Your Guide to 300 Blackout Scopes: What’s the Best Scope for 300 Blackout?

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scope for 300 blackoutThe 300 Blackout is renowned for its ability to duplicate the 7.62×39 AR 15 platform’s performance with the use of magazines and bolts that are 5.56 millimetre.

It’s because of this that it has become somewhat of an answer to ever-growing demands for an AR 15 cartridge that’s more powerful.

It’s what gun enthusiasts have been looking for all their lives. It’s found in more traditional AR style rifles, short barrel tactical carbines, and single-shot rifles and handgun as well as used in a multitude in militarized applications.

With that said, here are the cream-of-the-crop 300 Blackout riflescopes currently available that you can choose from.


Best Scopes for 300 Blackout Rifles 

Trijicon ACOG 3 x 30 Red Crosshair Rifle Scope

It’s expensive, but in many ways it’s worth every last dollar. It’s the top-end AR 15 optic that you can name at the top of your head because it’s known as the ultimate reticle in terms of rock-solid riflescope performance.

This makes Trijicon a viable best scope for 300 blackout It already has a great reputation that precedes it, particularly among the military that’s always willing to pay top dollar for its highly accurate performance every time when it comes to all sorts of applications and operations. It’s been battle-tested by the best already. 

Hunters, marksmen, and the police get extensive use out of their Trijicon ACOG 3 x 30 Red Crosshair Rifle Scope, since it’d be a waste of money for it to serve as a decorative riflescope and nothing else. This heavyweight in 300 Blackout scopes offers BDC or bullet drop compensation for all 300 BLK rounds and its reticle is illuminated, battery-free, and tritium-powered to boot.

It’s made for combat. You will acquire your target almost instantly with this scope and it even covers for less demanding roles like varmint hunting because it’s so good at what it does normally (military-grade optics that makes every last shot count).


Rated 5 out of 5 stars from 8 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

Nikon P-300 BDC SuperSub Reticle Riflescope, Black, 2-7×32

Of course, to no one’s surprise, Nikon has again somehow made it to this list, offering much cost-advantageous value as always by being the less expensive and more traditional scope that you can count on.

As usual, Nikon makes a compelling case for it being the best 300 Blackout scope around, particularly in terms of overall affordability and stretching your investment to its utmost limits. It’s able to make your every last shot count in a different, less militaristic, and more practical way. To wit, it costs a tenth of what the Trijicon does.

What that means is that you can get ten Nikon P-300 BDCSuperSubs for every one Trijicon.However, that’s not the only selling point of the Nikon P-300 BDCSuperSub Reticle Riflescope, Black, 2-7×32.

If you can’t afford a Trijicon, you’re not necessarily getting a Blackout scope downgrade with the Nikon P-300, which is amazing because that means you’re getting something more than just a huge discount from what’s essentially a cheaper version of a high-end scope, like high BDC, a dedicated BLK shooter scope, fast-adjusting spring-loaded turrets, multicoated optics that have made Nikon famous in the camera world, built-in propriety ballistic software, and many other high-dollar values that make this more of a steal than a bargain.


Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars from over 55 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

BSA Optics TW223 1-4x24mm CP Tactical Weapon 223 Scope,


BSA might not be as well-known as Nikon or Trijicon, but it’s able to make a good account of itself with its specs, thusly justifying its place on this review and list. It offers a close-range zoom and an objective lens size to match its magnification power.

BSA Optics has all the specs required for it to become the best scope for 300 Blackout rifles.Unlike with long-ranger scopes that have terrible or compromised close-range magnifications, the BSA Optics TW223-14x24C provides accurate target magnification from up close at ranges you usually reserve your open sights on.

Shooting at 300 meters and below with something other than an open sight is advantageous to a Blackout firearm user because the BSA Optics TW223-14x24CP Tactical Weapon 223 Scope, 1-4x24mm offers crystal-clear imagery and magnification within that range that makes it possible to increase your shot accuracy from up close in ways than an open sight couldn’t.

Also, it’s a twentieth the cost of Trijicon and about half the cost of a Nikon, which is amazing because Nikon is supposed to be the budget brand in every list (although in fairness, this one is a low-magnification scope). It’s perfect for use in tactical and semi-automatic sporting rifles. 


Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars from 3 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

PFI RR Evolution Scope BLK (1.25-4x24mm) By PFI Rapid Reticle

This is a low-range scope option for any Blackout rifle owners out there that wish to experience two calibers with one scope as well as accuracy in under 300 meters (which is important when hunting small game or undergoing jungle-based military expeditions with up-close-and-personal targets). It provides everything that the BSA Optics TW223-14x24CP Tactical Weapon 223 Scope offers, but the PFI RR Evolution Scope BLK (1.25-4x24mm) comes at a steeper price and more quality specs than you can shake a stick at.

It’s three times more expensive than the Nikon and six times more expensive than the BSA for the following reasons. It may have 1.25x to 4x range and a 24-millimeter objective like the BSA, but that’s not where PFI RR Evolution’s value ends. It’s useful for both calibers: The 7.62×39 and the 300 BLK. It shows zero discrepancy or favoritism for either caliber and can smoothly shift from one to another without any significant changes in smooth scope operation. It offers calibration you won’t see in BSA, Nikon, or even Trijicon plus standard specs that further justify its placement in this list like a nitrogen-purged, fogproof 30-millimeter tube, adjustable target turrets, and an illuminated reticle.


Rated 3 out of 5 stars from 2 customers. Click the image for prices and reviews!

The Ultimate 300 BLK Scope 

Indeed, the 300 BLK is shaping up to be the latest, most ubiquitous thirty-caliber round around: The next logical progression or evolution of AR 15 rifle styles. Naturally, you should have the right optics to go with this behemoth of a rifle variant.

At any rate, in a nutshell, the TrijiconACOG is the high-end, super-expensive BLK scope, the Nikon P-300 BDCSuperSub is the decent, super-cost-effective alternative that has many high-dollar specs, and both the BSA Optics TW223-14x24CP and the PFI RR Evolution Scope BLK are low-powered, close-range scopes for tactical weapon use, although PFI RR is the more expensive of the two due to its militarized specs and BSA Optics is the least expensive of the bunch. Take you pick.

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