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survivaltipsRecently I was planning a Deer hunt for a section of National Forest and throwing together a little survival kit for day hunts. When I called my buddy and asked him if he had his survival kit together he asked “What for?”

It then struck me that many Deer hunters do not give a Survival kit serious thought.

That’s understandable seeing that a majority of us hunt land that is fairly close to a road. On the other hand, there are also many Deer hunters who head off into vast tracks of National Forest, BLM or Timber Company land every year who get lost. Some make it out alive while a few others don’t.

Wilderness Survival Is No Accident

There’s no excuse for a Wilderness Hunter coming out of the woods in a body bag. All it takes for a hunter to survive in a Wilderness setting is a plan and a few basic tools and skills.

The first thing in your Survival kit should be some type of firestarter. While I’ve carried several different versions of the firestarters, I’ve also created my own from cotton balls stuffed into 35mm canisters and soaked with lighter fluid.

I also carry a waterproof match case with matches and a BIC lighter. I also carry a magnesium fire starter. You can’t have enough fire starters in my opinion!

Other Items To Include In Your Survival Kit List

Here are other things you should include in your Wilderness Hunter’s Survival Kit.

I’ve found a kit like this is easy to stash in a fanny pack. It’s there and does not hinder my hunting. I forget all about it unless I need it! A small Survival kit like this would have saved many Outdoorsmen over the years if they would have taken time to assemble such a Survival Kit.

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