Are you taking some time off work to go on a holiday? Haven’t found your perfect spot yet? Do you fancy some adventure to spice up your tour? Then Oregon is the place to be! The Oregon territory, known for its spectacular scenery, is located on the Pacific Coast with the states of Washington, Idaho, Nevada and California surrounding it. It has a rich cultural background that dates back well into the 17th century and is eminent for drawing scores of hunters every year.

Hunting in Oregon – Paradise at Stake!


There are two kinds of hunting which one could be engaged in Oregon. You can either play safe and hunt small or you can try your luck and hunt big. If you’re the kind who isn’t into taking risks and prefer hunting on a small scale, there are the cunning Coyotes and the feline Bobcats to satisfy your appetite. Coyotes generally travel in pairs which makes them an easy target relatively. The Bobcats on the other hand are crepuscular. They travel mostly during twilight and are also confined to specific areas. Like every other feline, bobcats are generally isolated but that doesn’t make them any less of a challenge.

Going for the Big Game


Oregon is beautifully diverse if you’re the kind who likes to take big risks and watch it pays off. It boasts of being littered with species such as Whitetail and Blacktail Deer, Mule Deer, Black Bear, Mountain Lion, Cougar, Mountain Goat, Bighorn Sheep, Elk and Pronghorn Antelope. If you’re in the mood for some Roosevelt elk and Black tail deer, head to the west part of the Cascade Range, but if you want to hunt the Mule Deer and Bighorn Sheep, then you must head towards the Rocky Mountain, which is situated in the east of the Cascade Range. The deers in general are fun to hunt and provides you with a fine challenge. If you succeed, you can pat yourself on the back and take home some flavorful meat. The deer antlers in particular, are valued a great deal and considered to be a prestigious prize by the forerunners of the game. If the fearsome Mountain Lion is your target, then you have a refined taste indeed. It’ll test your hunting skills to the maximum and is only for the expert hunters. The silky Elk is regal and elusive and is a challenge that is the polar opposite of the Mountain Lion.

The lofty Law – Spare a thought !

While hunting, take immense care as to not let the exhilaration of the game interfere with your common sense. Otherwise you’ll end up on the wrong side of the law which wouldn’t exactly be your idea of a perfect holiday. Like all other hunting locations, Oregon has some strict rules in place to provide maximum security for the protected species. It would be a sound idea if you researched well and thorough before you put a foot out of your ranch. You may also require a hunting license for the game if you’re above 14 years of age. With all that in mind, head out to Oregon to get the kick ass hunting experience you have always craved for. Wish you the most exhilarating hunting experience ever!


Insight into the World of Hunting Gears

Plunging into the universe of hunting can be an enthralling experience for you could be treated with some intriguing adventures. Amongst the umpteen numbers of hunting gears, the bow and the arrow has been around for centuries and are still widely used. But if you’re the quintessential Modernista and detest the age of the Robin Hood, then hunting needn’t be all about the Bows and Arrows. With today’s technological evolution, hunting gear has advanced and now encompasses a variety of tools.

Bow down: Primitive Style

Oregon has a widely distributed collection of bows as hunting is the recreational game of this ecstatic area. You can pick out a bow or two depending on your needs for prices that are literally a steal. The common bow types are the stick and recurve bow.

Stick Bow is the traditional bow which has straight limbs that form an arc when strung. This bow can be used for getting a feel of the golden eras of the past. This type of bow also tests your hunting skills to the maximum as it isn’t fabricated with the hunters comfort and needs in mind. Prowl along the lanes with this bow slung and experience primitive hunting at its best while the Recurve bow resembles its predecessor, the Longbow, in many instances. The difference lies in the design of the limbs which curves back away from the belly of the bow providing you with more power. It is Mr. Smooth Personified and is a popular choice among the hunting crowd.The compound bow is the innovative member of the bow family which can serve a dual purpose: Hunting as well as target shooting. It has branched into many styles but the essence of it remains the same. It can propel an arrow much faster than the Long Bow as well as the Recurve Bow.


Present Day Hunting – Touch of  technology in catching your prey

Moving on from the primitive style of hunting, we come to the Firearms. What exactly is a Firearm? It is nothing but a mechanical device that uses the pressure from any burning powder provided to force a projectile through and out of the metal tube. It is more accurate and easier to use than the Bows. For amateurs, the Air Gun which is relatively simpler to use but just as dangerous to the prey, is an apt option at stake. The next major factor involved is the ammunition. It varies depending on the firearm in use can decide the effectiveness of the equipment.


Distinction: Rifles, Shotguns and Handguns

Rifles, Shotguns and Handguns are mainly differentiated based on the barrels and type of ammunition used.

The Rifle barrel is lengthy and has thick walls with grooves that cut into the bore. This pattern of grooving is called rifling, while handgun barrels are designed in such a way that a shot can be fired easily while clutching it in one hand or both rather than placing it on the shooters shoulder. The groove pattern is similar to that of a rifle.


Now for the Hunt

With all that information, you are more than ready to get started. Gear up with your choice of weaponary, be it the primitive but powerful arrows or the modern and compact Firearms. A last word of advice: Before buying, read the reviews of the place and the instrument for the sake of your safety. Happy Hunting!