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compoundThere are hundreds of compound bows available on the market. It takes a lot of time to figure out which best recurve bow or best compound bow is right for you. Thankfully you have found our site and after reading our detailed reviews and comparison table, you will definitely know which compound bow is right for you.

Most people will try and spend the least amount of money possible on a compound bow and in return they will end up with one that has terrible quality and accuracy.

Here are the features you need to consider when purchasing a bow: weight, power, draw, size, durability, ease of use, noise, let off, and price. Later on in this article, I will describe each one and what it means to you when you plan on purchasing a compound bow.

Below is a comparison chart of the top 12 compound bows available this year. This will help you get best compound bow for the money and stay within your price range. They range from $17 for a kid compound bow to $2000 for the best compound bow that is currently available.

Best Compound Bow Comparison Chart

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About Compound Bows

The compound bow is a type of contemporary bow which requires the use of less force at full string draw compared to the other more traditional types of bows. Invented during the 1960s in Missouri by Holless Wilbur Allen; he was determined to find a better bow design as the long bow he was using at that time during hunting has become extremely frustrating because of its inaccuracy. It took him two days to design the compound bow with his father and though the compound bow was first invented in the 1960s, the modern compound bows that we know have only been around for the past few decades.

The compound bow is able to transfer more energy in the most efficient way possible to its arrow because of its consistency, rigidity and stability. Because it usually has stiffer limbs, the compound bow is nearly impossible to draw back without any assistance from its cams which are also known as the wheels and pulleys.

With the cams and a mechanical leverage put in place, this marks the major difference of a compound bow to the other traditional types of bows. With strings attaching to the cams, and there are also the existence of cables that is attached to both cams and the limbs. Whenever an archer draws the string back, the cam itself turns and that cause the cables to pull both limbs together to be able to store more energy.

The beauty of the cam is it assists the archer to pull back on the string with much more weight which is the process known as the “let off”. During the second half of the draw back cycle, “let off” reduces draw weight by up to 70% which results to the archer holding lesser weight at full draw than when he started pulling back. There are of course, and not to be left out, the risers which are made by computer numerical controlled (CNC) machines and are made out of aluminum or magnesium alloy.

Add the fact that today’s compound bows are lighter in design and are more durable. It is in the riser where most of the parts are attached to the bow itself: stabilizers, arrow rests, quivers, sights, etc. As for the limbs, those are attached to the riser thorough the limb pockets which help hold the limbs on.

Lastly, there is a wide variety of designs in today’s modern compound bows. It is also a proven fact that archers can shoot farther using a compound bow because of the great amount of energy stored in the bow during full draw. More weight means more speed, making the arrow travel flatter and farther. Shooting with a compound bow provides the archer with great accuracy because the string is pulled back at the same point in every shot; the let off on the other hand allows archers to be able to aim longer even at full draw. All of these results to a minimal error compared to traditional bows.

Bear Compound Bow

Those days when compound bows are just the regular run off the mill kind are gone. As of these days wherein technology is on its full swing has pushed the way for the bows to exude state of the art designs and looks.

Due to this, finding the right bear compound bows may be a difficult task to be in. When choosing a bow, you just have to remember the features that you need when shooting. Understand that the need of shooters is different from the needs of hunters.

For the hunters, going for quiet and shock-free bow is a good choice because it can make their work a whole lot easier. Deer are very notorious in hearing even the slightest sound so if you choose a bow which is quieter and faster, the arrow will come near the deer before the animal can even escape. Also, keep in mind that the smoother your bow is, the more accurate will it be.

When buying, you can also consider going for a ready-to-shoot bow package. A lot of companies would give their bows with limb and string noise and other vibration devices already installed. But in case you are in a tight budget, there is no wrong in going for less expensive alternatives and you can just add an aftermarket anti-vibration device the moment when you have the cash to spare. Many aftermarket products are sold these days which can help quiet a bow and lessen hand shock.

Furthermore, another factor to take into account when purchasing bear compound bows is the weight of the item. Going for lightweight bow is a vital factor. Most of the bows would weigh around 3.5 and 5.5 pounds. It is also a nice idea to pay for an extra dollar just to go for a lighter bow.

Also, give enough consideration to the kind of cam system that the bow is incorporated with and consider the kind of system that you intend to shoot. Single-cam bows are normally easy to tune compared to other cam configurations although cam-and-a-1/2 systems as well as the binary cam systems were very popular over the last few years. Nevertheless, going for any three options will ensure fast and simple tuning. The deciding factor would normally revolve around which kind you feel most comfortable with.

Moreover, speed must be considered. Speed is very important because the time that the arrow reaches the target can create a big impact on the result of your shoots. If you like to go for long shots, faster bear compound bears are available to go with your preferred speed. You just have to look for them in the market.

Now that you know these facts, it’s time to buy your own bear compound bow.

The Brute among the PSE Bows

Through the years, the PSE Bows obtained a favorable support from avid sportsmen of archery, bow hunters, and bow shooters. Why wouldn’t it be when this is the only brand that provides the widest choices of the most superior and advanced bows there is in the market? Since the brand is among the first archery manufacturer to market bows using solid aluminum that had undergone four stage forcing process, it paved way for the compound bows of these days to be lighter and still stronger than the rest.

The PSE Bows are available with both the standard and a unique feature to make any archer achieve their work faster. The standard features that the brand has would set them away from their archery counterpart because of their custom-made grips, bowstring, vibration dampeners, pivoting limps, larger cams, and their side-locking tabs.

Among these is the PSE compound bow known as the “Brute” which can give a power that does not come obvious on other bows of its class. It is packed with unmatched power without taking aside the need for accuracy. The moment when the archer would draw back and aim for the target, no matter if it is a moving object or a stationary one, the difference that the bow makes is suddenly felt. This is indeed a good bow for any kind of archer, both for the beginners and the experienced fellows.

The Brute would weigh around 4lbs that has a draw length which can be adjusted to fit a person’s specific requirement. It also possesses a slim low torque grip as well as a built-in backstop that guarantees all shot to be vibration-free. The parallel limb is made to achieve perfection thus resulting in a more efficient archery tool that will never fail to paint a smile in the face of the user. Furthermore, it has a multiple sight mounting holes which allow the users to have the whole configuration figures to obtain more flexible adjustments without setting aside its performance.

The brute is done in a oak-tree finish which add a touch of class to an already elegant bow. Its brace height is about 8 1/8, asymmetric idler wheel, and configured Vibracheck hush kit. The product line of PSE Bows surely provides a great value for your money that is bound to suit the taste of even the most picky archery buff there is in the whole world.

So next time you have the craving to buy a new bow for your archery work or perhaps you want to give it to a friend, don’t forget to get the PSE bows! Through the years that the brand survived the market, for sure, it will not fail you in your purchase.

Youth Compound Bow

If you are looking for an outstanding youth bow that won’t break the bank, look no further than the Diamond Razor’s Edge bow from Bowtech. This bow features a dual cam, rotating mod system for a maximized draw length range of a full eleven inches. This results in a bow that will grow as your child does and you will not have to buy another bow until they are full grown. No bow press is needed to easily adjust the draw length on this very accommodating bow.

With two peak draw weight versions available and the ability to back down 50%, the Razor Edge can cover a range from 15 to 60 pounds. Such flexibility makes the Razor Edge the only bow that can accommodate an archer from first-time shooter to successful big game hunter. This bow can easily be used to take down plenty of quarry, including many of the big game animals through out the US.

The Diamond Razor’s Edge features a 7 inch brace height which results in a very forgiving bow. It also has an axle to axle length of 31” and an IBO speed of 308 feet per second at a 29” draw length.

The Diamond Razor’s Edge is also available with the Boondocks Accessory package which includes a 4 arrow quiver, 3 pin fiber optic sight, Hostage Capture arrow rest, peep sight, and wrist sling for around 0. Archery Country will set up this bow, tune it in and rough site it in to 20 yards. This is a very affordable, quality youth compound bow package.

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