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ATN Night Vision Review: An Absolute Scope To Try On

Hunting and shooting enthusiasts have an unlimited amount of options when it comes to choosing new rifle optics. There are standard optics available that provide you with a crystal-clear view of your target, tactical sights that feature multiple magnification adjustments and high-tech features. Night vision optics are especially advanced, and many models are loaded with multiple features that can turn any ordinary hunt into something straight out of a modern video game.

If you love hunting, target shooting, and high-tech gadgets, you should consider buying an ATN night vision sight. They manufacture some of the most highly advanced sport optics that will further enhance your nighttime hunting expeditions.

To get a better idea of what you can expect from ATN, we have reviews one of their most popular and feature-loaded night vision sights, the ATN X-Sight II.

Review of the ATN Night Vision X-Sight II

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The ATN Night Vision X-Sight II was designed after researchers spent many hours looking over the current needs of their customers and learning about the latest developments in night vision technology. With this sight, ATN has managed to introduce a digital night vision optic that is packed with features, all at a price that won’t break the bank.

These days there are all types of hunters with different interests outside of the great outdoors. Hunters who are into shooter video games or those who have to get the latest smartphone device want to bring their love for technology to their favorite sport. The ATN X-Sight II makes it possible to do just that.

There are so many great things to say about the X-Sight II. First, it is a day/night optic, which is great if you enjoy hunting at any time and don’t want to switch out your sights. It provides the user with ballistic corrections and ranging capabilities that can be extremely useful while out on the field. This optic also allows you to film your shot in quality HD format.

You are probably thinking that a sight with so many high-tech features would be out of your price range. But the ATN X-Sight II is actually one of the more affordable night vision optics currently on the market. It is available on Amazon, which is a steal when you compare it to similar night vision scopes on the market.

Features & Specifications for the ATN Night Vision X-Sight II

ATN X-Sight II HD 5-20 Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope w/1080p Video,...
  • Use Day & Night in HD resolution - our HD technology gives you crystal clear vision whenever required
  • Zero range: 100 yard. Day & Night Vision in Millions of Colors - best hunting optic that fits the situation at...
  • Ballistic Calculator - shifts Point of Impact on the fly letting you quickly calculate ballistics for any shooter's...

  • Generation: Smart HD Optics
  • Magnification: 5x-20x Digital Zoom
  • Eye Relief: 65mm
  • IR Illuminator: 850mW Detachable
  • Sensor: HD 1080p 130 Sensor
  • Ports: Micro HDMI, Micro USB, Micro SD
  • Power: 4 AA batteries, or extended power kit
  • Compatible Mounts: A.R.M.S #17 or #35, LaRue LT270, American Defense AD 170
  • Data Storage: Micro SD card, up to 64 Gb
  • Video Out: 1080p at 30 fps
  • Remote View Finder: Yes, via iOS or Android app
  • Dimensions: 11.36 in. x 3.5 in. x 3.45 in.
  • Weight: 2.55 lbs.

What to Expect Straight Out of the Box

The ATN night vision optic may appear to be heavy with its bulky exterior, but it is surprisingly lightweight which is great if you don’t want to add any more weight to your rifle. It was just over 2.5 lbs. and operates on four AA batteries.

Battery Use

The manufacturer recommends using lithium batteries for this sight, but owners have been known to use rechargeable batteries instead and were able to get at least 3 hours of use out of the sight before the batteries needed recharging.

Heavy-use features like the camera and range finder will drain your batteries faster, so if you plan to be out longer than 3 hours, you may want to limit your use with these extras. Or you could purchase one of ATN’s Power Weapon Kits that provide your sight with up to 22 hours of use.

The Picatinny Mount

Mounting the sight to your rifle is a simple and easy process. The X-Sight II comes already attached to a Picatinny mount that makes the mounting task much easier.

Picatinny mounts have become very popular with hunters lately because they make adding all types of optics to rifles a much simpler task. The mount features a spring tensioner that prevents the screws from becoming loose while the sight is in use. That eliminates the need to use a thread locket.

An 850mW infrared illuminator is included with the sight. This can be attached to the optic to use in dark environments. Once you have the optic mounted, all you need to do is install an SD card (up to 64 GB, sold separately), and power on the sight.

Welcome to the Home Screen

Once you reach the home screen, you can start using the sight by taking a snapshot or browse the menu to check out the features. There are several great features available on the ATN X-Sight II that are sure to improve your hunting experience.

Features found on the home screen menu of this ATN Night Vision sight include:

  • Night Vision
  • Digital still and video camera
  • Wi-Fi
  • Compass
  • Look angle display
  • Range finder
  • Ballistic calculator with automatic correction

If you were to purchase each of these features as standalone devices, you will quickly see how much money you have saved by purchasing the affordable X-Sight II. Plus, you don’t have to struggle with carrying around so many extra devices when you have it all available on one lightweight, high-tech sight.

ATN X-Sight II HD 5-20 Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope w/1080p Video,...

The Ballistic Calculator and Why You Need It

The ballistic feature on the X-Sight Ii is essential for anyone interested in long range hunting. This tool can save you a lot of time and effort while out on the field so that you can focus on zeroing in on your next target.

When using optics without a ballistic calculator or similar feature, you need to range the target using your reticle, a range finder, or calculate the distance using separate ballistic software.

Afterwards, you will need to determine how much distance to subtract to accommodate the slope you will be aiming from. Once all that is completed, you will need to work on making an accurate shot, all before the target moves.

The ballistic feature on the X-Sight II has a two-step system that takes care of all the calculations for you. All you need to know is the estimated size of your target, then range the head and feet. The calculator will provide you with the distance and, based on your input, provide you with a shot correction.

Zeroing in for the Perfect Shot

With a traditional scope, you zero in by firing a shot and then placing the reticle where the shot actually made an impact. It can be a tedious process that usually isn’t resolved with the initial shot.

But, with an optic like the X-Sight II, you can save preset zeros which is much faster than using a dial. While the sight doesn’t have any traditional elevation and windage knobs which is a significant disadvantage for the tool, the ability to zero in faster than ever before makes up for it.

The Very Best Night Vision Features

While all the features discussed so far easily make up for the low cost of the X-Sight II, the night vision features are the one thing that sets this optic above any other in the same category. ATN did an exceptional job at making this optic affordable while never cutting corners on the contrast, sharpness, or clarity.

You have the option to change themes from black and white to green. You can also easily adjust the light sensitivity while you are on the move. Unlike many other day/night optics, if you happen to activate night vision mode during the day, you will not cause any damage to the X-Sight II.

Along with providing excellent visuals for your hunting rifle, the X-Sight II can be used with any CO2 air gun or pre-charged pneumatic. The only type of firearm you shouldn’t use this optic with would be anything with a spring piston powered system. This type of style can damage most optics.

Full HD Video, Wi-Fi Compatibility & More

The final feature to discuss is the media suite that allows you to take still photography or record full HD videos using the X-Sight II. You never know what you may see while exploring the outdoors, and how many times have you wanted to take a picture of wildlife, but your phone’s camera just wouldn’t suffice? Having access to a sight-mounted quality camera will keep you from having to reach for your phone or miss out on a great photo.

But aside from the photography side of things, taking pictures of off-season game or where they are gathered can help you keep track of their location later in the year.

The recoil-activated video system, RAV helps make all the media features on the X-Sight II even more interesting. The RAV buffers 10 seconds of video and starts to auto record any time it detects recoil.

That means when you are hunting, you don’t have to worry about activating the camera before you fire a shot. After the hunt, you will end up with a video that shows what occurred seconds before the shot, as well as the shot itself and everything that happened after that.

The X-Sight II also has Wi-Fi capabilities, so that you can transmit your photos and HD videos to a tablet or smartphone device and share with your friends. The feature is a great tool to use when training beginners or simply sharing the shot of a lifetime with others.

Why Purchase from ATN?

ATN Logo

American Technologies Network has changed the way that we look at sports optics. They specialize in creating all types of modernized scopes, sights and imaging tools that can be used in the great outdoors. If you prefer optics that include the latest features in night vision technology, you can count on ATN to deliver.

For two decades, ATN has been a leading manufacturer and developer of quality Night Vision optics and Thermal Imaging. The company is dedicated to producing quality, innovative products all at a value to their loyal customers. ATN manufactures the largest variety of low light optics and their products are used by consumers, military clients, and law enforcement.

ATN products are Made in the U.S.A. and all devices are built from scratch by the company’s production team. The brand is proud to say that their innovative products are designed, built and developed in America. And they encourage their clients to visit any of their facilities to receive a tour of their manufacturing areas.

The company’s traditional Night Vision line has grown over the years to include a variety of new products. They have recently added Night Vision Binoculars, Monocular optics, Goggles, and various Weapon Scopes.

In 2012, ATN introduced their line of Digital Night Vision products which featured Ultra Bright technology. The DNV line featured monocular optics with full color high-resolution display capable of providing brilliant, sharp images even in pitch black settings.

ATN is also well known for their excellent customer service and support. They believe in providing their customers with 100% satisfaction with every sale. The company has a dedicated team of professionals who’s role is to help customers resolve their problems in a quick and efficient manner. If a customer does need a repair, they can send their products to the Warranty Repair Center based in California for quick repairs. For more information about ATN’s warranty and repair services, contact their customer service number at 800-910-2862.

ATN X-Sight II Sheds New Light on Night Hunting

The ATN X-Sight II Sheds New Light on Night Hunting 

If you are interested in an all-encompassing optic that is loaded with features and also extremely affordable, this is the sight for you. The ATN X-Sight II can be used on big game hunts, predator hunts or everyday target shooting. It will help you get the job done without costing a small fortune. Some hunters may not want optics that include high-tech extras such as Wi-Fi and a Full HD video camera. And that’s fine. Whatever sight or scope works best for you is the type of optic you need to use. If you are into all things technical and love to get your hands on the latest gadgets, and also love hunting for big or small game, you need to own the ATN X-Sight II.

bsa scopes

BSA Scopes Review For Hunting And Tactical Use

BSA Scopes may have only recently become a commercial sports optics company, but they have been around for much longer than many of their customers realize. The brand started out as a British optics company and later become a brand that is known throughout the US and the UK for manufacturing high quality rifle scopes.

BSA Scopes is still seen as a small company when compared to other major sport optics brands. But they produce a wide assortment of optics and accessories used for hunting or target shooting.

If you would like to learn more about BSA Scopes and what they have to offer, be sure to check out the following reviews for what we consider to be the best BSA Scopes on the market.

BSA Scopes Reviews

bsa rifle scope

BSA Scopes offer high-quality, durable, and reliable accessories for your firearms so that you can hit your desired target more often. They feature a modernized design and include high-tech extras that you would expect from a top-rated, industry leading brand.

Surprisingly, most BSA Scopes are within a reasonable price range, allowing all hunters to take advantage of their quality optics, regardless of how much they can spend on a rifle scope.

BSA Optics TW223-14x24CP Tactical Weapon 223 Scope, 1-4x24mm
  • Designed specifically for Military and Law Enforcement Applications
  • Mil-Dot Reticle
  • 2 Sets of Interchangeable Turret Caps (.233 Cal./.300 AAC Blackout)

Designing a scope for use with a tactical weapon is very different from designing a scope for a hunting rifle. Tactical weapons are used for either close or medium-range targets while hunting scopes are used to zero in on targets that are typically much farther away. Therefore, the demands for a tactical scope will not be the same as those for a scope used for hunting or target practice.

The BSA Optics TW 223 is a versatile scope that can be used for several different tactical applications. It has two different caps, one is designed for use with a .300 Blackout. The other is designed for use with a .223. The caps are interchangeable and are easy to swap out as needed.

The TW 223 features a two-piece body made from durable and lightweight aluminum material. While the two-piece design may not work well with full powered cartridges, when used with light-recoiling rounds such as the .223 or the .300 Blackout, the two piece scope design works perfectly.

The TW223 has mil-dot reticle that uses the mils to compensate for elevation and windage. This BSA Optics scope is waterproof, fog-proof, and shockproof. It is a small and compact design that will not add a lot of extra weight to your rifle.

This is especially important when using a tactical rifle because the lighter the weapon is, the more accurate your shot will be. The BSA Optics TW223 Scope provides tactical gun owners with an affordable and reliable option for use with either the .300 Blackout or the 5.56mm/.223. This Tactical Weapon Scope retails for $82.99.

BSA Optics TW223-4x30CP Tactical Weapon 223 Scope, 4x30mm
  • Designed specifically for Military and Law Enforcement Applications
  • Mil-Dot Reticle
  • 2 Sets of Interchangeable Turret Caps (.233 Cal./.300 AAC Blackout)

This BSA Optics Tactical Weapon is a fixed-power optic scope that is intended for use with rifles such as the AK series, the SKS, or the AR-15. The 4x30mm is simpler to use than variable optic scopes which makes it a popular choice for those who want a hassle-free optic. The simplicity of this scope makes it very lightweight, easier to use, and more affordable than other similar tactical scopes.

The BSA 4x30mm uses a 30m objective lens which makes it possible to use the scope in low light conditions without restricting your view. The scope has a one-piece tube design that is rugged and strong. This helps to increase the overall longevity of the product, it’s precision when aiming at a target, and the scope’s overall strength.

This tactical rifle scope features push-pull turrets that you can easily adjust without using additional tools. It is ideal for use with medium to short-range target shooting or hunting. The low magnification settings allow you to use it at close ranges without issue. And you can smoothly transition between targets to take fast and effective shots.

This optic scope is designed for hunting in the brush or putting together a versatile rifle while on a budget. Although it is a tactical site, you are not limited to using it only with tactical rifles. This scope may also be used with rimfire rifles, bolt guns, and even shotguns that are modified into slug guns. This BSA Tactical Weapon Scope retails for $72.94.

BSA Sweet .22, 3-9x40mm, Duplex, Rifle Scope
  • Please read all label information on delivery.

When you need a quiet round for plinking, you probably think of using the .22 LR. This round is affordable, features a light recoil, and is almost silent which makes it useful as a hunting round. It makes sense that a company would create an optic scope that is based around the specifications of the .22.

The BSA Optics Sweet series of scopes are some of the brand’s most popular items. They are simple, easy to use, affordable and highly effective for plinking purposes.

There are two types of scopes in the BSA Optics Sweet Series, .22 and .17. The Sweet 22 has a bullet drop compensator that shows you where the round will hit in various ranges. This helps you compensate for distance before you shoot. This scope also features crystal-clear glass that provides you with a brilliant view of your target even if it isn’t a sunny day outdoors.

The BSA Sweet 22 optic scope has an interchangeable turret system that allows it to be used with 36, 38. And 40-grain bullets. You can adjust quickly and easily to accommodate for your chosen round. Although this scope may be designed for plinking, it is waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof.

It features hand adjustable turrets that assist in zeroing the optic. It also features resettable turrets which is something that isn’t seen much on optics specifically designed for plinking. The BSA Sweet 22 Plinking Scope retails for $65.95.

BSA Rifle Scope with Rings, 3-9 X 40
  • Fully Coated Optics
  • 1/4 MOA windage and elevation adjustments
  • 30/30 Duplex reticle

The BSA Optics Rifle Scope 3-9x40  features one of the most popular configurations for rifle scopes. The 3x to 9x magnification range guarantees that you have both close and long-range shooting capabilities. Plus, the 40mm is a great option to use with any type of rifle since it is small enough to work with low mounts yet large enough to adapt to low light conditions. The end result is a sharp and clear image with an easy-to-use scope that is durable and reliable.

The 3-9x magnification power has been widely used in hunting for many years. It is the go-to configuration for many hunters that prefer to hunt all types of game, large or small.

The practical 30/30 design reticle will not crowd your sight with anything you don’t need. It is a simple scope that will get the job done. It uses 1/4 MOA adjustments that make sighting in easy. While they work well, 1/4 MOA adjustments are typically used for hunting instead of precision shooting.

This BSA Optics scope is waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof. It features fully coated optics for crystal-clear clarity while zeroing in on your target. The scope features longer than average eye relief and allows plenty of space for those harsh recoiling calibers. This is a great scope for any North American hunter. It retails for $53.81.


Choosing the Perfect Rifle Scope 

If you are new to sports optics and have no idea where to start when buying a rifle scope, you are not alone. Many hunters are confused when it comes to purchasing a scope, mainly because there are so many high-tech options available now. You can’t simply go and pick up any scope to use with your rifle.

You need to know about the technical specs, reticle details, recoil information and eye relief. But once you understand the terminology and what all these features actually do, it will be much easier to choose the perfect rifle scope.

How Do You Plan to Use the Scope?

The first thing to consider when you buy a rifle scope is what you will be using the scope for. Do you prefer long distance hunts or short range? Will you be using the rifle in low-light conditions? Will this be used primarily for hunting or target shooting?

What is Your Price Range?

Once you have decided what the primary use for your scope will be it’s time to check out the many different scope models and styles that you can purchase online. You can find scopes that cost as little as $30 and scopes that are priced as much as $4,000. The features, brand, durability, technical aspects, and where the product was made all contribute to the cost.

The good news is there is no need to pay a small fortune to get an excellent quality scope that will satisfy all your sport optics needs. Remember that cheap and affordable are two different things. You want to avoid a cheap rifle scope, but you shouldn’t pass up on a great deal on an affordable scope from a reliable company.

Another important thing to remember is that you may not need all the special high-tech features that often cause the price of a scope to rise significantly. Simpler scopes that offer the basic features any hunter can use out on the field are typically preferred by experienced hunters. They are made from strong and durable materials and they are much more affordable.

The best way to determine the value of a particular scope is to read any and all customer reviews. This will help you find out first hand how well the scope performs and if it is a great deal for your money or if you should move on to another brand.

Understanding Scope Reticles

Scope reticles

Reticles are the lines, dots and hashmarks that are used to precisely aim the rifle at your target. The reticle is also commonly referred to as crosshairs. There are several different types of reticles, and the two most popular are MIL DOT and MOA.

MIL Dot reticles are the standard type and can help you accurately place shots on target. They can also be used to assist with adjusting for windage or the approximate range of targets. They are the metric equivalent to MOA reticles. If you use a MIL DOT scope, one MIL is equal to 1cm of variance at 100 meters.

MOA or Minute-of-Angle is a common unit of measurement when making scope adjustments. It describes the unit of measurement of a circle that is equal to 1.0472 inches at 100 yards. One MOA is equal to 1 inch at 100 yards. If someone shoots a sub-MOA group using their rifle, it means that the circle that all their shots fit inside on the target is less than an inch in diameter at 100 yards.

If you are more familiar with imperial feet, yards and miles, a MIL DOT reticle will be easier for you to use. A MOA reticle is easier for someone who is more familiar with the metric system.

Importance of Magnification

scope magnification

Magnification is the power rating of a scope. If you have a 10x scope, it will cause the target to appear ten times larger than when viewed without magnification.

You can purchase scopes that are either fixed magnification or variable magnification. Variable scopes give you the option to change the magnification range depending on your shooting condition.

For beginners, it is recommended that you start out using a 3-9x variable power scope so that you can get used to adjusting without zooming in too far.

Why You Should Choose a BSA Optics Scope 

BSA is a small company that manufactures simple and affordable sport optic scopes that are practical and designed for today’s hunters. Their line of rifle scopes are very impressive, especially when you consider their retail price. They offer many of the same quality features that you would find on optics that cost twice or three times as much.

If you are new to sports optics, or if you are an experienced hunter, BSA Optics is a great place to find your next rifle scope.

Man shooting using a rifle with simmons scope

Simmons Rifle Scopes Reviews And Comparison

Simmons is a high-quality sport optics brand that got its start in the 1980’s. The low budget brand made a name for themselves by focusing the needs of their target audience made up of hunters and outdoor sports lovers. Taking the time to understand what their customers want in a quality rifle scope has helped the company experience tremendous success over the past 30 years.

Reviews for the Top 10 Simmons Rifle Scopes 

If you are interested in purchasing one of the many Simmons Rifle Scopes currently available, you have come to the right place. Here you will find helpful reviews on some of the most popular and best-selling Simmons Rifle scopes on the market.

Simmons 511039 3 - 9 x 32mm .22 Mag(R) Matte Black Riflescope
  • High-quality fully-coated optical glass lenses
  • Parallax correction preset from 50 yards to infinity
  • Rimfire 3/8" dovetail mounting rings included

The Simmons .22 Mag 3-9x32 Rifle Scope can hold its own beside other top-selling scopes in the industry. It is a reliable rimfire scope with plenty of special features every hunter can benefit from.

Along with the patented Simmons True Zero adjustment system, this scope offers excellent light transmission, crystal-clear clarity, and glare control. But the most unique feature on the .22 Mag 3-9x32 would have to be the dial design for the True Zero adjustment. The dial uses a ball bearing and spring system that provides audible clicks with each adjustment.

Features & Specifications

  • Fully-coated optical glass lenses
  • Includes Rimfire 3/8” dovetail mounting rings
  • Parallax correction preset
  • High-quality HD optics
  • HydroShield lens coating
  • SureGrip rubber surfaces for easy adjusting
  • Attractive design that’s also rugged and reliable
  • True Zero elevation and windage dials
  • One-piece tube construction for easier handling
  • Waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof
  • Each scope comes with a full set of mounting rings
  • Includes a QTA quick target acquisition eyepiece

Simmons Truplex .22 Mag Riflescope (4X32, Matte) with Rings
  • 4 inch Eye relief
  • Trueplex reticle
  • Waterproof, Fog proof & shockproof

The Simmons .22 Mag 4x32 Rifle Scope offers exceptional results time and time again for avid hunters. This scope features the True Zero adjustment system and a quick target acquisition eyepiece.

This rifle scope stands apart from its competitors with its durability and reliability. It offers plenty of eye relief thanks to the QTA eyepiece, and that can help make acquiring your target fast and easy.

The .22 Mag rifle scope provides the user with excellent light transmission, glare control, contrast and clarity. It has features that are equal or better than any other scope in its category.

All Simmons .22 Mag 4x32 rifle scopes are equipped with SureGrip adjustments that allow you to easily transition and adjust without hassle. They also include a set of rimfire rings.

This scope is available in a black matte, silver matte, or black glossy finish. For a quality rimfire scope that offers amazing optics, the Simmons .22 Mag 4x32 is an excellent choice.

Features & Specifications

  • One-piece tube construction for better durability and strength
  • Fully coated high-quality optical glass for better image clarity
  • Waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof
  • Truplex Reticle
  • True Zero Flex Erector System
  • QTA quick target acquisition eyepiece for optimal eye relief
  • HydroShield lens coating for high contrast views
  • SureGrip rubber surfaces that easily adjust in all weather conditions

Simmons .44 Mag Truplex Side Focus Riflescope (4-12X44, Matte)
  • Quality optics with stunning HD clarity
  • 100% quality materials used and tested extensively
  • Beautiful design and durability built to last

The Simmons .44 Mag 4-12x44mm Side Parallax Adjustable Matte Rifle Scope features a sleek design and lenses that offer crystal clear imagery. The vibrant image is thanks to the brightly lit multi-coated camera lens system.

The .44 Mag 4-12x44mm scope offers a 1/4 MOA click adjustment so that you always stay on target. It also features a Truplex reticle that provides the user with a wide field of view. All .44 Mag scopes from Simmons are shockproof, waterproof and fog-proof.

They are fully equipped with the brand’s QTA quick target acquisition eyepiece to help you lock in on your target easily and reduce the amount of eye strain you experience.

Features & Specifications

  • Shockproof, waterproof, and fog-proof
  • Side Parallax adjustment
  • Fingertip adjustments for 1/4 and 1/8 MOA
  • Multi-coated optics for crystal-clear clarity
  • 4-12x magnification
  • One-piece tube construction makes the scope lightweight and easy to use
  • QTA eyepiece features Fast Focus
  • True Zero elevation and windage adjustment system allow you to lock in zero easily even during extreme weather conditions
  • This scope comes with a useful sun shade
  • Full Simmons warranty included

Simmons .44 Mag Truplex Riflescope (3-10X44, Matte)
  • One-piece tube construction for reduced weight, better handling and long-lasting durability
  • Qta (quick target acquisition) eyepiece with fast focus
  • Exclusive truezero windage and elevation adjustment system for a locked-in zero that lasts through even the most extreme...

The Simmons .44 Mag 3-10x44 rifle scope features superior brightness that allows the user to experience a clear, crisp and brilliant view every time they use it. Like all other Simmons scopes, the 3-10x44 is waterproof, fog-proof and shockproof. It has an easy to use 1/4 MOA click adjustment system and a quality Truplex reticle.

Features & Specifications

  • This scope has an objective lens diameter of 44 mm
  • It features 3x-10x magnification
  • It is waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof
  • Features a Truplex reticle for optimal viewing
  • Comes with a Full Simmons brand warranty
  • Field of view is 33 to 9.4 feet at 100 yards
  • Click value is .25” at 100 yards
  • Adjustment: 60” at 100 yards
  • Eye relief: 3.75”
  • Exit Pupil: 14.6 to 4.2 millimeters
  • Weight: 11.3 oz.
  • Black Matte Finish

Simmons Truplex Riflescope (3-9X40, Matte)
  • Truezero fingertip windage and elevation adjustment system
  • Qta (quick target acquisition) eyepiece for fast, easy target acquisition
  • Fully coated, high-quality optics for bright, high-contrast target image

The Simmons 8-Point 3-9x40 Rifle Scope is a durable and practical scope that is perfect for any type of hunter or target shooter. It constantly receives positive reviews from owners who are pleased with their purchase. And it is a very affordable scope priced under $100.

The 3-9x40 scope may be budget-friendly, but it also comes with some great premium features. It has a Truplex reticle with a cross that reaches to the top, bottom, left, and right. These fully coated optics and multi-coated lenses help enhance your view so that you always see bright, vivid images that are crystal-clear.

As with all Simmons scopes, this item has been tested so that it can be marketed to all types of firearm users. But if you would like something different for your additional firearms, Simmons offers a broad range of scopes that are ideal for shotguns and handguns. The 3-9x40 scope however was designed with rifle users in mind.

Features & Specifications

  • The Simmons Truplex reticle offers crisp and clear cross hairs in any type of hunting situation.
  • Fully coated lenses offer rich color contrast and extremely brilliant images
  • Waterproof, fog-proof and recoil proof to work efficiently in all types of extreme weather conditions
  • 1/4 MOA clicks with True Zero elevation and windage adjustment systems
  • QFA eyepiece for easy target acquisition and quick focus
  • Magnification: 3x to 9x
  • Variable Power
  • Objective Diameter: 40mm
  • Length: 12”
  • Tube Diameter: 1”
  • Field of View: 100 yards
  • Eye Relief: 3.75”
  • Exit Pupil: 3.6mm to 10.7mm
  • Truplex reticle
  • Fully coated optics
  • Black Matte Finish
  • Waterproof and shockproof
  • Best used for target shooting and big game hunting

Simmons 8-Point 3-9x50mm Rifle Scope with Truplex reticle
  • Truezero fingertip windage and elevation adjustment system
  • Qta (quick target acquisition) eyepiece for fast, easy target acquisition
  • Fully coated, high-quality optics for bright, high-contrast target image

The Simmons 8-Point 3-9x50 Rifle Scope is one of the best entry level scopes on the market. It is backed by the amazing Simmons reputation; this scope offers impressive performance and is one of the best budget-friendly scopes currently available.

This rifle scope features the patented Simmons True Zero adjustment system and their QTA eyepiece for exceptional eye relief. It also comes with a large 50mm objective.

The 1” tube is lightweight and easy to add to any rifle. It may be an entry level scope, but it has all the features that you would expect from the Simmons brand and therefore it would make a good rifle scope for experienced hunters as well. It features a Truplex reticle and is fitted with a quality coated lens.

Features & Specifications

  • High-quality fully coated lenses
  • Fog-proof, shockproof and waterproof
  • True Zero flex erector system allows for ongoing accuracy
  • The SureGrip tactile rubber surface allow you to make adjustment easily
  • The Quick Target Acquisition eyepiece enables rapid target acquisition for accurate shots every time
  • The Truplex reticle features four posts and fine cross hairs for accurate targeting
  • The scope features quality optical glass and fully coated optics that deliver crisp and clear images
  • HydroShield coating helps you to maintain a clear sight at all times no matter what type of weather condition you are in
  • Magnification: 3-9x 50
  • Eye Relief: 3.75”

Simmons 8-Point 4-12x40mm Riflescope with TruPlex Reticle, Matte Black
  • Quality optics with stunning HD clarity
  • 100% quality materials used and tested extensively
  • Beautiful design and durability built to last

The Simmons 8-Point 4-12x40 Rifle Scope features the True Zero adjustment system and Quick Target Acquisition eyepiece for comfort and clarity. The eight point 4-12x40 scope offers an undeniable and trustworthy performance that all shooters need while they are hunting or target shooting.

Features & Specifications

  • Magnification: 4x to 12x
  • Objective: 40mm
  • Field of view: 8.2 to 23.8 feet at 100 yards
  • Truplex reticle
  • HydroShield lens coating
  • Weight: 11.1 oz.
  • Length: 12.5”
  • Tube diameter: 1”

Simmons Truplex 8-Point Riflescope (3-9x32, Matte)
  • Finish: black matte
  • Field of view (ft 100 yds): 31.4/10.5
  • Eye relief (inches): 3.75

The Simmons 8-Point 3-9x32 Truplex Reticle Rifle Scope is a reliable scope even in the worst weather conditions. If you enjoy hunting in the winter or rainy season, this is the ideal scope for you.

It features a rugged design and the reliable Truplex fully coated optics technology that allows you to lock in your target regardless of what may be inhibiting your view. This scope is a high quality piece with excellent optical precision and durable construction.

Features & Specifications

  • Fully coated quality optics for crisp and clear images
  • QTA Quick Target Acquisition eyepiece allows for fast target acquisition and decreases eye strain
  • This Simmons scope is waterproof, fog-proof, and recoil-proof
  • The 1” tube is suitable for use with a variety of scope rings

Simmons 517793 Prodiamond Shotgun Prohunter Riflescope (4x32, Matte)
  • Multi-coated optics and high-quality optical glass provide the brightest, sharpest image in its class
  • Exclusive truezero windage and elevation adjustment system for a locked-in zero that lasts through even the most extreme...
  • Raised tab on power change ring provides an easier grip and surer adjustment

The Simmons Pro Diamond 4x32 Shotgun Rifle Scope is a great choice for avid hunters. It has been designed with care to include special features that will make your hunting season the best one yet. All Pro Diamond scopes feature the patented True Zero adjustment system that makes it easier to adjust for accuracy and precision.

The QTA eyepiece ensures fast acquisition of targets even in poor weather conditions when your sight can be limited. This eyepiece can deliver up to 5.5” of eye relief. It is good for all types of hunting, especially turkey hunting since it can quickly identify a turkey’s vital zone as far away as 40 yards. The high-quality glass in this scope paired with the multi-coated optics provide you with the most vivid and high contrast image.  

The lightweight and compact scope features ProDiamond reticle which assists the user in finding the vital zones for their prey. This scope is designed for rapid target acquisition at short ranged. It is made with 1/4 MOA clicks and 70 MOA adjustments.

Features & Specifications

  • One-piece tube rugged construction for years of durable use
  • High-quality optical glass and multi-colored optics provide crystal-clear clarity when you need it most
  • HydroShield lens coating allows you to maintain a clear sight no matter what the weather conditions are like
  • Simmons SureGrip rubberized surfaces on the power, change springs and eyepieces make the ProDiamond scope one of the easiest to adjust and use.

Simmons Prohunter Prodiamond Shotgun Riflescope (1.5-5X32, Matte)
  • Quality optics with stunning HD clarity
  • 100% quality materials used and tested extensively
  • Beautiful design and durability built to last

The Simmons Pro Hunter ProDiamond 1.5-5x32 Shotgun Rifle Scope can be used with a rifle, shotgun or handgun for clean and concise targeting. Expert hunters and target shooters alike enjoy using this ProHunter series scope because they know it provides them with the right combination of high-quality optics and professional-grade reliability.

The benefits of using this ProDiamond scope include Simmons True Zero elevation adjustment system for accuracy. And the QTA Quick Target Acquisition eyepiece promotes eye relief throughout the magnification range.

Features & Specifications

  • High-quality optics with stunning HD clarity
  • 100% quality materials used and tested extensively
  • Sleek design that is durable and built to last
  • Shotgun rifle scope with 5x magnification and 32mm objective lens
  • Multi-coated optics and quality optics and optical glass for sharp and clear images
  • Weight: 8.6 oz.
soldier shooting using a rifle with a simmons scope

Why You Should Choose a Simmons Optics Rifle Scope 

Simmons is a reliable and trustworthy brand that hunters have trusted for decades. The brand provides their customers with exactly what they need in a scope, all at an affordable price.

With the Sport Optics industry become more high-tech than ever before, it is nice to have a company that remains true to the sport of hunting and manufactures simple yet effective tools that don’t cost a small fortune.

gen 2 night vision scope

Gen 2 Night Vision Reviews And Comparison

Night vision scopes represent a huge advancement within rifle scope technology for a number of reasons.

On a basic level, night vision scopes allow you to see your target when there is minimal light. This makes you more dynamic as a hunter, as you don’t have to be controlled by the daily cycles of the planet when stalking your prey.

Instead, you can transcend the sun. This means being able to hunt not only when it’s completely dark but also when there simply isn’t enough light, like at sunrise and sunset. Many animals that humans typically hunt are nocturnal animals, so this amazing technology extends our sensory capacities and turns us into relentless predators.

Yet, within the night vision technology, there have been many developments over the years. In particular, there are different kinds of night vision scopes as well as different generations within each kind of night vision scope.

While most night vision scopes are used for hunting, they can also be used for any activity that is performed without sufficient light, like camping, security enforcement, and fishing.

In this article, we will be mainly focusing on night visions scopes that utilize light amplification technology, specifically when applied to hunting. In particular, we discuss generation (gen) 2 night vision scopes as compared to generation 1 and 3.

We first give a brief overview of each generation, highlighting the pros and cons of each. Then we offer a review of some of the most popular gen 2 night vision scopes, ending with our final thoughts on the future of the night vision industry.

gen 2 night vision

Thermal Imaging vs. Light Amplification 

When it comes to night vision technology, there are two main methods that products use to provide us with an image of our environment.

First, there is thermal imaging, which essentially measures the heat emitted by things in our environment.  A specific sensor within the scope is able to interpret this heat by determining the differences in heat within our environment. Then, an image called a thermogram is provided on a screen within the scope. What’s unique about this method is that no light is required to reproduce an image.

On the other hand, light amplification technology requires light in order to provide us with an image of our environment. It does this using an image intensifier tube which records photons on a plate, magnifies them, and then recreates an image from these light particles.

Depending on how advanced the light amplification technology is, there can be multiple plates that these photons interact with, and each plate provides additional enhancements that result in a more precise image.

While not much light is needed with light amplification technology, there still needs to be some light.

Many hunters will carry with them an infrared light source that they use to provide this light. Most of the time, the image that is reproduced is shown using some combination of black, white, and green coloring, as these are the most effective colors for displaying contrast within a dark environment.

Gen 1, 2 and 3 Night Vision Scopes

Night vision scopes that use light amplification technology have a rich history of usage dating back to World War II. In this section, we will give a brief overview of the 3 main generations of night scopes.

Gen 1 Night Vision Scopes

Gen 1 Night Vision Scopes

Gen 1 night vision scopes were introduced during the Vietnam war and were an improvement on the first night vision scopes invented during World War II.

In particular, while the initial models of night vision scopes required infrared light, the gen 1 night vision scopes could utilize ambient light and were able to produce a light amplification of 1000x, which was a significant development.

While Gen 1 night vision scopes are still around today, they are still based on this old technology which makes them inferior to later generation models. Mainly, they require moonlight or an infrared illuminator to operate successfully and are extremely heavy when compared with the lightweight guns available on the market.

This is important since most night vision scopes are usually attached to guns when hunting, and if they aren’t, they still must be carried by the hunter.

Gen 1 night vision scopes are also very cheap, so they appeal to many hunters on a strict budget.

Gen 2 Night Vision Scopes

Gen 2 Night Vision Scopes

Gen 2 night vision scopes are much more efficient then gen 1 night vision scopes mainly due to the presence of a second plate for interpreting photons. This results in cleaner, brighter images with a higher resolution.

Gen 2 night vision scopes also require less ambient light then their earlier generation counterparts and are effective anywhere from 100-200 yards. This is significant, as gen 1 night vision scopes are only effective at distances of 75-100 yards.

Furthermore, gen 2 night vision scopes are able to minimize the amount of blooming that occurs, which represents a notable drawback of earlier generations of night vision scopes.

In particular, blooming refers to the temporary blindness or “whiteout” that can occur when a bright light is introduced while using night vision scopes. This light can overload the intensifier tube and can distract the hunter even though the night scope is able to eventually correct the compromise.

Gen 2 night vision scopes are able to reduce the impact of blooming as well as correct for this phenomenon more quickly. This is because some of the most expensive gen 2 night vision scopes are equipped with auto-gating technology, which allows the power of the system to turn itself on and off rapidly.

In addition to this auto-gating technology, many gen 2 night vision scopes feature longer battery life and greater functionality since they can be attached to a wider range of guns. As such, if you do not have the money to purchase a gen 3 night vision scope, then gen 2 is considered the next best option.

Gen 3 Night Vision Scopes

Gen 3 Night Vision Scopes

Gen 3 night vision scopes were only introduced within the last 20 years and offer superior performance at an expensive price.

Gen 3 night vision scopes almost entirely eliminate blooming and provide images of your environment up to 300 yards. In addition, their battery hardly ever needs to be replaced, lasting up to 10000 hours.

They are considered so effective that even the military uses them. Even further, their technology is considered so advanced that they have been banned from being transported outside of the US.

The main drawback of gen 3 night vision scopes is their price, which makes them inaccessible to most hunters.  Most gen 3 night vision scopes the sky’s the limit for the most expensive ones.

Night Optics USA Ambia 1X Gen 2+ Night Vision Monocular NM-300-2S...
  • Tactical optics monocular night vision
  • Versatile top of the line
  • Another quality product

The D-300 from Night Optics only weighs a pound. It can be mounted on headgear or a weapon and is considered extremely durable. Many customers have noted that it provides outstanding image quality under a decently lit sky.

Additionally, the D-300 is considered weather resistant, which means you don’t have to worry if it starts raining, as this gen 2 night vision scope will still function despite the moisture.

This makes the D-300 extremely dynamic as it can operate in a number of environments, thus extending the mobility of the hunter.

Armasight Nemesis4x-SD Gen 2+ Night Vision Rifle Scope w/4x...
  • Powerful 4x magnification with 10 degree FOV and shock protected optics
  • Features bright source protection and auto brightness control and illuminated center red cross reticle for optimal...
  • Waterproof body with simple and easy to operate controls and adjustments

The Avenger from Armasight is unique for offering Automatic Brightness Control.

This feature allows the night scope to constantly adjust the brightness of the image you are seeing in order to account for changing environmental conditions. This translates to less work by the hunter when they are focusing, which can lead to better accuracy and precision.

Even having to tinker with a setting for several seconds can be costly, especially in low-light conditions when the hunter’s vision is already compromised.

This night scope also comes with a hand strap and neck strap to improve mobility as well a tripod mount.

Many customers commented that the Avenger is ideal for close-range activities and that its images are greatly compromised when viewing a target greater than 200 yards. While this is the typical limit for most gen 2 night vision scopes, some gen 2 night vision scopes still provide a decent image at distances over 200 yards. Yet, the Avenger is hardly functional over 200 yards.

ATN Night Spirit-2 Gen 2+ Night Vision Multi Purpose System
  • Multi-purpose, waterproof Night Vision system with 2nd Generation intensifier tube
  • Built-in infrared illuminator for use in total darkness
  • Multi-coated optics for maximum light gathering

The Night Spirit-2 from ATN is the cheapest gen 2 night vision scope that we will be discussing.

What sets it apart is not only its price but its high-quality 50mm lens that is coated for protection. This lens coating helps make the lens fogproof and weatherproof so that it can be used in any environment, making the hunter more versatile.

Many night vision scopes are advertised as fogproof yet only resist moisture when certain conditions are met. In particular, many of these inferior scopes will still fog up in certain temperatures. Yet, the Night Spirit-2 can withstand temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it extremely reliable and durable.

Some customers have noted the edges of the image appear slightly distorted on the Night Spirit-2. While this is usually not a problem, as the center of the frame is most frequently utilized on night vision scopes, it’s still a factor to consider before purchasing.

Most gen 2 night vision scopes are considered law-enforcement grade, which means they are relied upon by police officers frequently for performing their duties.

The Night-Spirit 2 lives up to this distinction, as many former police officers have commented that this gen 2 night vision scope is just as good as the scope they used when they were actively on duty. In particular, most customers exalt its clear images and top-quality optics.

Armasight Nemesis 4X GEN 2+ QS Quick Silver White Phosphor Night...
  • Bright source protection
  • Automatic brightness Control (abc)
  • Illuminated center Red cross reticle for optimal contrast

The Nemesis from Armasight is the most expensive gen 2 night vision scope on this list.

While this scope does come with some extra features, like the ability to adjust reticle brightness, many customers have noted that it’s too expensive and that a similar quality scope can be purchased for a fraction of the price.

In addition, some reviewers have commented that the scope does not mount well and comes loose over an extended period of time. This has forced some hunters to pay for a custom mounting of the scope, which only makes the Nemesis cost even more.

Additionally, some customers have noted that while the clarity of the image is amazing, this quality decreases as magnification is increased. Thus, the Nemesis is best for short-range distances.

Our Final Thoughts on Gen 2 Night Vision Scopes

We think the market for night vision scopes has undergone much evolution over the years and that this trend will only continue in the future. This is especially due to the prevalence of violence in our society, as many countries are funding innovation when it comes to military technology.

This is not necessarily a good thing, per se, as it’s an indication of a world on the brink of war. Yet, it does mean that customers who use night vision scopes for more sustainable activities like hunting can benefit from these advancements.

We think that the gen 2 night vision scopes in particular represent an affordable option for hunters looking for a durable, high-quality night vision scope.

When gen 2 night vision scopes were first released, they were very sensitive to blooming. Yet, many modern gen 2 night vision scopes have mitigated this imperfection through auto-gating technology, thus making them practically flawless when it comes to blooming.

The only drawback to purchasing gen 2 night vision scopes is that gen 3 night vision scopes exist, and these are more effective at longer ranges and have a longer battery life. If none of those factors matter, then we recommend that you purchase a mid-priced gen 2 night vision scope like the Night Spirit-2 from ATTN or the Avenger from Armasight.

a soldier looking through one of the first focal plane scopes

First Focal Plane Scopes: How to Choose the Right FFP Scope

Rifle scopes are an incredible technology that enhance the technology of your rifle. Without them, you would not be able to shoot accurately at your target, especially when that target is at a long-distance.

Yet, when first purchasing a rifle scope, the amount of information to consider can be overwhelming, and this is only compounded by arcane much of the language is. For a beginner shooter, this could be disconcerting.

Buying the​​​​ Perfect First Focal Plane Scope for Your Shooting Needs

In this article, we discuss 5 steps you should take when choosing a specific kind of rifle scope, namely a first focal plane scope.

We will gear these steps towards people just beginning their research about what rifle scope to purchase, and discuss the various aspects of what the scopes have to offer.

Do You Need a First or Second Focal Plane Scope?

The first step in purchasing a first focal plane scope is to determine if you actually need one. This entails educating yourself on the differences between a first focal plane scope and a second focal plane scope.

The reticles on first focal plane scopes change in size as the image’s magnification changes. This is ideal for long-range shooters or tactical shooters as it makes the gun more dynamic.

The reticles on second focal plan scopes, on the other hand, do not change as the image’s magnification changes. They are ideal for short-range shooting. At longer distances, the reticles on second focal plane scopes can obscure the target because the reticle is so large compared with the tiny target.

Therefore, an important first step is to consider if you will be doing long-range shooting or short-range shooting.

Past Scope Usage – Do You Know What You’re Doing?

a marine looking through one of the first focal plane scopes while shooting the gun

Shooting a gun involves a particular set of skills that build over time. Like any other sport, if you condition yourself to perform under a certain set of conditions, then you will underperform when those conditions are absent.

Some people have used second focal plane scopes their entire life and are used to a constant reticle at different magnifications. Thus, when using first focal plane scopes, they are thrown off when magnifying the image, as this affects their precision and accuracy.

Alternatively, even though first focal plane scopes have only risen in popularity recently, some shooters are more accustomed to a changing reticle as magnification changes. Thus, they perform best when the reticle changes, and if the reticle is stable, they are thrown off.

First Focal Plane Scopes - Weight and Size

If you have decided that the first focal plane scope is right for you, then the next factor to consider is what type of gun you will be using it on. Many customers have noted that first focal plane scopes are significantly heavier then second focal plane scopes. This can make the gun extremely heavy, which could affect your accuracy if you are moving around while shooting.

Thus, make sure you properly research the weight and size of the first focal plane scope you are considering. Sometimes it might be light, but relatively large, which could limit your line of sight or the portability of your gun.

Finding Your Plane Scopes Budget

a rifle installed with bipod and ffp scope

Depending on your budget, certain first focal plane scopes will give clearer images than others. This is because of the quality of glass used and is similar to how a camera will perform better if the lens glass is of a higher-quality.

For example, this Leica Magnus scope costs almost $3000 but features some of the highest quality glass on the market. In addition, it features illuminated reticles when the gun is horizontal, but the illumination is turned off when the gun is turned vertical. This allows the scope to save battery, so it can be utilized for longer.

Intended Usage

Thus, another consideration is how long you will be using the gun. Some hunters might be away from a charging station for several days at a time. In this situation, it would be crucial to save battery life so that the scope could be used for longer. Yet, some shooters might only be hunting for a brief period of time, so they might not benefit from a feature that focuses on batter conservation. In that case, buying a cheaper, simpler first focal plane scope might be more worthwhile.

Regardless, you need to reflect on how much money you are willing to spend on a first focal plane scope. These kinds of scope can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars to well over $3000.

Our Final Thoughts on First Focal Plane Scopes

a hunter using a rifle with ffp scope

We think that the market for first focal plane scopes can appear overwhelming at first. This is because each scope offers a number of different features, ranging from weatherproof covering to illuminated reticles.

The main step in choosing these types of scopes is to first consider if you actually need one, which depends on your past usage as well as your intended usage in the future. If you have determined that a first focal plane scope is right for you, then you should determine your budget, the features you desire, as well as if you are even able to handle the size and weight of these kinds of scopes.

Many shooters end up investing in an expensive first focal plane scope only to find that they rarely use most of its features. Thus, make sure you honestly reflect on why you are purchasing a scope before you dish out several thousand dollars on a top of the line scope.

Argon scope on a white background

Argon Scope Review – Waterproof And Fog-Proof

Argon Scope Review 

Rifle scopes are an amazing piece of modern technology that many hunters utilize in order to enhance the functionality of their gun.

As with any piece of technology, rifle scopes are loaded with various features that make them some of them more in demand than others. One of the most recent developments in the technology of rife scopes is the kind of gas that is used within the magnification tube.

Argon vs. Nitrogen Gas

Traditionally, nitrogen gas has been used in the magnification tube, though recently some manufacturers are distinguishing their guns through the usage of argon gas.

These gases are both used to remove the oxygen within the scope and to prevent moisture from getting in, which could affect the efficiency of the scope in certain climates.

Many manufactures claim that argon, despite being more expensive, transfers heat at a slower rate, so thermal conduction is minimized within the scope. Additionally, Argon has a larger atom size so is less likely to escape, which gives the scope greater durability and longevity.

Lastly, many manufacturers claim argon is less likely to cause chemical reactions during temperature changes, which means the scope is more dynamic under extreme climates.

In this article, we review 3 of the most popular argon rifle scopes on the market, explaining some of their pros and cons that customers should consider before purchasing a rifle scope.

Vortex Optics Diamondback Riflescope 

Vortex Optics Diamondback 4-12x40 Second Focal Plane Riflescope -...
  • The Diamondback 4-12x40 riflescope is one of multiple configurations in the Diamondback lineup and is ideal for big...
  • Dead-Hold BDC reticle is good for any hunting or shooting at varying ranges where estimating hold-over would be a...
  • Lenses are fully multi-coated for crstyal clear, bright images from dawn til dusk. The fast focus eyepiece allows for...

The Diamondback riflescope from Vortex Optics is one of the most affordable, yet durable, riflescopes on the market - costing about $200.

Since its magnification tube is argon flushed, it is considered waterproof and fog-proof.

This riflescope has a diameter of 40mm and a magnification range of 4-12x. This makes it ideal for big game, predator, slug shotgun, and long-range shooting.

Dead-Hold BTC Reticle

Perhaps the most prominent feature on this riflescope is the Dead-Hold BTC reticle, which features a customized design meant to eliminate guesswork related to holdover and windage corrections.

Holdover refers to the adjustments made by the shooter to account for the drop of the bullet. The particular kind of reticle that is featured on the Diamondback provides reference marks that shooters can use at a variety of distances.

This is crucial because overthinking a shot can be costly in certain conditions and can result in inaccuracy and imprecision. Yet, the Diamondback takes this into account with its Dead-Hold BTC reticle, making the argon scope more dynamic at every range.


The Diamondback is made from aluminum alloy that is considered aircraft-grade. More specifically, only one piece is used, which makes it highly durable.

Multiple pieces of material translate to moving parts when using a rifle scope, which can make the product distracting and less efficient over time. With the one-piece construction, the Diamondback avoids this fate.

Additionally, this argon scope includes fully multi-coated optics, which is the highest standard in the industry when it comes the quality of image that is reproduced. In addition, multi-coating is more efficient during wide-angle shots and zoom shots than single-coated lenses, which makes the Diamondback extremely efficient.

Vortex Optics considers this rifle scope to be virtually indestructible, and many customers validate this appraisal, claiming that they have been using the argon scope for many years without noticing any decrease in quality.

Cons of the Diamondback Riflescope

Many customers claim that despite its many features, the Diamondback riflescope still pales in comparison to more expensive scopes on the market. These more expensive scopes offer better adjustments for scope parallax, which can be a problem for many beginning shooters.

Scope parallax refers to the apparent drifting of the reticle across the projected image of the target. This happens when the reticle, the projected image, and the shooters eye are on a different focal plane.

Many scopes will come with settings that have already adjusted for scope parallax at a particular distance. In particular, the Diamondback has been pre-configured for 100 yards. Shooters will have to adjust for parallax at any distance that is different than this.

Yet, many customers have commented that the side parallax adjustment is inefficient and must be set over and over again at each distance.

This can be frustrating, especially when speed is important for the hunting activity. Having to constantly think about moving reticles could prove costly in certain hunting scenarios. Thus, if you are planning on doing a lot of long-range shooting, this might be a factor to consider.

Bushnell Elite 4500 Riflescope

The Bushnell Elite 4500 is a slightly more expensive scope then the Diamondback, costing a little over $300. Despite the price hike, this scope offers a number of features that the Diamondback does not offer.

The Bushnell Elite 4500 offers a zoom range of 2.5-10X and is considered one of the most compact scopes on the market, which translates to greater portability. This is crucial if you want to remain lightweight and mobile while hunting, as a heavy scope could affect your endurance and patience.

RainGuard HD

rainguard HD

This argon scope from Bushnell features a particular kind of coating called RainGuard HD. This coating allows the scope to perform optimally in climates where moisture is prevalent. This is because the coating causes any kind of moisture on the scope to turn into smaller, bead-like droplets.

Not only do these smaller droplets give the shooter a larger frame to look through, but they also keep the shooters vision much brighter and clearer, as these droplets do not deflect sun rays away from the scope.

In many scopes without this RainGuard coating, the larger beads of moisture will scatter light rays, thus making the scope inferior in low-light conditions. With the Bushnell Elite 4500, however, their patented technology makes the rifle extremely versatile, extending the ability of the shooter to hunt in extreme climates.

While many argon scopes offer waterproof coatings, many are not as efficient as the RainGuard coating from Bushnell.

This is because many inferior coatings are only effective with certain kinds of moisture, like rain or snow, but are ineffective when breath moisture appears. Yet, breath moisture is one of the biggest obstacles to getting a clear image of your target. Bushnell’s RainGuard mitigates this, which is what makes it superior.

Cons of the Bushnell Elite 4500 Riflescope

Many reviewers of this argon scope have commented that even though it performs well in low light settings, its reticle is less then optimal. Many claim that other rifle scopes from Bushnell contain firefly reticles which are even more precise in low light settings.

In addition, many customers have commented that they purchased the Bushnell Elite 4500 due to its reputation in low light settings, but never ended up using it that much in these environments. Thus, before you invest in an expensive rifle scope, make sure you’re certain that its features match your intended usage.

Many customers have even commented that the rifle scope is only mediocre in settings where light is ample, noting that Bushnell seemed to put too much energy into the low-light performance of the scope.

Bushnell Tactical Elite Riflescope

Bushnell Elite Tactical G2DMR FFP Reticle Riflescope (6-24x50-mm)
  • Ultra Wide Band Coating and fully multi-coated optics for light transmission and image clarity; Rain Guard HD anti-fog...
  • Adjustable power, tactical target scope with 6 to 24x magnification and a 50-millimeter objective lens offers...
  • G2DMR features a mil-hash marked First Focal Plane (FFP) reticle designed for ranging, holdover and windage correction

The Tactical Elite from Bushnell is one of the most expensive and high-quality riflescopes in the company’s arsenal. It is ideal for long-range shooters due to the mil dot reticle that is featured in the scope.

Mil Dot Reticle

The Mil dot reticle on this argon scope contains 4 evenly spaced dots that are arranged both vertically and horizontally from the center. This is perfect for tracking moving targets or when shooting in a crosswind.

Many reticle systems on rifle scopes will include the center dot, but this makes the scope less accurate at long distances because the center dot can cover up the relatively smaller target. Yet, Bushnell’s mil dot system leaves out the center dot, which makes the scope superior for long-distance shooting.


This argon scope features a 4.5-30X zoom which also makes it perfect for long-range precision shooting. What’s unique about the Bushnell Tactical Elite is that even at higher magnifications, the image still retains its clarity. Many customers have noted that the glass that is used in this scope is some of the best on the market.

In addition, like most of Bushnell’s rifle scopes, the Tactical Elite also features RainGuard coating, a durable one-piece construction, and is considered waterproof, shockproof, and fog-proof.

No Question’s Asked Warranty

Many customers have noted that the No Question’s Asked Lifetime Warranty that comes with the Tactical Elite riflescope is unprecedented in the industry. This is an unconditional warranty that allows shooters to send their scope in for a replacement or repair if any imperfection is noticed.

This is a critical distinction, as rifle scopes can often become damaged due to the rugged conditions they are exposed to. Thus, when buying the Tactical Elite, you don’t have to worry about being overly cautious when using the scope. This will translate to a more aggressive, confident style of shooting which can improve your accuracy and precision.

Additionally, this warranty is a testament to how durable the scope is. Even though Bushnell’s customer service is second to none, many customers assert that they have hardly taken advantage of it, as the scope has held up in a number of extreme climates.

Cons of the Bushnell Tactical Elite Riflescope

Some customers have lamented that the scope is a second focal plane scope, which means that the reticles do not change as the magnification of the scope changes. The reticles on first focal plane scopes, on the other hand, change as the magnification of the scope is changed.

Some customers think that this latter kind of scope is actually better for long-range shooting when sufficient lighting is available, as the crosshairs do not cover up the target.

While Bushnell has eliminated the center dot in their mil dot reticle system, some customers have noted that the reticle still obscures the target at certain distances and that a first focal plane scope would be superior.

In addition, many customers have noted that a similar quality scope could be purchased for a fraction of the cost of this argon scope, making it overpriced. However, other customers have rebutted this critique by claiming that the lifetime warranty makes this scope worthy of purchase regardless of the price.

While the cost might seem high initially, it could pay off over many years of consistent results.

Our Final Thoughts on Argon Scopes

Argon Scope

We think argon purged scopes are some of the best in the business and represent a new innovation within rifle scopes geared towards the most obsessive shooters.

Many shooters rely on their rifle scope in extreme climates, and even a slight fogging or blurring of the scope can influence the shooters accuracy. With argon scopes, these imperfections are avoided, allowing shooters to push their limits by hunting in more versatile settings.

Ultimately, we think Bushnell offers the most reliable rifle scopes due to their fantastic customer service and warranties. In addition, their RainGuard technology makes their scopes even more efficient in moisture laden settings where other argon scopes would be compromised.

While Vortex Optics offers a more affordable alternative with their Diamondback riflescope, we think that customers are better off making the investment and buying Bushnell’s Tactical Elite, especially if they intend to do a lot of long-range shooting.

Some customers claim that too much emphasis is placed on the importance of a riflescope, but we think that precisely the opposite is true. In particular, we think the riflescope might be the most important investment that a hunter can make given how it enhances your precision and accuracy.

As such, we think that most customers are better off buying a more expensive riflescope that will last a lifetime rather than saving a couple hundred bucks for a scope that will degrade after several years.

Ultimately, every detail matters when shooting, and even the most minor distraction could prove costly.

Thus, when you are considering purchasing a rifle scope, make sure it has been purged with argon gas at the very minimum, as this will ensure a more efficient and durable scope that will meet your needs in every environment.

Rimfire vs. Centerfire Review: How Are These Two Types Of Scopes Different

Rimfire vs. Centerfire:
What is the Difference Between the Two Scopes

rimfire centerfire


What is the difference between a Rimfire and Centerfire Scope? That is a question that many rifle owners have when they are browsing a selection of scopes. Whether they are in a sports optics catalog, or an online website, Rimfire and Centerfire scopes tend to be placed in separate categories. This has many people wondering what the difference is between these two popular types of scopes.

Rimfire vs. Centerfire

Ask any two rifle owners about the difference between Rimfire and Centerfire scopes and you could end up with two completely different answers. Some have stated that there is a difference in eye relief between the two. While others have said that one was designed to withstand a heavier recoil than the other. There are also many other assumptions behind the Rimfire Vs. Centerfire scope debate.

While there may be multiple differences between the two, the primary difference between a Rimfire and a Centerfire scope is the parallax setting.

What is a Parallax?


In Sports Optics, a parallax is basically an optical illusion that is used to help the shooter hit their target over long distances. A parallax presents itself as the apparent movement of the reticle. This occurs any time that your eye moves off the center of the sight picture, also known as exit pupil. In more extreme cases, the parallax may appear as an image which is out of focus.

In the book Optics for the Hunter by John Barsness, the definition of a parallax is put in simpler terms.

“Form a circle with your thumb and forefinger and extend your arm. Close one eye and aim that circle at an object. Hold your hand steady and move your head back and forth. The object will move inside the circle. That is parallax.”

Parallax is not the same as focus. When you adjust the parallax settings on your scope, it doesn’t have an effect on your focus settings for the reticle or for the image itself. Adjusting the parallax simply moves the planes where the two objects are in focus, allowing them to share the same plane, and removing the optical illusion in front of you.

Parallax Settings for Rimfire and Centerfire Scopes

The main difference between Rimfire and Centerfire scopes is the parallax setting. The majority of Centerfire scopes are set to 150 yards while Rimfire scopes are often set at 75 yards. However, the exact settings can differ for both types depending on the brand of scope.

Rimfire vs. Centerfire Scopes and the Adjustable Objective Lens

There are also differences with the Adjustable Objective lenses, often referred to as A/O. The A/O is a setting that helps you adjust your view and completely remove the parallax at any range that you wish to shoot. These days, there are more rifle scopes being made with a Side Focus setting which accomplishes the same task in a different manner. You can often find a Side Focus setting on newer scope models or those that include a ton of extra features. Older or basic scope models will likely have the A/O setting instead.

When it comes to which scopes offer the best features, you will find more centerfire scopes that include modernized, high-tech extras. These will also cost much more, usually above $125. There are some rimfire scopes that have updated features as well, but the majority of these scopes are more affordable and either have the A/O setting, or no such setting at all.

Price vs. Quality

Because “expensive” doesn’t always equal “better quality” when it comes to either brand, it’s important to learn what makes a scope good quality and what features make them practically useless. Pay attention to those budget-friendly Rimfire scopes and the material their optics are made from. You want a scope made from pure glass. While that may run up the price of the scope, it will help to reduce eye fatigue and the occurrence of issues such as radial distortion after trying to look through a poor quality scope for too long.

Which Scope is Better?

shadow of man and question mark

Deciding which scope is better in the Rimfire vs. Centerfire debate can be difficult. It really comes down to what type of scope you prefer and what you plan to use it for. There are more negative reviews for cheaper Rimfire scopes than Centerfire. But that could be because there are very few low-cost Centerfire scopes out there.

In terms of price and brand quality, Centerfire scopes are generally more expensive because they are made by top-rated brands. But, there are also plenty of great quality Rimfire scopes out there that you shouldn’t pass on.

In fact, hunting and shooting experts will tell you that you shouldn’t scrimp on a Rimfire Riflescope because it is likely the one you will end up using the most. Rimfire scopes are great for shooting at smaller targets, and precise shooting justifies reliable optics.


Using Rimfire and Centerfire Scopes with Different Guns

man shooting using a rifle

It is possible to use either a rimfire or centerfire scope with different rifles, but you will need to use caution while doing so. While some scopes are interchangeable and safe to use with other guns, others can be dangerous and lead to serious accidents if they are used incorrectly.

Will a Rimfire Scope Work with a Centerfire Rifle?

No. While it might be possible to use a Rimfire scope on a Centerfire rifle, it is not recommended. The reason is because the scope can’t handle the harsh recoil. The same goes for using a Rimfire scope with an Airgun. Doing this could actually be fatal since airguns recoil in the opposite direction.

Will a Centerfire Scope work with Other Rifles?

It’s possible to use a centerfire scope on a rimfire gun. Centerfire scopes will also work on other types of guns such as a .22LR.

The main thing you need to be concerned about when using a centerfire scope on a different type of rifle is the parallax settings. That’s because most centerfire scopes are set at a parallax of 100 yards. Therefore, if you are shooting 25 yards, your point of aim may change with your eye’s location.

Rimfire and Centerfire Scope Reviews

Now that you are familiar with some of the main differences between Rimfire and Centerfire scopes, its time to compare two of the most popular models. By learning more about the common features that are associated with Rimfire and Centerfire scopes, you can determine which type would better suit your hunting needs.

Leupold VX-1 Rimfire 2 7x 28mm

Weaver Rimfire 2.5-7X28 Riflescope (Matte)
  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Hunting scopes rifles
  • Another quality Bushnell product

Leupold & Stevens Inc. is a family owned company that is well-known for their innovative rifle scopes. They are the brand behind the first nitrogen-charged and sealed waterproof scope, as well as the Duplex reticle, and the compact riflescope like the VX-1 Rimfire 2 7X 28mm.

There are two versions of 2-7X28, one is designed for use while big game hunting and is adjusted to be parallax free at 150 yards. The VX-1 Rimfire Special is adjusted to be parallax free at 60 years and comes with a Duplex reticle. Aside from these differences, the two versions of the 2 7x 28mm are identical.

The Duplex reticle was invented by Leupold and is capable of transforming from a heavy crosshair to a fine crosshair when it is near the center of the field. This type of reticle is one of the finest that you can use for general hunting.

The 2-7 Rimfire scope was designed to be more compact than the 2-7X 33mm power scope. It features a smaller front objective bell and is more lightweight than the standard 2-7 scope. You have the option to mount the scope low on most rifles without affecting the balance and handling as much as you would a conventional scope. These are all important benefits that many shooters look for with a compact scope. Plus, it is also good to have a light scope to accommodate today’s lightweight short-action rifles.

This scope features a glossy black finish that will pair well with any firearm it is placed on. It is 9.9” in length and weighs just 8.2 oz. It is one of the lightest 2-7x scopes currently on the market. Eye relief is at 3.0-3.8” and the 100 yard field of view for this scope is 41.7 feet at 2x and 16.5 feet at 7x. The adjustment range for this Rimfire Leupold Rimfire scope is at 80 MOA for both elevation and windage.

Leupold VX-1 2-7x33mm Compact Waterproof Fogproof Riflescope, Matte...


If you are looking for a scope that offers good contrast and definition, the compact 2-7 is a great choice. It provides you with a sharp and crystal-clear view from center to edge. The lens flare is suppressed as well, making this a solid, high-quality hunting scope.

Customers agree that the Leupold 2-7 scope is a high-quality product. It has become the go-to scope for many users who were surprised at how often they ended up using it. The optics are clear and brilliant, and the fine reticle doesn’t obstruct your view of the target.

Customers have also praised the customer support and warranty that Leupold offers. While this may be one of the more expensive Rimfire scopes on the market, many users agree that it is well worth the investment.

Overall the Leupold 2-7X28mm Compact Rifle Scope is among the very best of its kind. For a Rimfire scope, it retails a little higher than most, but it is considered a great investment for serious hunters.

BSA Optics 4 12x40 Special Series Centerfire Rifle Scope

BSA Rifle Scope with Rings, 4-12 X 40
  • Fully Coated Optics
  • 1/4 MOA windage and elevation adjustments
  • 30/30 Duplex reticle

BSA Optics is an industry leader when it comes to manufacturing high-powered, high-quality rifle scopes, rings, mounts and accessories. Anyone looking for a reliable hunting scope should consider this brand.

All their scopes include a Limited Lifetime Warranty and when you order from their website you get Free Shipping on orders over $49.

This company is a great place to purchase a centerfire scope because you can buy all the necessary accessories from the same manufacturer. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the scope not fitting on the mount or base that you own.

BSA Optics offers a broad range of mounts and scopes that are specifically designed for deer hunting, winter hunting, turkey hunting and more. They also offer a wide assortment of shotgun scopes and spotting scopes.

The BSA Optics 4 12x40 Special Series Centerfire Rifle Scope is a top-rated product thanks to the many positive reviews left by happy customers. It is a strong and durable scope that is part of the brand’s Special Series. This scope includes scope rings and is suitable for use with all types of centerfire rifle applications.

BSA Rifle Scope with Rings, 4-12 X 40


The features on this BSA Optics Special Series Centerfire Scope include fully coated optics, 1/4 MOA W/E Adjustments, and a lifetime limited warranty.

Specifications for the BSA Optics Special Series Centerfire Rifle Scope 

  • 4-12x Magnification
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 40mm
  • Exit Pupil Range @ 100 yards: 25-10.5
  • Parallax Setting: 100
  • Optimum Eye Relief: 3.0”
  • Click Adjustment Value: 1/4 MOA
  • Adjustment Range: 30-30
  • Weight: 12.80 oz.

This BSA Optics scope features fully multi-coated optics, comfortable eye relief and easy-to-use windage and elevation adjustments. It is a great option for expert hunters as well as those who wish to use the scope for target shooting.

Rimfire vs. Centerfire Scopes – Which is the Best for You?

There are several factors to consider when choosing between a Rimfire and Centerfire Rifle Scope. You have to think about how you will be using the scope, what type of hunting you plan to do, what type of gun you are going to use the scope on, and what price range you can afford.

Centerfire scopes tend to be more expensive than Rimfire scopes due to the brand that manufactures them and their features.

There are some cheaper models of Rimfire scopes that you may want to avoid because they aren’t as durable as others. But overall, you can find good quality, durable, and reliable hunting scopes that are either Rimfire or Centerfire.

So, in the Rimfire vs. Centerfire debate, which type will you choose?

Hawke Optics Reviews For Rifle Scopes

Hawke Sport Optics is a worldwide company that specializes in creating a broad range of high-quality sporting optics. The company was initially founded in the United Kingdom more than 15 years ago. They later established headquarters in the United States in 2007.

The brand manufactures optics used with rifles, crossbows, and air guns. They also design and produce specialized optics used with sporting scopes and binoculars. They also manufacture accessories including red dot sights, laser range finders, sunshades and a variety of mounts.

Hawke Optics sells their products in over 60 countries worldwide. In a short time, they have made a name for themselves in the sporting optics industry and have become a brand that more outdoorsmen rely on when they need reliable and precise hunting optics.

Comparison Table For Hawke Optics Rifle Scopes 

Hawke Optics Lines for Rifle Scopes 

One area that Hawke Sport Optics is best known for is their rifle scopes. The company currently has six different lines of rifle scopes, each one their own unique features and benefits for every type of outdoorsmen. Check out the additional information on each Hawke Rifle Scope collection below.


The Frontier line is one of the best selling rifle scope collections that Hawke Optics has available. These scopes are best known for their precision optical system. The special index matched lenses features in these scopes help set the Frontier line apart from all Hawke Sport Optics competitors.

They are designed to provide the user with optimal clarity throughout their field of view, which can be very beneficial to all types of big game hunters.


When you need the best sight possible, you need a rifle scope from Hawke Optics’ Endurance line. These scopes feature the company’s innovative Wide Angle optical system that gives the user a broader view of everything in front of them. Along with improving your range of sight, the Endurance line also provides users with 4-inch/102mm eye relief.


The Panorama line of rifle scopes does simply as the name implies. They help to maximize your field of view so that you have a better chance of spotting your target. All Panorama scopes from Hawke Sport Optics provide the user with a wider field of view than that offered by the Endurance rifle scope line.


When you just need a good quality scope without all the extras, the Vantage line has the perfect accessory for you. These simple yet effective rifle scopes provide users with performance that is far beyond what they expect. All Vantage scopes feature solid construction and are designed to last throughout all types of outdoor excursions.


When you are dealing with long-range shooting, you need a scope that can provide you with successful results. The Sidewinder line from Hawke Sport Optics the performance and features that any advanced hunter needs all at a great value.


Hawke Sport Optics is a leader in the specialized optics industry and has years of experience creating rifle scopes designed for experienced hunters and airgun enthusiasts. Airgun optics can be a tricky area since many times owners will use optics that are designed specifically for use with airguns.

When you purchase a scope from the Airmax line, you can be assured that you are getting a product that is designed to work precisely with your high-powered airgun.

Choosing Your Reticle 

Hawke Sport Optics Rifle Scope range

One interesting feature available on the official Hawke Sport Optics website is the Select Your Rifle section. There you can select from a list of several available reticles offered by the company. On the designated page, there is an image and a reticle that you can use to see the difference in clarity and other features for each one.

30/30 Duplex Reticle

The 30/30 Duplex Reticle is a variant of the standard L4 reticle. It offers 30” spacing from post to post at 100 yards when in 4x magnification.

MIL DOT Illuminated Reticle

The MIL DOT reticle has multiple aim points for hold-over and hold-under. It allows for accurate spacing on 10x and features 4 Mil Dots in every direction. This reticle is glass etched and has 5 brightness levels that make hunting at dawn or dusk much easier.

Tactical Dot Reticle

The Tactical Dot Reticle is glass etched with illuminated fast acquisition circle and a central aim point. The additional aim points for this reticle point down to 10 mil spacing when it is on 6x magnification.

SR Pro Reticle

The SR Pro Reticle is a Hawke exclusive. It provides the user with guaranteed useable aim points regardless of what caliber you are using. With this reticle you input the ballistic profile into the Hawke X-ACT software and all aim points are instantly calculated.

The SR Pro reticle features hollow posts, illuminated central aim points, range finding brackets and hold over aim points using windage bars and dots.

Reviews for Popular Hawke Sport Optics Rifle Scopes 

Now that you know a little more about each rifle scope line available from Hawke Sport Optics, it’s time to learn more about some of the most popular scopes from the company.

The Frontier 30 Rifle Scope is an excellent choice for all types of outdoorsmen. It features an exclusive etched-glass reticle, that is far superior to the standard wire reticle found in most rifle scopes today.

This reticle is etched by a laser, which makes it much more precise than others. This type of accuracy allows you to have a better chance of hitting your target each and every time.

This Frontier scope offers fully multi-coated optics. It is shockproof, waterproof, and fog-proof so that you can hunt in any type of weather. The 6x ratio precision-engineered optical system helps you get a clear view of your surroundings. And the locking and resettable target turrets allow you to keep your eye on the prize. This scope features side focus and it has a smooth Black Matte finish.

Features for this high-quality scope include the 2.5 – 15x magnification, an adjustable objective 50mm lens, a 30mm tube, 1/4 MOA, TMX reticle, and 10 yards to infinity parallax adjustment.

The Frontier 30 offers 42 ft. to 6.9 ft. field of view, and 4” eye relief. It weighs 23.4 oz. and is 13.7” long.

This rifle scope comes with 1 CR2032 battery, elasticized lens covers, a screw-in sunshade, lens cleaning cloth, and an owner’s manual.

The Hawke HK6426 Endurance Scope is a high-tech accessory available at an affordable price. This side focus IR scope features a glass etched red illuminated reticle so that your shot will be accurate and precise.

The infinitely adjustable stepless side rheostat replaces the standard click-step reticle illumination control and allows for infinite adjustments, ensuring that your reticle will be visible in any type of light condition.

This scope is fully equipped with a side focus parallax adjustment, providing a range of 10 yards to infinity. This allows the user to be parallax free so that they may focus at all target distances.

This rifle scope includes an extra 40mm large focus/parallax wheel. Each Endurance Rifle Scope model comes with a sunshade. Like every Hawke Sport Optics scope, the Endurance 30 IR Scope is designed to provide hunters with many years of use.  

The Hawke Sport Optics Panorama AO Rifle Scope features a 1/2 mile Dot IR Reticle for precision when shooting. It has a glass etched Ballistic reticle and features the Eva Optical System to offer 20% wider fog.

This high-performance hunting scope includes advanced visual features to enhance your shooting experience and improve your accuracy. The Panorama Rifle Scope has an eye optical system that allows for fast and easy target acquisition and an overall relaxed viewing experience that any hunter can appreciate.

The reticle for this scope is compatible with the Free Hawke BRC Software that is designed to calculate all available aim points to your rifle’s trajectory. The Panorama scope features red and blue illumination that is perfect for both day and night use. It is powered by a single CR2032 battery.

The Hawke Sport Optics Panorama AO Rifle Scope features a 1/2 mile Dot IR Reticle for precision when shooting. It has a glass etched Ballistic reticle and features the Eva Optical System to offer 20% wider fog.

This high-performance hunting scope includes advanced visual features to enhance your shooting experience and improve your accuracy. The Panorama Rifle Scope has an eye optical system that allows for fast and easy target acquisition and an overall relaxed viewing experience that any hunter can appreciate.

The reticle for this scope is compatible with the Free Hawke BRC Software that is designed to calculate all available aim points to your rifle’s trajectory. The Panorama scope features red and blue illumination that is perfect for both day and night use. It is powered by a single CR2032 battery.

Take the upper-hand while out in the field with the Hawke Sport Options Vantage HD IR Rifle Scope. This affordable scope is packed with features to provide you with more accuracy during your hunts. It features 11 layer multi-coated optics for extreme clarity. And it has an adjustable objective for parallax correction.

The Vantage HD IR scope includes a glass etched reticle with both red and green illumination for various types of lighting situations. The Rheostat on the saddle offers five levels of brightness making it much easier to see in low-light conditions. This rifle scope also has a 1-inch mono-tube chassis for superior strength and durability.

Additional features for this high-tech rifle scope include 1/4 MOA low profile “no-snag” fingertip turrets, Fast Focus eyeball and high torque zoom ring.  

The Hawke Sport Optics HK4010 Sidewinder Scope has a glass etched red and green illuminated reticle for advanced clarity when hunting day or night.  This rifle scope features a high-quality optics system with the use of Fully Multi-Coated Glass.

The special glass allows the user to see through their scope in high-definition, regardless of their lighting conditions. The Sidewinder scope also has a side focusing system that is made to parallax from 10 yards to infinity. The innovative illumination levels offered by this rifle scope allow for shooting at dawn or dusk without limits.

The turrets are calibrated to 1/4 MOA per click. Once they are adjusted, they can be locked into position for accuracy. This Hawke Sport Optics Sidewinder scope comes with a large 4” side wheel to further enhance range finding.

The Hawke Sport Optics Airmax 30 IR Scope features an AMX reticle that allows for multiple aim points. This can be extremely useful when you are shooting air guns with loopy trajectories. The scope has Half Mil Dot spacing found on the lower post that offers increased aim points for long distance shots.

This IR scope has 16 layer fully multi-coated optics for optimal clarity and focus while in the field. The side focus control allows for parallax adjustments to infinity. And the 30mm mono tube chassis gives the scope more strength and durability.

This scope has a glass etched reticle with red illumination. It also has stepless rheostat for better brightness control.

Why You Should Trust Hawke Optics 

Anyone who has experience using a rifle can appreciate a reliable and accurate scope. The condition of your rifle scope could mean the difference between a memorable hunting trip, and one that you would rather forget. Hawke Sport Optics takes pride in manufacturing a broad range of rifle scopes that can be used in a variety of hunting situations.

These scopes are designed for those who like to hunt in the early morning hours, as well as those who prefer to hunt at night. They are made from some of the best materials in the industry and include features that are far more advanced than many of their competitors. Some Hawke scopes are much more expensive than others, but if you are a serious hunter then you will want to make an investment in a rifle scope that you know you can depend on for accuracy and durability.

Hawke Sport Optics Rifle Scope

Are Hawke Sport Optics Rifle Scopes the Right Choice for You?

Hawke Sport Optics Rifle Scopes are designed to work for all types of hunters. There are six different lines to choose from so that you can find the perfect scope to suit your individual needs. Their scopes also range in price from affordable to expensive, so you can decide how much you are willing to invest.

Hawke Optics are an industry leader when it comes to producing innovative scopes that are accurate and reliable. If you are in the market for a better, more advanced scope for your rifle or airgun, you should check out the scopes and other sport optics items that Hawke Optics has available.

Weaver Rifle Scope

Weaver Rifle Scopes Review, Features And Comparison

Weaver is one of the most highly recognized names in the sport optics industry. They offer a broad range of scopes for the everyday hunter. Some of their most popular products include their fixed-power scopes in the K-Series line, the high-end Grand Slam Series, and the versatile V-Series line.

Professional hunters appreciate the reliability and the features found in the Weaver T-Series line of scopes, mainly because of their patented Micro-Trac 4-point adjustment system.

Weaver Rifle Scopes is one of the oldest American sport optical companies. They have been around for more than 80 years and continue to manufacture some of the highest quality scopes with modernized features in today’s market.

About Weaver Rifle Scopes

Weaver Rimfire 2.5-7X28 Riflescope (Matte)
  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Hunting scopes rifles
  • Another quality Bushnell product

In 1930, William Ralph Weaver established the W.R. Weaver Co. in Newport, Kentucky. Weaver built his first rifle scope by hand and soon offered a 3/4 -inch tube 3X model scope, originally known as the 3-30 to the public.

The design was much better than the best selling German scopes at the time. It was smaller, lighter, and more affordable. It allowed rifle owners at the time to finally purchase a reliable scope that didn’t cost them a fortune. Selling quality products at a price that anyone could afford soon became a trait that Weaver Scopes was well-known for, and it is one that the brand still honors today.

When William Weaver introduced his Model 3-30 scope back in 1930, there were very few options for rifle scopes available at the time. Hunters in the U.S. could choose from the American-made Noske scope that cost around $0 or the Zeiss that was priced at around $.

When you consider the average annual income for most people at the time, which was $$$, it is easy to see why Weaver’s 3-30 scope which was priced at $ sold so quickly.

Weaver Rimfire 2.5-7X28 Riflescope (Matte)

The early model scope sold well for Weaver, and he later managed to move from his small shop in Newport to a larger facility located in El Paso, TX just three years after establishing the company.

There he began what would help make Weaver Rifle Scopes the most popular in the nation by producing reliable sport optics that were entirely Made in the U.S.A. By the 1960’s, half of the scopes made in the U.S. were Weaver scopes.

Over the years, Weaver Rifle Scopes have evolved to meet the ever growing needs of hunters, competition shooters, and members of the military. Weaver produced around 36,000 M73B1S scopes during WWII.

Afterward, the company introduced the top-selling K2.5 and K4 scopes for hunters. Additional K-Series scopes were later produced, and the company’s V-series was introduced as well. Selling quality scopes at a reasonable price made the Weaver brand one of the most popular in the nation years ago, and even today they remain the go-to brand for all types of hunters.

Review of the K6 6X38 Weaver Rifle Scope

Thumbs up

The K6 6X38 Weaver Rifle Scope was designed with Big Game Hunters in mind. This classic-style scope is made from air-craft grade aluminum material and features fully multi-coated optics. The fixed power scope is lightweight and shockproof. It is made to hold zero even with a heavy or repetitive recoil.

This is one of the more popular scopes from the Weaver brand because of it’s classic, no hassle style and how affordable it is to own.

The K6 is very popular among all types of hunters because it is so simple and easy to use. It delivers quality results without the use of all the bells and whistles seen on other modern-day rifle scopes. Those who own this scope and use it frequently have nothing but great things to say about it.

This scope is very popular among mid-range and long-range hunters. It has excellent image quality and is available at a reasonable price that won’t cost you a fortune.

The Pros & Cons

While the K6 is a top-rated scope for the company, it’s important that potential buyers know both the good and bad aspects of this accessory.


  • The K6 6X38 rifle scope is affordable. It is lightweight, compact and shockproof. It also has a fixed power feature that many shooters appreciate.


  • The only downside that the majority of Weaver customers have with the classic K6 scope is that it has a short tube length.

What Makes the K-Series of Rifle Scopes Stand Out Among All Others?

The K-Series scopes are designed for use by open field hunters who want a simple and easy to use scope that is also reliable. The K6 Rifle Scope may seem very common when compared to some of the most expensive, high-tech scopes on the market. But this scope with all its simplicity is the exact optical accessory that so many outdoorsmen are looking for.

The K6 features a fixed power scope with 6X magnification. Most traditional scopes only reach 4X magnification, and that is where the K6 offers a slight advantage, allowing you to take shots an additional 150 to 200 yards away.

If you are looking for a scope that has all the latest variable ranges and infrared technology, this isn’t the product for you. But, this lightweight K-Series scope will do its job well at a price that will fit any hunter’s budget.


FAQ About the Weaver K6 Rifle Scope

When choosing which rifle scope to buy, there are a few common questions that hunters and competitive shooters have. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding Weaver’s K6.

Can the Scope Hold up to Recoil?

Although it may be much smaller than other scopes, the K6 rifle scope is known to withstand intense recoil and still hold a zero. The Weaver company performed various tests on another scope in the same class and price range as their K6.

The test included firing 10,000 rounds from a 375 H&H magnum rifle. The end result showed that the other scope couldn’t hold a candle to the K6.

The Weaver K6 scope is designed to take all types of abuse from heavy recoils to being jarred around in the back of a pickup truck. e

How Affordable is the Classic K6?

If you have shopped around for a new scope lately, you have a good idea of what high-quality scopes are going for. Even the standard scopes that have no extra features.

The K6 6X36mm Rifle Scope costs less than $200, and you can find it  on most online retail websites. If you choose to buy the scope direct from Weaver, it will cost a little more, so if you are looking for a bargain, shop around and check out other websites to see what they have to offer.

The scope may be Made in Japan, which helps keep the price low, but the money spent on it went into the quality of the device, and not into a marketing sales hype. You get everything that you need from a reliable rifle scope with the K6 without spending all your hard-earned money.

Does it Include Finger Adjustment Turrets?

Although there are several other Weaver scope models that have finger adjustable turrets, none of the scopes from the Classic K series have them. Instead, these scopes have what is known as a coin slot control that you need a specialized tool, such as a flat head screwdriver or a coin, to adjust the scope.

While finger adjustments can be very convenient, they are also the reason why so many scopes are unable to keep a zero under hard recoil. With the coin slot adjustment, everything stays in place until you want it to move.

Can it be Used with a Long Action Rifle?

The original and now discontinued K Series line of scopes were slightly longer and used a different installation base than the newer Classic K series of scopes. The K6 has a lightweight and compact design, and an overall length of 11.32”. If you owned a previous K Series scope and want to purchase a new K6, you will need a new base to install it.

The good news is that the K6 rifle scope is simple and easy to install and the instruction manual details every step. So, yes the K6 can be used with a long action rifle, however, you need to make sure you use the correct mounting system to install it to ensure a proper fit.

The Best Features on the K6 Rifle Scope

rifle scope

Although the Classic K6 scope is a simplistic device that doesn’t have all the high-tech features, many of its competitors have, it still has some noteworthy features that make it worth every penny.

The fixed 6X magnification allows you to have a precise aim no matter how far you are from your target.

The compact and lightweight design of this scope makes it the perfect choice for lightweight rifles.

The fully multi-coated lens offers the same level of clarity and brightness as big brand optics without the big brand price.

It is 100% shockproof and is capable of keeping zero even after a heavy recoil.

1/4 MOA positive clicks for elevation and windage adjustments ensure an accurate shot.

This and all other Classic K Series scopes are backed by Weaver’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.


  • 6X Magnification
  • Fixed Power Variability
  • 38mm Objective Diameter
  • 11.32” in Overall Length
  • Weight is 9.8 oz.
  • Tube Diameter is 1”
  • Offers an 18.3 feet/100 yards Field of View
  • Eye Relief is at 3.15” and Exit Pupil at 6.3mm
  • Dual-X Reticle
  • 1/4 MOA Click Adjustments
  • Fully Multi-Coated Optics
  • Black Matte Finish
  • Waterproof
  • Shockproof
  • Factory-set Parallax Settings at 150 yards

How Does the Classic K6 Compare to Other Popular Weaver Rifle Scopes?

All Weaver Rifle Scopes are designed with the avid hunter in mind. They are easy to use, provide you with the basic features that you need, and affordable enough for anyone to purchase Whether you are interested in hunting small game or want a scope that can assist with sub-200 yard shooting, you can find a Weaver product to help.

Weaver Classic V-Series 2.5-7x32mm 849399 Rifle Scope Dual-X Reticle...
  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Hunting scopes rifles
  • Another quality Bushnell product

The Weaver Classic K6 is an accurate and durable rifle scope. But if you are looking for something a little more high-tech, the brand can take care of that as well. Their 40/44 Series 6.5 20x44 Rifle Scope with Adjustable Objective is a great option for those hunting small game such as rabbit or squirrel. It has the accuracy to lock in on a smaller-than -usual target, and it costs much less than similar scopes made by other brands.

Weaver Kaspa 3-12X50 Dual-X Scope, Black
  • Crisp 1/4" MOA Adjustments for Elevation and Windage
  • Fully multi-coated lenses for clarity, contrast and excellent light transmission
  • One-Piece 1" Tube Construction

The Kaspa 3-12X50mm Dual-X Scope is another popular option among today’s hunters. It is one of the most advanced scopes offered by Weaver and can be compared to many of today’s top-selling, expensive models.

There are multiple models available in the Kaspa Hunting Series. Each scope features multiple reticles in a lightweight and compact design. As the name of the line implies, these scopes are designed exclusively for hunters. Adjustments for these scopes are made with 1/4 MOA increments for both elevation and windage. The clicks let you know that you are getting the most accurate adjustments possible.

The best thing about the Classic K Series, the Kaspa Hunting Series and all other rifle scope collections offered by Weaver is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a high quality scope that works as it should. These tactics have worked for the Weaver brand for more than 80 years and it will continue to work as the brand reaches the 100 year mark.

Why You Should Purchase a Weaver Rifle Scope? 

The Classic K Series K6 Rifle Scope from Weaver is highly recommended for those who hunt Big Game or Small Game. It is also an excellent scope to use for Target Shooting. This affordable, standard design scope may not include all the high-tech extras that you can find on other, more expensive sport optics. But it is one of the most reliable and long-lasting scopes that you can find.

The Classic K series from Weaver offers scopes that perform well without any unnecessary features. And they are all available at a great value.

Swarovski Scopes Review, Features And Performance

There is an optic brand that outdoes itself with every single piece they manufacture. Each product is made from high-quality materials and designed to last a lifetime while ensuring you get the very best visionary experience to make high-precision, ethical, and long-range shots.

The optic company is Swarovski Optik. Wasn’t much of a surprise, was it?

Just the word “Swarovski” screams sophistication, clarity, and style. And that’s what this family-owned company tries to portray in each and every optic they produce. Even with their slightly higher price tags, the Swarovski optics are worth every penny.

Today, the hunting and sports shooting industry has tremendously upped its game when it comes to scope technology. While the first generation rifle scope was made of stainless steel, today’s scopes are drawn from light, aircraft-grade aluminum. Therefore, in terms of convenience and strength, there is no comparison.

And when it comes to innovation and new technology, Swarovski is always at the forefront. But even with a chockfull of awesome optics, there are still some scopes that perform better than others. So which are the best Swarovski scopes to use?

What to Consider When Buying a Swarovski Scope

Swarovski Scopes

Before you answer that answer, you need to consider some important factors of the scope that will affect your shooting skills. They include:

Optical Power

First things first, you need to know how much magnification power you’ll need. The magnification level will establish the limits of the scope’s applications.

A 1,500-yard bench shooter would be significantly underequipped with a 6x scope, while an amateur hunter would find it very difficult to shoot with a 32x scope.

Objective Lens Size

Once you know the magnification power you need, you’ll have to settle on a good lens size. The larger the lens, the more the light is transmitted to your eyes. This means you get a clearer and brighter image. In most cases, large objective lenses have higher magnification ranges.


Reticle patterns come in different patterns and size, from complex grids to simple center dots. But the most common types offered by Swarovski scopes include:

  • Duplex reticle: By far, this is the most common reticle available today. It has a thin center crosshair with thicker outer bars. The design helps to focus the eye toward the center of the scope. The thick bars come in handy when shooting in low light conditions where the center crosshair is not easily visible. This type of reticle is usually used for target shooting and hunting.
  • Mildot reticle:  This reticle is a modified version of the duplex reticle design. Instead of a center crosshair, it has small dotted lines at the center. The spacing and size of the dots correspond to very specific angles measured in milliradians. With a mildot reticle, you get quick and intuitive adjustments for elevation and are able to determine the range of a target as long as its size is known.
  • BDC reticle:  The Bullet Drop Compensator (BDC) reticle is now more popular than ever before. It allows the shooter to take more accurate shots over different distances without making the adjustments on the elevation. This is made possible by having aiming points corresponding to different distances incorporated into the reticle pattern.  Unlike the duplex reticle, the BDC offers a lot of utility, however, it is only compatible with certain cartridges and moderately accurate for distances beyond 500 yards.


In most cases, optics are fragile. Therefore, you wouldn’t want to buy something that will break easily. Spend some extra bucks to get a scope that is strong, waterproof, fogproof, and shockproof. Other considerations are warranties and battery life.


Today, there are many optic coatings available. Go for a multi-coated or fully coated scope. With these lens coatings, your eyes will strain less when using the scope.

Now, without further ado, let’s look at best Swarovski scopes available on the market right now:

Top Swarovski Scopes to Buy 

If you don’t mind getting on the knob to dial the reticle to the bullet’s impact point, this high-end Swarovski might just be the scope for you. It does not come with a holder reference on its duplex reticle, but this is compensated for with sleek and precise turret controls.

The large and hand-filling elevation turret can dial up to 116 MOA of adjustment and features a window that counts the up-and-down turns you make. This helps to avoid revolution confusion during long-range shooting.

Provided you have the time to dial in a specific condition, this scope is the solution to all your dynamic shooting situations. It is, however, one of the more expensive optics in the list.

Swarovski Z8i 2.3-18x56 BRX-I Scope 68403
  • Illuminated BRX-I Reticle
  • 30mm tube
  • 56mm objective lens

From the resolution to the image quality, the view through this scope is nothing but spectacular!

The Z8i comes with Swarovski’s exclusive orange-glowing, non-flaring, illuminated reticle which can be set for bright and low light conditions using a vertically positioned switch. The reticle view is right of a high-graphic video game.

The scope is also versatile – it has a dependable snap-off, snap-on ballistic turret that allows you to set for a dead-on hold at different distances simultaneously.

Without a doubt, this is a reliable scope that can be used for a wide range of shooting activities. However, compared to other Swarovski scopes, the Z8i is not the best scope for low light conditions, but it performs brilliantly in every other aspect.

Swarovski Riflescope Z3 4-12x50 BT
  • Newly Designed 1" Riflescope in New Slim Design
  • Ballistic Turret for long range shooting
  • Easy accurate and practical

With an elegant design, crystal-clear lenses, and well-rated by users, its only right to consider the Z3 BT L one of the best rifle scopes available on the market.

With its 50mm objective lenses, the scope has a wide field of view and superlative optical performance. Even better, it offers a magnification power of between 4x to 12x, making it a suitable scope for both long range and short range shooting.

The multicoated objective lens enhances visibility in poor light conditions and the sleek, slim design makes it easily compatible with a wide range of rifles. The scope is also waterproof, anti-fog, and has a functional temperature of between 4-130ᵒF.  

So that both professional and amateur shooters could use this model, Swarovski manufactured it with two different reticle types – the 4W reticle and the Plex reticle.

Swarovski Riflescope Z5 5-25x52 BT
  • Newly Designed 5x Zoom riflescope
  • High magnification with a wide field of view
  • 3.74" Eye relief

The Z5 BT is one of the most popular Swarovski long-range rifle scopes. As with any other Swarovski optic, this model is characterized by top-of-the-line clarity and precision.

Being a long-range scope, it comes with a 52mm wide lens, 25x magnification, and 5x zoom to give you the very best optical performance on the market. The lens is made from high-quality glass that ensures you have bright and clear images regardless of the light conditions.

When it comes to the reticle, there three different types you can choose from – the BRX, the Heavy BRX, and the PLEX. Also, its ballistic turret allows you to adjust the lateral parallax for faultless images.

Swarovski was pretty constant with the design of the Z5 BT – nothing new was incorporated. It is, however, lightweight and easy to mount and remove on different types of rifles.

Swarovski Optik Z3 4-12 x 50 BRH Reticle
  • Heavier reticle version of the popular BRX reticle with 3 x zoom
  • Compensates for wind drift up to 20 MPH
  • Can be used to estimate range to the target

Equipped with a heavy BRH reticle, this Z3 model is praised for its excellent telescopic sight.

With its 50mm wide lens, the scopes optical performance is pretty much similar to that of a modern terrestrial telescope. The eye relief is excellent, the field of view is wide, and images are clear and bright. With a magnification power of up to 12x, this model can be used for a number of activities.

Even though the heavy BRH reticle is specially designed for hunting and short-range shooting in low lighting conditions, it does a decent job when there’s a lot of light.

The scope is brilliantly finished, lightweight, easy to mount and remove, and compatible with a wide range of firearms. The only drawback is that the scope doesn’t have an adjustable parallax – it is permanently set at 200m by the manufacturer.

Swarovski 1-6x24 L Z6i 2nd Generation Riflescope(Matte Black)
  • 30mm Main Tube
  • Illuminated BRT-I Reticle
  • Ballistic and Parallax Turrets

If you are specifically looking for a short-range Swarovski scope, this Z6i EE model is your best bet.

The high-quality objective lens provides crystal-clear images with remarkable brightness even in poor light conditions. Moreover, it has an impressive eye relief of 120mm and a magnification power of up to 6x.

The Z6i EE L is easy to use and easily portable thanks to its lightweight and slim design. It is also waterproof, anti-fog, and can function perfectly over a wide range of outdoor conditions. One of the most outstanding characteristics of this scope is the Extended Eye (EE) feature. It allows you position the scope further from the eye.  

Even better, this model comes with a state-of-of-the-art illuminated 4-I reticle that is exclusively designed for accurate, short-range targeting. You can easily adjust the target’s position using the incorporated ballistic turret.

Swarovski Optik Z3 3-10 x 42 BRH Reticle
  • Heavier reticle version of the popular BRX reticle with 3 x zoom
  • Compensates for wind drift up to 20 MPH
  • Can be used to estimate range to the target

If you are looking for a budget-friendly Swarovski scope, the Z3 BRH could just be it!

Its optic quality is just exceptional. The lens’ glass is made from the very best crystal to provide you with accurate and clear images even in low light conditions. What’s more, it has a magnification power of up to 10x. This makes it suitable for a number of shooting applications.  

The scope is equipped with a fixed parallax and a heavy BRX reticle. With these features, you don’t need to use a ballistic turret to adjust the position of the target.

The Z3 BRH is also lightweight, compact, waterproof, and fogproof. However, the design is similar to the Z3 4-12x50mm BRH. Additionally, compared to many other similar models, it is less versatile.

Swarovski Z5 3.5-18x44 Ballistic Turret Riflescope with 4W Reticle
  • Light, handy and reliable scope of exquisite Swarovski quality.
  • 3.5-18x zoom with adjustable parallax and elevation for supreme precision at any range in any weather
  • Completely waterproof at up to 4 metres deep

The Z5 P BT L boasts of a number of impressive features.

First, it has a solid construction that can withstand even the toughest of terrains. It is impressively accurate and provides clear images even from long ranges in poor light conditions. Thanks to its 44mm lens, the eyepiece offers ample eye relief with a reliable magnification power of between 3.5x and 18x.

It comes in two types of reticle – a PLEX and a 4W model – making it adaptable to a wide range of shooting activities. In addition, the ballistic and lateral parallax turret allow you to set the sight of the target to your specific requirements.

Like many other Swarovski scopes, this Z5 model is sleek, lightweight, and slim. Thanks to its compact design, it is also waterproof and anti-fog.

The Swarovski Difference – You Only Buy Once!

Swarovski Scope

Of course, there are other good scopes available on the market. But none beats the ruggedness and optic performance of a Swarovski scope.

However, spending cash on a Swarovski scope is not for the faint-hearted. Some of the scopes come with a hefty price tag. That’s why it’s mostly used by the “big boys” – experienced, skillful hunters and target shooters who are serious about what they do.

But even if Swarovski is one of the more expensive brands, one thing is for sure – after your first purchase, you will never have to buy another optic. These scopes are downright durable!

If you have identified a Swarovski scope that has everything you want, it’s recommended that you test it several times before making the purchase.

Certainly, you will come across a crowd that will tell you that a knock-off model is just as good as a genuine scope for half the price. Well, they might be cheaper, but they’ll not have the clarity and optic performance that Swarovski scopes deliver. Moreover, they can be a safety hazard.

So, are these scopes affordable?

Yes and no!

Yes, because you will have to spend more when making the purchase. And no, because you won’t have to buy another one for years to come. Unlike most brands, they don’t break easily.

All in all, keep in mind that “the better the scope, the better your shooting skills”.