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Big Game Titan XT Ladderstand LS0400

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Last Fall I found deer crossings on a fence line between two properties where we hunt. It was about 75 yards from an old road where we have an original Doghouse blind set up – permanently. In fact, it seemed like last year I found several areas where we needed to put treestands. Since I’m getting older, and preferring comfort over portability these days, I started researching different treestands to see which one might be lightweight but comfortable. I eventually found the one that seemed like it was just what I was looking for. It was the Big Game Treestands Titan Ladder Stand.

To be honest, in the last few years my requirements for a treestand have went from ‘light, strong and portable’ to ‘comfortable to sit long hours in with some room to move around’. And that’s about it. I guess it has something with me getting fatter and older :)   A few months prior, I had bought a tri-pod stand to watch over a bottomland pecan orchard. It was a real pain to get assembled and moved into place, but it was far worth the effort!

The place where I was going to place this new Big Game Titan Ladder Stand was too brushy to put up a trip pod stand. This was my second Big Game Ladder stand (the first was the Big Game Skybox Ladder Stand). I loved the first one, which was also a ladder stand, but it was somewhat narrow for my big behind and it was 20 ft tall. I didn’t need one that tall which was another reason I chose the Titan, which is 16 ft to the shooting rail.

Since I live close to a Bass Pro, that’s where I bought it. I got it home and put it together. The included instructions were easy to follow and all the nuts and bolts were there! In fact, I was pleased to see that all the little pieces seemed to be of high quality. Sometimes when you by something like this, those little pieces are just cheap as they can be. This wasn’t the case here. As with my first ladder stand from Big Game, this one was all quality.

I also used some Olive Drab, dark Grey and Brown spray paint to paint my own personal camo job on this treestand. It’s a beautiful black color, but the trees in my area aren’t all black with Big Game Treestand logo’s on them. Yep, the logo got covered up as well. The treestand now has a nifty 4 color paint job that blends into the surroundings really well.

The Big Game Titan Ladder Stand weighs 79 pounds so it’s not one you’re going to carry in and out of the woods every time you go hunting! But where we hunt, we put them and use them like a permanent treestand. They stay there unless we feel we need to move them.

As my hunting  buddy had to work, it was me, myself and I putting this stand up. I think the instructions said that three people needed to put it up. I figured much of that was due to liability reasons. Besides, I don’t like having my buddy help me because he’ll be wanting to log the surrounding area of all trees and limbs! I have to take the limb saw away from him!

What I did was to put the sections on my game cart. The treestand along with the limb saw, pull up rope and other necessities were lashed to the cart. The walk in would be about 1/4 mile across a muddy field and a small branch. I finally made it and picked the tree where I wanted to put the stand.

The way I put up a ladder stand is to assemble it and lay it on the ground with the back of the stand pointing up. I put the bottom of the legs about where I think they need to go when the stand is in place. Next, I lifted the stand at the top and started walking the stand up. While it wasn’t the easiest thing I’ve ever done, it wasn’t as hard as I had imagined. Once the stand was against the tree, I attached the stabilizer bar. I then climbed up and finished attaching the Titan treestand to the tree.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone install a ladder stand this way. It would have been great to have help, but I just didn’t have it that day. Follow the instructions and get a few of your buddies to come along and help…just make sure they’re not Paul Bunyan!

First Impressions of the Big Game Titan Ladder Stand

I have to tell ya, when I was assembling this tree stand, I had my doubts about whether or not this Flex Cor seat would be comfortable on my big butt! So I was amazed when I sit down in it and discovered that this thing is very comfortable! This seat looks like it’s a cushion on top of bungee cords that crisscross the bottom of the metal frame that makes the seat. This seat also flips up which is nice when you want to stand up.

The platform of the stand is 23 inches across and 30 inches deep. When I stood up, I felt like I could do so comfortably and didn’t feel like I would lose my balance and tumble out of the stand. (which is why you should wear a safety belt)

I sit there on the stand for the first time and mentally made notes of which limbs had to be cut. I was enjoying sitting there, just taking the warm Fall afternoon in. I stood up and moved around a bit to see if there were any squeaks or anything else that needed to be attended to before I left. There was.

I must have tightened one of the bolts that run through the back of the seat too tight. It rubbed the side of the stand when lowering and raising. Plus, the seat would make a small metal ‘clank’ whenever the seat frame contacted the stand where the seat rested.

The rubbing part didn’t concern me too much. I was more put out with myself for not testing this when I had the stand at home. The small clank was remedied my next trip with some glue backed felt I use on my bow.

I have mixed emotions about the fold down rest. I wish there was some way it could be made to have the arm rest separated from the fold down rest. When I’m sitting down and have the rest down, I have to stand to shoot my bow. The rest is a little low (at least for me) to be used as a really good rifle rest. But with a little bit of ingenuity, I can make it work. (well, I actually brought along my Primos shooting stick!)

Overall, I am very pleased with this treestand. It’s one of the most comfortable treestands I’ve ever used. During the hunting season,  I sit in this stand from 4 to 6 hours at a stretch. When my buddy sit in it, he actually called me while in the stand to tell my how comfortable it was. I never did kill a deer from that stand, but it wasn’t because I didn’t see ’em. I had several deer below my stand and they never knew I was anywhere around. The right one just didn’t come along while I was in the stand.

If you’re looking for a rock solid ladder stand that is easy to assemble and one that you can sit in comfortable for long hours, then try the Big Game Titan ladder stand. I think you’ll find that it fits the bill very well.

Click here to save up to 20% on the Big Game Titan XT Ladderstand in 2017