grime from exposed metal surfaces; lubricates by providing thin long-lasting film that keeps actions working smoothly; and protects internal and external metal parts from rust and corrosion.

  • It quickly displaces microscopic or non-visible traces of water for superior moisture resistance and rust protection. Being environmental friendly gun oil, Remington Rem Oil does not contain paraffin and chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) chemical content.


Lucas Oil 10006 Gun Oil – 2 oz.

  • Lucas Oil 10006 Gun Oil - 2 oz.

    Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars from 73 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

    Lucas Oil 10006 Gun Oil is perfect for recreational hand gun and firearm enthusiasts as it was designed to prevent overheating and jamming of any high caliber rifles and machine guns.

  • It was also developed to resist high combustion temperature of any firearms. It completely acts as a protective barrier against moisture and is completely pungent-free. It defies evaporation and drying during long term storage.


Which is better: Oil or Grease?

You might have been wondering which is better. Not surprisingly, when it comes to lube, there will be always a nonstop argument. In fact, gun oil and grease work well as an excellent gun lubricant.

Grease works anytime your firearm will be under neither extreme weather nor adverse environment because it has higher or thicker viscosity than oil. The higher viscosity of a substance, the lesser friction force will be acted upon on metal. Meaning, with grease, there will be a lesser chance of making your gun parts to be worn out due to metal on metal contact.

However, cold weather thickens the grease. It can be thicken to the point that your firing pin may not strike the primer with enough force. In contrast, a gun oil works well in cold weather because it does not thicken like grease because it has lesser or thinner viscosity. This makes good to apply on the parts with tight tolerances like the metal parts such as triggers, etc. Grease only works well with objects which have loose tolerances and which receives higher friction like on slides and rails. But, if you still consider grease as your ideal lubricant for your gun, below herewith is enumerated best gun grease review:

Best Gun Grease

Tetra Gun Grease

  • Tetra Gun Grease

    Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars from 213 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

    Tetra Gun Grease works well for areas which receive high friction forces, like on sears, lugs, pistol slides, along with bolt action firearms. According to the reviews, it stays put on the action and it is not a nuisance as it does not get sticky right after the application which avoids dirt and dust buildup.

  • A thin coat of Tetra Gun Grease is all that’s needed. Just apply a small amount of it, and allow it to settle for a couple of seconds, and then wipe it off. It will be totally act as a barrier into the metal surfaces and will stay not until you run a solvent over it. It works well with the temperature ranges from 37.78 degree Celsius to 398.89 degree Celsius.
  • It is a fluoropolymer penetrating heavy-duty grease lubricant.


Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Grease, 1-3/4 oz. Tube

  • Hoppe's No. 9 Synthetic Blend Lubricating Gun Oil, 5-Ounce

    Rated 5 out of 5 stars from 2 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

    Hoppe’s is a truly achiever. It has even a gun oil brand counterpart as mentioned on gun oil review above. What’s makes Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun grease special is that it is designed for long term storage. According to the reviews, when coming out from the tube, it exhibits soft butter-like state, but when it touches with body temperature it becomes more liquid in form.

  • A thin coat of it is all that needed and it will last for a long time. It provides long-term protection when cleaning is delayed. Hoppe’s No. 9 Gun Grease is specifically formulated to protect idle firearms. It lubricates moving parts and protects them from moisture, rust and corrosion. It displaces metal residue when applied to bore and exterior.


Mil-Comm TW25B grease 1.5 oz tapered tip tube

  • Mil-Comm TW25B grease 1.5 oz tapered tip tube

    Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars from 247 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

    Mil-Comm TW25B grease is the number one weapon lubricant choice of the United States Military and its Allies because of exceptional performance in adverse conditions. It delivers very long lasting lubrication and corrosion protection; will not gum or freeze. It resists wear-off, wash-off, burn-off, and evaporation between cleanings.

  • It is unmatched in terms of potential performance in extreme pressure and heavy load bearing applications. According to the reviews, its derivatives are non-toxic, environmental friendly, non-flammable and easy to apply; and it is generally harmless to wood, rubber, plastic and composite parts.
  • Its derivatives also work remarkably well under extreme temperature and adverse environment, performing well in ranges from -67 degree Celsius to 232 degree Celsius.
  • Mil-Comm TW25B grease is truly the most versatile great performance lubricants in the world. Of all types of firearms, it minimizes high friction force, reduces wear and it extends the life of weapon parts. It reduces time and frequency of cleaning with easy wipe-off maintenance.
  • It removes carbon residue, copper (Cu) and lead (Pb) build-up. It also minimizes accumulation of salt, dust, sand, and gun powder residues. Mil-Comm TW25B grease is truly a great inhibitor of rust and corrosion and eliminates galling and short-stroking.
  • Mil-Comm TW25B grease improves bore accuracy and it increases muzzle velocity. It allows storage of weapon in fire-ready condition for a long period of time.



Before plunking your money down, you must consider first the ideal lubricant for your gun which depends on the factors like price, brand value, and customer experiences with the product. It might be all you need and you can save your money by simply purchasing the best lubricant instead of getting one that is not worth the price.

There are different brands available online at but before choosing particular gun oil or lubricant, you must look for the details in order for you to make sure that it will meet your expectations and will suite in your requirements. It is highly advised for you to read cleaning and lubrication procedures that can be found on your manufacturer’s catalog to avoid unfavorable occurrences.

It is also very important to know what to look for and what key functionality of a gun oil offers. As with all comparisons, the above mentioned gun oils is only the way of showing the customer’s or company’s viewpoint that you may not agree with. But there is enough information out there provided for you to make your own judgment and make up your own decision to choose from.

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