Zeiss Rifle Scopes Review

Whether you play shooting sports competitively, or you like hunting prey for recreation, it is important to pair your rifle with a reliable scope.

For the most part, the scopes that come with rifles are not the best on the market. This is because rifle makers do not usually specialize in the manufacture of optics.

With that said, you may be thinking of investing in a quality rifle scope so you can improve your view of prey or targets and increase your shooting accuracy. With so many big brands in the rifle scope market, you may easily get confused about which rifle scope to purchase.

Zeiss offers an impressive line-up of rifle scopes to people like you – those looking for scopes that give the best value for money.

Here is what’s included in the company’s collection of high-performance rifle scopes.

Review of the Zeiss Rifle Scope Collection

Zeiss’s large assortment of rifle scopes can be grouped into three main series – Terra, Conquest, and Victory.

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Zeiss Terra Rifle Scopes

Terra is Zeiss’s range of entry class rifle scopes. It is available in various models, including the following:

1. Zeiss Terra 3X 4-12×42 Rifle Scope with Plex Reticle

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The Terra 3X 4-12×42 with Plex reticle scope is the perfect rifle scope for mid to long-range hunting or shooting.

It features a magnification range of between 4x and 12x. This means the minimum magnification power of the scope is 4 times greater than that of the average user’s normal sight, while the maximum magnification power is 12 times greater than that of the user’s normal vision.

This scope boasts of an objective lens that has a diameter of 42mm. The larger size of the objective lens is critical for maximizing the amount of light that enters the scope.

More light helps bring a brighter, clearer and sharper image to your eye in optimal light conditions. But how does the Terra 3X 4-12×42 with Plex reticle scope perform in low light conditions?

While some rifle scopes lose their effectiveness in low light conditions, this Terra rifle scope maintains its high performance. It is equipped with a non-illuminated Plex reticle whose size seems to remain the same even with a change in your zoom setting.

The reticle is found at a second focal plane (SFP), and is designed to improve your view of smaller targets in dimly-lit environments.

If you want a 1-inch diameter higher-powered rifle scope that is designed to perform reliably in almost all environments, this Terra rifle scope model is a suitable choice.

2. Zeiss Terra 3X 3-9×42 Rifle Scope with Plex Reticle

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Zeiss Terra 3X 3-9x42 Rifle Scope with Plex Reticle

Thanks to its compact and rugged design, this Terra rifle scope is a suitable choice for use in rugged terrains and inclement weather conditions like rainy weather. Don’t worry, the scope is waterproof, so water won’t damage it.

The magnification range of 3x-9x lets you zoom in on images between three and nine times so you can shoot with clarity and precision.

The lenses on this scope are fully multicoated (have reflective coatings on all surfaces) to capture bright, clear, and sharp images. Expect consistent performance every time you use this scope, as it produces 100% repeatability.

The Plex reticle on this model provides great image quality in areas with low light conditions. The impressive click adjustment of the reticle allows you to have an obscured view of targets at long distances.

This rifle scope is built as a 1-inch single-piece main-tube. If you are looking for a compact yet practical rifle scope for your hunting expeditions, you should get this Terra scope.

3. Zeiss Terra 3X 3-9×50 Rifle Scope with RZ 6 Reticle

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Zeiss Terra 3X 3-9x50 Rifle Scope with RZ 6 Reticle

With a zoom magnification of between 3 times and 9 times, and a multicoated effective lens with a diameter of 50mm, this Terra rifle scope is ideal for mid to long-range shooters.

Its ballistic RZ 6 reticle located on the SFP is essentially an unlit, duplex crosshair style reticle that allows you to see crisp and clear images even in situations where lighting conditions aren’t adequate.

This, in turn, makes it easier for you to shoot at targets over the field of view with great accuracy. This rifle scope comes as a single-piece main-tube with a 1-inch diameter and matte finish.

Zeiss Conquest

This collection of rifle scopes from Zeiss is made up of four lines:

  • Zeiss Conquest V4
  • Zeiss Conquest V6
  • Zeiss Conquest HD5
  • Zeiss Conquest DL

Here’s a look at some of the most popular rifle scope models from this middle class range of scopes from Zeiss.

4. Zeiss Conquest V4 1-4×24 Rifle Scope

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Zeiss Conquest V4 1-4×24 Rifle Scope

If you require high-quality optics for your weekend or holiday hunting, this Conquest V4 rifle scope is designed for you.

With a magnification range of between 1 times and 4 times, this scope is intended for short-range shooting. Its compact, rugged, and functional design makes it easy to use in situations that require the user to quickly react.

This scope comes with an illuminated reticle that can be activated when light is needed and adjusted to reduce the intensity of the light.

The scope is placed on the second focal plane to minimize subtension, which can make your view of images look blurred.

5. Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24×50 Rifle Scope

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Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24x50 Rifle Scope

This Conquest V4 rifle scope model has the power to magnify objects by up to 6 and 24 times.

Its large 50mm objective lens placed on the SFP is designed to produce brighter and clearer images when the scope is in use.The housing of the scope is made waterproof and fogproof so that inclement weather doesn’t damage the scope.

The reticle used on this scope is illuminated to improve clarity when viewing at targets. It can be adjusted to the rifle user’s specific target distances.

If you are looking for a powerful scope for long-range hunting or shooting, this Conquest V4 model will work a treat.

It may come with an optional exposed elevation turret for controlling elevation and making windage scope adjustments.

6. Zeiss Conquest V4 4-16×44 Rifle Scope

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Zeiss Conquest V4 4-16x44 Rifle Scope

If you want something that falls between the Conquest V4 1-4×24 and the Conquest V4 6-24×50 rifle scopes, this scope model may be your best bet.

It offers a magnification range of between 4 times and 16 times, and has an objective lens diameter of 44mm.

It is the perfect scope for mid-range shooting, but it also works decently when used to shoot at prey or targets from long distances.

7. Zeiss Conquest V6 1-6×24 Rifle Scope

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Zeiss Conquest V6 1-6x24 Rifle Scope

This is the only Conquest V6 that comes with the fine illuminated red dot that automatically goes off when the rifle is in non-shooting positions. This is essential to saving the battery life.

For the game hunter who wants their shots to travel the most distance out of their long-range rifle, this 30mm main tube allows exceptional elevation travel.

With its 103 MOA elevation adjustment and windage adjustment, this scope is the perfect viewing aid for a close quarter shooter in shooting sports.

It comes with either a #60 or ZMOA-4 second focal plane reticle and features a 1/2 MOA click adjustment.

It also comes with a lockable turret to allow elevation and windage adjustments. Locking turrets are vital for preventing inadvertent adjustments.

8. Zeiss Conquest V6 3-18×50 Rifle Scope

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Thanks to its 103 MOA elevation adjustment and 58 MOA windage adjustment, this scope is ideal for virtually every hunting situation in wide open areas and thick forests.

It offers a side parallax adjustment to ensure shots are on target, and has a 1/4 MOA click adjustment. It comes with a #60, ZBR-2 or ZMOA-2 SFP ballistic reticle.

It provides a zero-stop feature on its elevation turret. This allows the shooter to quickly turn the turret back to a specific zero without counting the number of rotations they have made.

9. Zeiss Conquest V6 5-30×50 Rifle Scope

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With a magnification range of between 5 times and 30 times, this scope is designed for long-range hunters and target shooters.

It has a side parallax adjustment, as well as a 1/4 MOA click adjustment. It includes a #6, #43, ZMOA-1 or ZBR-1 SFP reticle found on the second focal plane.

It also includes a zero-stop feature on its elevation turret.

10. Zeiss Conquest HD5 3-15×42 Rifle Scope

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Zeiss Conquest HD5 3-15x42 Rifle Scope

This HD5 offers magnification power of between 3 times and 15 times, and included a 42mm diameter objective lens.

It features a Rapid-Z 800 ballistic reticle located on the second focal plane. This reticle produces numbered holdover lines that allow the user to shoot at targets from a distance of up to 800 yards.

The HD lens system provides enhanced image quality. This scope is ideal for mid to long-range hunting and shooting.

11. Zeiss Conquest HD5 3-15×50 Rifle Scope

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Zeiss Conquest HD5 3-15x50 Rifle Scope

This Conquest HD5 rifle scope features 3-15x magnification and has a 50mm diameter objective lens.

The larger effective lens diameter makes this rifle scope provide brighter and clearer images because the lens lets in more light.

Like other HD5 scope models, this scope features an HD lens system that delivers better image quality. It is designed for mid to long-range hunting and target shooting.

12. Zeiss Conquest HD5 5-25×50 Rifle Scope

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Zeiss Conquest HD5 5-25x50 Rifle Scope

If you are shopping around for an HD5 rifle scope for long-range shooting, this is a great selection.

It boasts of a superior magnification capability of between 5 times and 25 times. It has a 20 Z-Plex reticle and a lockable target turret to ensure optimal clarity when viewing the target.

The HD lens feature allows users to see clear images even over long shooting distances.

13. Zeiss Conquest DL 3-12×50 Rifle Scope

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Zeiss Conquest DL 3-12x50 Rifle Scope

This Conquest DL rifle scope provides 3-12x magnification power and has a large 50mm diameter objective lens to allow more light into the scope.

It can either come with a non-illuminated #6 or an illuminated #60 reticle found on the second focal plane (SFP). The fine crosshairs found in the SFP are critical for minimizing target subtension.

This rifle scope is ideal for hunting and target shooting over mid-range distances.

14. Zeiss Conquest DL 1.2–5×36 Rifle Scope with Illuminated Reticle

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Zeiss Conquest DL 1.2–5x36 Rifle Scope with Illuminated Reticle

It has a variable magnification of between 1.2 times and 5 times and features a 36mm diameter illuminated #60 reticle.

If you are searching for the perfect rifle scope for your recreational hunting in the wild outdoorsy world, this Conquest DL scope is a great deal.

Zeiss Victory

15. Zeiss Victory HT 3-12×56 Rifle Scope

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Zeiss Victory HT 3-12x56 Rifle Scope

This Victory HT rifle scope features a magnification power of between 3 times and 12 times. It has a large effective lens diameter of 56mm to allow for maximum penetration of light to the eye.

It can either come with an illuminated #60 reticle or a 20 Plex reticle for a clear view of the target.

This Victory HT is equipped with an optimal elevation turret to allow for elevation adjustments. It is ideal for general hunting.

16. Zeiss Victory V8 2.8-20×56 Rifle Scope

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Zeiss Victory V8 2.8-20x56 Rifle Scope

With a variable magnification range of between 2.8 times and 20 times, this Zeiss Victory V8 rifle scope is a mid to long-range shooter’s dream helper.

The optical and image quality that this scope provides, coupled with its fine #60 second focal plane reticle, means that users can easily hit most targets even from longer distances. The SFP setup ensures the reticle’s size remains discreet regardless of the magnification setting. Even better, the reticle is always quick to acquire the target thanks to the intuitive illumination system of the lenses.

The ASV+ long-range turrets of this scope allow 100% repeatability when it comes to dialing for certain kinds of ammo.

Zoom in with Zeiss Rifle Scopes!

As you have noted, Zeiss offers a versatile line-up of rifle scopes designed and built to cater to the needs of almost every hunter or target shooter. The list is long – the above-reviewed rifle scopes are only part of the vast range of rifle scopes offered by Zeiss.

Whether you are a hunting enthusiast or target shooting sportsperson, you’ll definitely get something that suits you from the company.